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Apr 8, 2018
The Frozen Wastelands of the North
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Name: Saitō, Yoshitatsu Dosan (goes by Dosan)

Age: 18

Birthday: April 1

Gender: He/him

Species: Demigod

(Son of Brahma, Indian God of Creation, step-brother to Yuna Yu)

Category: Student

Class: College

Grade: Sophomore

College Major: Metaphysics

Appearance Description:

- 5.8'
- black wavy hair
- slim
- dark brown almost black eyes

Tiger form:
Personality Description:

· Proud
· Independent
· Serious
· Respectful
· Generous
· Sensitive
· Quiet
· Overprotective of those he cares about

Active Abilities:

· Can shapeshift into a Bengal tiger at will. He is completely aware of what is being said around him, does not lose the human side of himself.

· Can make flowers buds blossom by touching them or can revive a flower that has withered. (Not an especially useful or taxing skill, but curious nonetheless).

· Can move instantly from place to place in a room, house or building with unlimited freedom. However, he can only move from one place in a city or town to another a few times each day. It’s not unlimited and the number of times varies with the distance of each jump or move…. Example 1km jumps 8 times a day. 5 km jumps 4 times a day. Each jump/move outside a confide building requires at least 5 to 15 minutes before he can jump/move again.

Passive Abilities:

· Can understand people as well as other animals while in tiger form.

· Can communicate (telepathy) with one human when he is in tiger form. That person needs to be in the same room as him or maximum 40 feet away. The more receptive the person is the better he can be heard/understood.

· Is immortal in his human form, cannot be truly killed or harmed by another mortal being, his body just regenerates itself. – However, he may be harmed/killed in his cat form, and at this point, if serious enough, his soul will leave his body. If that should happen, Dosan's body will then transform back to his human form and he will lay in a state of unconsciousness for a few hours as his soul is brought back from the spiritual plane. (If he were hurt in his tiger form, and it wasn't serious, he could just turn back to his human form and regenerate. The regeneration process depends on the wound. If it's minor - it's almost immediate like 30 seconds, if it's really serious if make take up to an hour or more to heal.)

· Can communicate with some, but not all, animals in his tiger form. They further away that animal is his evolutionary line the less possible to communicate. For example, he could communicate easily with other felines, dogs or wolves. But not less well with a snake and probably almost zero with a fish.


· Because of his ability to shapeshift at will, Dosan needs to sleep or rest more than a human would. It is imperative. In fact, a lot of the time he’ll be found napping in his cat form.

Common Magical Items: NA


- He is the step-brother to Yuna Yu. He has known about her his whole life even though they have only met a few times.

- His father is the Indian god Brahma, his mother is one of Brahma's many concubines. (She is one of 50) He grew up among Brahma's many wives, spoilt rotten too because he is a direct male descendant. Dosan is also used to female company, courtly intrigue and shameless gossip.

- Dosan is very studious and enjoys reading or just relaxing doing nothing.

- Has been allowed to study among mortals and move freely among them too. He arrived on the island to finish his high school degree and start his college education.

Resources: His parents are well off and are paying for his tuition, pocket money and room and board. He’s currently looking for a place to rent.
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