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Aug 1, 2017
Art of Akira from Devilman Crybaby by ElBaraa

Name: Yoshihiro Joe
Age: 17
Birthday: October 19
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Category: Student
Class: High School
Grade: Junior. Currently enrolled in the MCPD Junior Police Cadet program at Starlight Academy.

Appearance Description: Yoshihiro is a tall, muscular, and lightly tanned Japanese-American teen who stands at a solid 6'2". With dark brown eyes, an always tired looking expression, and broad shoulders, his overall build looks like that of a swimmer or soccer player. Oftentimes, the teen wears simple clothes when not forced to wear his School Uniform such as a black t-shirt and pants, or jeans and some other combination of clothing. His black hair is slicked back to a more clean-cut appearance when at school, but is allowed to remain wild and untamed when out of class.

Personality Description: A belief in 'Justice for all' acts as the strange cornerstone of Yoshihiro's otherwise somewhat scatterbrained an uneven personality. More than any other thing, his dream of becoming a Detective or Investigator is something that fuels him and the rest of his ambitions. Yojo is the kind of teen who will hear about a crime and use his free time to go to the location of the event and try to piece together clues to solve a case. This hobby and borderline obsession causes him to view acts such as stalking 'suspicious folk', investigating old warehouses and buildings, or talking with informants as normal. Having been a mischevious trickster and schemer for most of his young life, Yojo finds a strange sense of purpose and pride in being able to help people in his own way by using his talents for good. In his free time, he is prone to whipping out an old tape recorder and talking to himself as if he's in an old 1980s police-drama television show. He watches Die Hard and every Bruce Willis film religiously.

Active Abilities:

Time Manipulation
The mysterious power that Yoshihiro discovered following the murder of his father allowing his trademark ability to alter the flow of time to varying degrees of effect. Unlike full time 'Control' which would imply the full ability to command and subjugate time to every effect, 'Manipulation' comes with a more restraint. For one, under no circumstances can Yoshihiro turn back time, at least in the traditional sense. Further, this ability to manipulate time is embedded into Yoshihiro's very being and acts as an extension of his normal self, much like a muscle. This muscle, like any other, can be used, exercised, and trained, yet ultimately has its limits before it succumbs to the unseen weight/pressure of the flow of time trying to force its way back to a normal. Overexerting this mental muscle can lead to serious injury!
  • Stop. By exerting his energy and actively focusing on honing his power, Yoshihiro can temporarily stop time for up to 15 seconds. This simple act by itself is so strenuous and difficult that, whilst time is stopped, he cannot use any of his other temporal manipulation abilities. Additionally, for those with power, this ability merely slows time down to a crawl for them as opposed to stopping them entirely (i.e, this ability can't force player characters to be stopped in time unless they allow it willingly, instead slowing them to a crawl up to a 30 foot radius from Yojo). Due to this immense strain, he can only perform this ability up to twice a day before risking internal damage through overexertion.
  • Reverse. The closest thing that he can manage to actually going back in time, Yoshihiro alters the flow of time relative to himself, disappearing and reappearing to somewhere he was in the past hour. Its important to stress that this does not alter the flow of time relative to the world around Yojo, if it's 8pm and he reverses his timeline to his location at 7:30, it will still be 8pm. This in effect, causes this ability to function closer to a reverse-teleport than actual time travel, though any wounds or ailments he may carry from the present are healed upon exiting his temporal leap depending on the state he was in at the target time. As a more moderately difficult extension of his Time Manipulation abilities, Yoshihiro can perform this ability three times a day before risking internal damage through overexertion.
  • Singularity. Channeling his power, Yoshihiro is able to create temporal abnormalities that he can shape and expel. Sending a blast of red-colored energy or creating simple objects like swords or barriers are both common applications of this ability. When struck by such singularities, time is violently sped up, and the localized area hit is burnt identically to how a laser would. The "Time Burn" of these singularities, while not able to age those who fundamentally cannot, is still able to harm them as a non-elemental force of energy. As one of the easier things for him to do due to its simplicity, Yoshihiro can create and control these singularities numerous times each day before growing tired, roughly 10 times or so.

Passive Abilities:

Superhuman Strength

After discovering his powers, Yoshihiro's strength began to dramatically increase over the ensuing months. Originally, not knowing just how strong he was, Yojo just snuck into the local gyms late at night and tried to guess how much he could lift based off of how easy it was to lift a barbell with every heavy plate stuck to it that he could find. Having now trained at Starlight and found better ways of understanding his limit, Yojo now knows that his body is capable of lifting 1 ton's worth of weight with not much effort.

