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Yong Liu

Discussion in 'Archived Characters' started by EmiRose, Apr 6, 2018.

  1. EmiRose

    The Shipping Queen

    Mar 24, 2018
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    Image: Kagura from Gintama

    Name: Yong Liu
    Age: 373
    Birthday: 12.12.1644
    Gender: Female; She/Her
    Species: Undead; Jiangshi
    Category: Citizen
    Career: Bodyguard/Bouncer/Assassin

    Appearance Description:
    Yong is tall for an Asian woman, about 177cm(5.8ft), and she usually wears boots with heels that give her even more height. Yong has a curvy, luscious body and pale skin that appeals to many and she has long, slender but not skinny limbs.
    Yong has soft facial features that make her look almost innocent. She had small mouth with full lips, small delicate nose and large round blue eyes. Her cheeks are smooth and round and her chin is a bit pointy. Even though her body is nearly 40 years old her face doesn’t look day older 26. Yong almost always has either bored or condescending expression on her face.
    Yong’s hair is strawberry blonde and when untied it reaches her upper back. But she always keeps it in a bun and sticks some chopsticks through it.
    Yong stays loyal to her homeland’s clothing and is always wearing a short kimono, since it’s easier to move in compared to long hemmed kimono. She wears long, high-heeled boots and stockings that reach mid-thigh. Yong’s clothes are full of concealed weapons.
    Yong always carries around with her a japanese umbrella.

    Personality Description:
    Yong is cold. She is cold, sarcastic and looks down upon others. There is not much more to say about her basic personality. She used to be vain, selfish and greedy but after her death she was stripped of those qualities. Now she is mostly bitter and doesn’t just give a fuck anymore. Yong is still capable of feeling positive emotions to some extent, like amusement and joy, but they are mostly twisted.
    Yong does not spare words and she always says exactly what she thinks in the harshest way. However Yong does not go out of her way to directly insult anyone, she doesn’t care about people enough to do so.
    Inside Yong is jealous of those who can still find enjoyment in life, who actually want it. Yong doesn’t wish to die as much anymore and even though she knows it is possible to take her life she doesn’t want to rely on others for it. Yong has a lot of pride and if she resolves herself to do something she will not stop until it has been done.
    Yong used to enjoy killing but now she is bored of it. Just like if you listen to one song too much it makes you sick to listen to it again. Yong does not think much of killing and she is used to it. That’s why once in a while she can earn extra cash by assassinating someone.
    Yong has charisma and skills in seduction when she wishes it. If she puts on the act she can get nearly anyone to bed. But Yong dislikes using these skills and if she can get laid without them she will gladly do so.
    One thing Yong still can enjoy sincerely in life is fancy clothes. The vanity was not entirely purged from her and now and then she spoils herself by buying a brand new kimono. And when she opens the box and sees the shiny fabric you can notice a genuine smile on her face.
    Yong tries to avoid using qi too much because she does not enjoy sucking it. Qi does taste delicious for Yong but all the times she had to suck it to keep her employer young made her hate it. If Yong needs qi she just has a one night stand and sucks their, man or woman, qi while doing the deed. Yong does it in just the right amounts so it doesn’t kill them.

