Finished You're Either With Me or You're Against Me


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Nov 22, 2014
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"Okay... good luck," Chloe said. "I'll make sure Malara and the kids know about the fake me. Thanks for telling me."

Chloe would wait for Jackal hang up on her and go looking. She looked at the notes that she wrote about her doppelganger. She almost dreaded telling them about this more than she dreaded the doppelganger herself. It just felt like so many of their problems were all her fault. How much of this supernatural bullshit could they tolerate?

****** ****** ******​

Uzza felt the cold wind flow under her wings. She was getting the hang of this. Being a bird didn't come entirely naturally to her when she jumped out of Malara's window, but now she was flying around like it was instinctual. Like she was a real bird. She sure passed for one, more or less - this time she remembered to grow out something that looked like a shifter tag. Maybe she'd get a real one eventually.

'Fuck,' she thought to herself, 'What am I going to do?' She knew the safest thing would be to keep a low profile, maybe roam around in a wild area like the forest. She could get used to this body, try on different names. Come up with some kind of plan, maybe, or at least find a semi-private place to ride out the panic attack she felt coming on.


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