Superhuman Durability
Yojo's ability to take punishment is immense, surprisingly so even. Having stepped in to stop muggings and other minor crimes around Los Angeles, Yojo's body resisted bullets, knives, and all sorts of other weaponry with little injury to show for it. After arriving at Starlight, one of the teen's early desires became to see just how much his body could take before he was seriously hurt - a daunting task for any teacher or educator. thankfully after no small amount of willingly letting himself be maimed, brutalized, and beaten, it has become clear that Yojo can take the equivalent of being struck by a car whilst only suffering minor damage.


Similar to his overall sleepiness, Yojo's requires roughly double the amount of food that a normal human would need to feel full due to the increased energy regularly expended when using time manipulation. Failure to meet this caloric requirement results not only in an increased weariness from his rock-bottom blood sugar, but also an increased irritability that can cloud his judgement. In extreme situations, Yojo begins to hit starvation-levels of hunger earlier than normal people, requiring him to be vigilant about snacking on anything he can get his hands on- including raiding a friend's fridge when visiting like a sketchy raccoon boy.

Biography: Born in the Westside of Los Angeles, Yoshihiro was born to a Japanese-American family working as the owners of a chain of successful Mochi Ice Cream parlors. The youngest of he family following his two elder sisters, Yoshihiro quickly grew up from his infancy and developed the early characteristics that he is known for today. With a brilliant mind adept for excelling in school and in social groups, the young 'Yojo', as he became known, gained a reputation for being both the teacher's pet as well as a ringleader for other elementary students. However, even at an early age, Yojo's opportunistic side rapidly became apparent, particularly for sweetly convincing others for his own benefit. Most notably, having purchased Reeses and Oreos in bulk from the local Costco with his parent's credit card, Yojo began a black market candy-selling operation behind the bleachers of his elementary school, recouping his investment and making a profit of five thousand dollars over the course of the year. Were he not caught in the act, he would have expanded to selling adult material for the high schoolers since 'thats where the real cash is'. Forced to return the money he'd solicited legally obtained, Yojo was promptly expelled from his elementary school, beginning a lifetime of headache for his family.

This early scenario would prove to be the template for much of Yojo's early life, contributing to his charismatic albeit opportunistic tendencies. Inevitably, all of these schemes ended up with Yojo expelled. By the time he had turned 13, no high school in all of LA county was willing to take him. While Yojo didn't view this pattern as a problem, the rest of the Joe family became increasingly worried about the self-destructive road that such actions were leading to. Yojo had a brilliant mind and an uncanny knack for dealing with people, yet, to many, including his own family: he was a liar and a borderline sociopath.

Deciding to reconnect with his son, Shinzo went camping with Yojo in an effort to try and spend more one-on-one time with him. At the time, the Joe boy didn't care much about empathy or charity when they were espoused to him as important values, but all that seemingly changed in an instant when his father was murdered in cold blood by a gang of nameless thugs outside a gas station.

Traumatized by the sight and his inability to do anything, Yojo activated his powers by momentarily halting the flow of time. Unfortunately, little came of this outburst, leaving Yojo sitting alone and afraid as his father's killers sped off in confusion.

The ensuing months would see a dramatic paradigm shift within the young teen. Outrage at his father's case running cold, as well as his eyes opening up to the injustices of the world around him, led to a new sense of obligation in his mind to try and help those weaker than him. With his increased physical abilities and temporal manipulation, Yojo became a pariah amongst his friends and family, spending time walking the streets of LA and breaking up petty crimes whilst investigating cold cases that had been forgotten. This pattern of activity, along with his inability to control his powers, resulted in appearing on the radar of a pair of Scouts stationed in Los Angeles.

Knowing the danger that Yojo's power could pose to himself and his loved ones, and playing to his desire to become a detective, the boy was recruited to join the Starlight Academy Junior Cadet program. Accepting that he could not fully control his powers, and that his actions were creating greater suspicion, Yoshihiro agreed to return at the beginning of the coming school year at Starlight Academy.

Now, as a High School Junior, Yoshihiro has only three real goals in his life: to bring the thugs who killed his father to justice, to figure out how and why he has such fantastical powers, and to become the kind of Detective and kind of man that he knows his father would have wanted him to be.

Resources: A modest from his mother that comes in every month to help pay living expense while at school, as well as his dorm room. Beyond that, his trusty computer, smart phone, and illegally obtained criminal database are his most trusted and often used resources.

Additional Information: Has a secret body-pillow with his favorite anime waifu hidden in his closet.
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