    Species Abilities:
    Yong is a species of undead, Jiangshi. Her soul was summoned from Hell back to her body after a couple of years and thanks to certain ritual and spells she was granted special powers. Yong doesn’t need to eat, breathe or sleep but she does all of those because she likes it. Yong can move as long as she has a little bit of qi, life force, inside her body and as long as she doesn’t specifically use it, it won’t run out. If she uses up all the qi she can’t move until she sucks some more.
    Immortality & Invincibility: As far as Yong knows she is immortal and pretty tough to kill by normal means. She has tried jumping off a cliff, ramming a knife in her gut, blowing herself up, hanging herself and many other ways but nothing has put a scratch on her.
    Physical Strength: Because of the adjustments made to her body and the ritual she was created in Yong had monstrous powers. She can lift a building if she wills it and kill a person with a flick of her finger. But doing things like lifting a building forces Yong to use up qi so she just sticks to inhumane strength most of the time, such as lifting a car.
    Heightened Senses: Yong has insanely good senses and she can smell like a bloodhound, see like a hawk, hear like an owl and feel vibrations like a snake. But again, using these heightened senses forces Yong to use qi and she sticks to normal senses most of the time.
    Qi Sucker: Yong has the ability to suck qi, life force, from other people. She has to get close to the other person’s face and have them breath on hers, and she can suck the qi out by simply inhaling. If Yong kisses the other person and they inhale straight in Yong’s mouth she can kill them nearly instantaneously. You can protect yourself from this power by simply holding your breath. Yong has full control over this ability and it doesn’t work on undead.
    Tiring Touch: Yong can’t suck a person’s qi away if they don’t breath on her face but she can make them weaker by touching their bare skin. When touching bare skin Yong can temporarily pull some of your qi out of your body and make you weaker physically for a short period of time. The more vital you are the less this power affects you. Yong has full control over this ability and it doesn’t work on undead.
    Qi Sensor: Yong can sense other peoples’ qi and feel their intentions if she’s close enough. The range of her sensing is about 10m(33ft) and the further away the person is the harder it is for Yong to sense them. Yong can sense person’s current mood and intentions if she’s a meter(3.3ft) away or closer. Using this power excessively gives Yong migraines and nausea and it doesn’t work on undead.
    -Mirrors: If Yong sees her own reflection from a mirror for longer than five seconds she gets incredibly weak and can’t move for several minutes.
    -Talismans: If a certain type of talisman is put onto Yong’s forehead she becomes a puppet again and obeys the one with the controller.
    -Blood of a black cat: For some reason, yes, if you put blood of a black cat directly onto Yong’s skin it has the same effect as with mirrors.

    Umbrella: As a weapon Yong uses a modified, steel enforced japanese umbrella. It has a hidden blade on the handle and it can become a circular saw. It also works as a mace since it’s really heavy.
    Yong has several hidden weapons with her at all times, including in her boots, sleeves, cleavage and hair.

