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Apr 8, 2018
The Frozen Wastelands of the North
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To start:

Favourite Genres:
- Darker threads or threads with a bit of intrigue. (Family drama is a fav.)
- Romance, hookups, friendships, just hanging out, frenemies - that kind of thing. (btw I’m totally comfortable doing mature threads.)
- Teacher class situations
- Everyday situations such as cooking threads, shopping, long walks, studying at the library, beach, etc.

Least favourite genres:
- Fight scenes - just because I think I am crap at them, but I can RP them if necessary.

I am not comfortable with:
- Nothing. I am good with pretty much any topic. :) (NSFW topics included.) Feel free to hit me up for any type of threads.

My Characters
I currently have these characters:

Fe Glaux
- Sirin (like a mermaid, but in bird form)
- 20 years old
- singer, student of music
- single
- ambitious, self-absorbed at times
- plots - anything, from potential friends, hookups, shopping, parties. She is a bad influence.
- is dating Jericho (bloos) and seeing casually Rada (Emirose)

Gabriel “Monday” Rademaker
- 29 years old
- witch/mage
- antiques dealer
- cursed/part of the Week Day Coven
- fostering, looking to adopt Ganymeded Lind (kait)
- has a live-in assistant Candle (Pallas)
- owns a parrot named Garry
- single
- plots (any kind)

Natasha Lockwood
- Vampire/witch hybrid
- 250 years old, looks 27ish
- Bisexual
- Was born in Russia
- Lady-in-waiting/courtesan to Catherine the Great when she was human
- Nowadays, she's a healer and an artist. Owns a business on the island.
- Up for any type of friendship, romantic, fun, dramatic type plot
- has adopted a nek0 named Kiyomi (Fennwenn)
- started up the MCSS (Manta Carlos Sanguine Society)
- Single

Zoraida Del Bosque
- Human, immortal
- about 32, looks 27ish
- Bisexual
- Has a son - Jeremiah Grunewald
- Is involved in a few legit as well as dubious business arrangements
- Up for any type of dramatic, dark, slice of life
- Taken - in a relationship w. Godfrey Broen

Celeste Forestier
- Witch
- 25
- Home Ec Teacher, related to Zoraida
- has adopted Evbiony (Keen), Shale (Goblin) and is foster mom to Azure (Max)
- Looking for friends, everyday things. Basically open to any type of plot.
- Taken, relationship w. Roldan Drakenhardt

Noel Sinterklaas
- God of Winter Solstice
- Teacher / toy maker
- Basically a psuedo Santa!
- Up for teacher-student stuff, classroom scenes, fun, friendship plots
- Single

Sterling Silver (archived)
- An angel - he was a guardian angel in the past, but gave it up and often finds it difficult to not want to help people now.
- Looks 18, but has been around since Ancient Greece.
- Bisexual/Pansexual
- Up for any type of plot.
- Single

-17 years old
- First year psyche student
- Bisexual
- Any type of plot
- Taken (ship with KirMir)

- 18 years old
- Goddess, reincarnation Beltaine
- High school
- Bisexual, maybe?
- Any plot
- Relationship status complicated/undetermined (Sam)

Azucena Price
- 17 years old
- student / high school
- student council treasurer
- No magic atm
- adopted sister to Clement and Aranea Price
- Any ideas, relationships, etc
- single

Yoshitatsu Dosan Saitō (Archived)
- 18
- student / college - Metaphysics
- son of god Brahma, demi-god
- raised in a harem
- shapeshift Bengal tiger
- any plots
- single

Rafael Del Bosque
- Druid/witch
- 40ish
- Father to Celeste Forestier, grandfather to Zoraida del Bosque
- has adopted the Bakenekos
- Wealthy
- Any plots
- has an oricenta assistant and lifetime friend Takisu (keen)
- Single

Malakias Volkov
- werewolf
- 22 years old
- head of Volkov family on MC
- sister Rada Volkov (Emirose)
- wealthy, mafia family, co-owner of House of Volkov
- single

Music or songs that fit them:


Please feel free to PM me if you're interested in plotting or just simply setting up a thread to RP to see where things go.
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