    Yong Liu was born in the Qing era 1644 in China. She had a different name and identity but let’s call her Yong nevertheless.
    Yong’s family was fairly wealthy when she was a young child, her father was a middle class government official and had good earnings. Nothing special, but they could afford to buy Yong a fancy new outfit every month.
    Yong was the family’s only child and her mother was frail and could not bear any more offspring. Naturally both her parents were a bit disappointed that Yong ended up being a female but they cared and took good care of her unlike so many other families wouldn’t have.
    Yong ended up being quite spoiled and during her teenage years she started demanding more from her parents. More nice clothes, more makeup, more jewellery. Her parents tried to fulfil her wishes but Yong was vain and greedy, and blind. She did not notice the servants in their house disappeared, there was less food and both her parents started getting thinner. The truth was that Yong’s father had been losing trust in the imperial court and his salary had been cut tremendously. Until finally, one day, he was captured, interrogated and executed. Their estate and ownings were taken and Yong’s mother committed suicide by hanging herself on the estate’s front gate. Yong, who one day was sleeping in a warm bed and eating readymade food, was tossed to the street without pity. She was 17 at the time.
    Yong, for the first time on her own, was scared, confused and suffering from the loss of both of her parents. She cursed herself for being so blind, for being selfish and greedy. For being partly at fault for her family’s downfall.
    Naturally, as a young beautiful woman, Yong ended up as a prostitute. The first months were just a blur of pain, fear and tears. But as with many things Yong numbed and adjusted. After she got used to the twisted way of the world of prostitution she was actually really skilled and popular. She had a way with words and, after training, with her body. Yong used any asset she had been given, her larger than average bosom, her strawberry blonde hair, her blue eyes. She did anything to survive, to try and live like she used to live. And in time Yong started to kill.
    After Yong had been a prostitute half a decade she got an unusual customer. They came to her with a suggestion, a chance to earn a sum of money she couldn’t earn even if she worked as a prostitute her whole life. Yong, being vain and greedy, was very much interested. After all, how much worse could it be than what she already had to do?
    It was much worse.
    The person wanted Yong to slip some sleep medicine into one of her customer’s alcohol the next night. The task was so simple naturally Yong got suspicious. But the money was too good to pass up so Yong agreed, and performed the task.
    The “sleep medicine” was in fact poison, and it killed the man instantly. Yong, though she was quite cold-hearted, had never killed anyone and was shocked by what she had done. But more than that she was enthralled by the simplicity, the easiness of death. It had been so quick, and Yong felt this strange relief in her chest. The world had one dirty, sick male less to stick something into her. And Yong spent the rest of the night laughing maniacally by the dead man’s corpse.
    The next morning Yong greeted the men retrieving the body with her usual, seductive smile. The one who had hired her was with them as well and he wanted to hire Yong permanently. And she agreed in a heartbeat. Yong wanted to feel that sense of relief again. She wasn’t nearly done.
    Yong was an excellent seductress, and she became an even more excellent assassin. She started small. Poisoning drinks, stabbing people in the back, choking them in their sleep. After a few years of grunt work her employers bought her freedom and started training her to become something much, much deadlier.
    Yong was taught martial arts, battling with any weapon she would be able to hold in her hands, she was taught culture, manners, playing instruments, writing and reading. Yong was an excellent student and thirsty for knowledge, and at the age of 28 she was a full-fledged assassin. Her first mission was seducing a government official of high standing, and killing him. No blood, no body. And Yong succeeded in her mission flawlessly. The bonus for Yong was, that she could finally get revenge for her father who was betrayed by the emperor and his court.
    Yong became infamous very fast. Among her soon-to-be victims she was known as a charming woman who was hard to catch and even harder to release and among assassins she was feared as volatile and cold-hearted. She was all these things, for Yong was a woman of many sides.
    Yong kept her successful career going for many years, all the way until she was 38 years old. Yong never seemed to be aging and people said the blood of her numerous victims kept her young, which was of course bullshit.
    And when she reached the peak of her career Yong was finally hired to assassinate the emperor. Yong gladly received the mission.
    Yong spent months infiltrating the palace and after a year she was able to get herself close to the emperor. But little did she know that it had all been a setup and one night in the emperor’s sleeping quarters there was a trap laid out for her. Dozens of soldiers were out waiting for her and Yong took nearly half of them down before they could restrain her.
    Yong was sentenced to death by hanging without a trial and a week later her execution was held. And when she waited for the floor to drop Yong smiled, relieved to finally leave the world behind. She had grown tired of killing, of blood, and she had numbed to murder as well. Yong was tired to see the life drain from person’s eyes and was glad that it could happen to her. And then the floor dropped and Yong died.
    Yong stayed dead for several years until her soul was summoned back from the dead. A group of necromancers hired by her former employers had taken her body, improved it increasingly and then called Yong’s soul back from the afterlife, or in Yong’s case, Hell. She had been made a Jiangshi.
    When Yong woke up she remembered being cold, so very cold, and stiff. She had been made an emotionless doll, a puppet that only listened to orders. Yong saw her former employer, much older now, and he told her that she wasn’t nearly done. Yong worked for him. She was named Yong Liu. Eternal death.
    So Yong kept on killing for nearly hundred years more, but this time it wasn’t seducing and planning. It was purebred violence and horror, and Yong bathed in her victims’ blood and sucked up their qi, their very life force. She wasn’t only feared anymore, she was just a monster. And as Yong’s feelings had been locked away with a spell she couldn’t feel remorse.
    All the qi Yong sucked up was used for keeping her employer young. Though Yong was incapable of showing feelings she hated every second of this farce. If she had to live again she at least wanted to do it with her own rules. Yong got her chance for freedom one night when her employer left his guard down.
    Yong was controlled by a talisman that had been plastered on her forehead, and her employer had the “controller”. After Yong had given him all the qi she had sucked once more he left the talisman unguarded for a split second. Yong used that split second to jump across the room and rip the controller. And like that she was free. That night Yong painted the facility they worked from red and walked out with her favourite weapon and nothing more. And for the first time after her death Yong shed tears just because she finally could again.
    Yong looked human enough and she survived for over 200 years working as a bodyguard and doing occasional favours for people. She tried to kill herself several times but each time she survived, and as time passed she learned how to live again, how to even enjoy it. Well, kinda. Of course she tried to shove a knife in her stomach once in a while. Out of duty.
    Eventually Yong was bound to encounter one of the academy’s scouts, and that she did. The scout noticed Yong’s...situation and offered to take her to Manta Carlos. Yong, who had nothing better to do, went along with the scout. Now she lives in Manta Carlos and works as a bodyguard/bouncer/assassin.

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