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Emy Yalfor "Zoroptaklil" Giga

Discussion in 'Citizens & More' started by MarcellusD, Jan 10, 2019.

  1. MarcellusD

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    May 21, 2017
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    #1 MarcellusD, Jan 10, 2019
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    Name: Yalfor Giga
    Alias: Zoroptaklil
    Age: 172
    Birthday: July 17th
    Gender: Male
    Species: Demon/Cyborg
    Category: Citizen
    Career: N/A

    Appearance Description: Yalfor stands at 6'3''. His eyes are unnaturally circular, and they have no irises or pupils or anything. They're just purple and white swirls that slowly and constantly spin. His head looks like a skull, just black and elongated vertically, with white horns that protrude away from each other and them curl back towards each other until they're almost touching. Yalfor's arms are masses of thin, black, intertwining tubes that all connect to his hands, which are also skeletal and have clawed fingertips. There are golden bumps in the middle of each of his palms. The rest of Yalfor's body is just bulky black muscle without skin, and his legs are covered in stark white feathers.

    Personality Description: Yalfor is cunning and deceitful. He's able to quickly find out what he could do to get on someone's good side. It usually isn't because he wants to get along with people, either. He almost always has an ulterior motive, usually on the basis of a target, experiment, or person of interest. Once he has what he wants, he'll either cut the person out of his life or keep them close if they seem useful. Experimenting with various creatures and people is one of his main pastimes. You could even call it an obsession.

    Yalfor is also extremely paranoid. Prior to coming from the island, he had escaped from a warzone after having many of his powers stripped away from him. The demons from his world come in all shapes and sizes, so he never knows who might be a demon that came from his dimension to track him down. However, there are some things that he's never seen on a demon, so he uses his best judgement.

    Active Abilities:

    Chains of Servitude - Yalfor summons golden chains from the bumps on his hands. These chains are attached to various creatures contained in a pocket dimension, which he can control simply by moving his wrists. He can summon two at a time. He only has a few creatures in his arsenal at the moment, and they include:
    • Adair - A blue lizard creature that's ten feet long and big enough for him to ride on. She can move as fast as a car. She's not very tough, but she is slippery.
    • Sachim - A purple bat with tiny black teeth and a ten-foot wingspan. Yalfor uses him to lift himself. Think of him as a ball with wings.
    • Juktum - A giant turtle, standing at eleven feet tall, including the shell, which is nigh indestructible. It has two tails, each with super sharp barbs covering them. Yalfor uses him as a shield, though it doesn't move very fast.
    • Neld - A small, white and blue monkey that can sit in the palm of Yalfor's hand. She moves fast for her size, and can use her hard fingers to scale any surface. She's responsible for repairing Yalfor's body when he can't do it himself.
    The chains binding these creatures can all reach to twenty feet. After retracting a chain back into his hand, he has to wait ten seconds until he can use that hand to summon again, and ten seconds until he can use that specific summon again. He can only have a summon out for thirty seconds at a time.

    Strength Boost - Yalfor receives a strength boost, in which he can lift and through a car with little effort. However, the longer he uses this strength boost, the more his cognitive abilities start to decay. After only fifteen seconds of using the boost, his mind will start to get cloudy, and he'll start to forget that he even activated the boost in the first place. After thirty seconds, he'll start devolving into a primal rage, simply destroying anything in his path. At this point, his summon, Neld, can summon herself and stop him by entering a small hole in his abdomen and doing some tricks to force him to shut down. The shut down will last for a few minutes. To prevent any of this from happening, Yalfor usually only uses the ability for a few seconds. After stopping the power boost, he can't use it again until a minute later.

    Enslave - Yalfor uses his hypnotic eyes to enslave creatures or people and send them to his pocket dimension. Both him and his target have to look each other in the eye for a full minute for it to work. However, he's found that it's almost impossible to get someone to do this willingly. If he does do it successfully, the person or creature will immediately get sucked into his pocket dimension through one of his hands. He can release anything he's enslaved whenever he wants. It should also be noted that he has to actively want to enslave someone for it to work.

    Passive Abilities:

    Immortality - Yalfor's body maintains itself with energy, including solar energy, electrical energy, and heat energy. He also has an "Orb of Life" in his chest which runs out in a year and two months. This makes him practically immortal, which isn't to say that he can't be killed, but that he doesn't need to eat, drink, sleep, etc, and that he's immune to all weather conditions. Destruction of his body or somehow cutting off his energy source are the only ways to kill him.

    Enhanced Senses - Yalfor has a sense of smell, sight, and hearing much greater than the average human. He can pick out someone's sense from a variety of different senses, hear the smallest sound cues, and see much greater distances.


    Shut Down - Yalfor's body shuts down every three days. He always knows the exact time that it will happen, but he has no way of preventing it. When this happens, Neld has the ability to summon herself from the pocket dimension. She's the one that goes into Yalfor's body and repairs anything that needs to be prepared by using small repair spells. This process usually takes a few hours.

    Unreliable Body - Yalfor's body has the risk of malfunctioning, especially so during battle. His chains might not summon properly, or the tubes that are his arms might loosen, or his eyes might stop spinning, thus rendering him blind. He can fix these problems himself, but they could take either a few minutes or a few hours.

    Common Magical Items: Simple Language Charm (Yalfor's Native Tongue)

    Biography: Yalfor grew up underneath the world of humans of an alternate Earth. The humans had yet to travel far enough into the Earth to discover the widespread civilization that sprawled underneath. It had all the components of a civilization, with its own nations, religions, governments, and everything else you'd expect to find in the world. It was also much more technologically advanced than the civilization above it.

    This world was in the middle of a war, and at a hundred and seventy-two years old, Yalfor was in the midst of it. To his enemies, he was something to be feared, and he had an alias on the battlefield: "Zoroptaklil," which, in his language, translates roughly to "Undying Terror." This is because he had been the best defense for his nation for over a century. He was immortal, and put his immortality to good use, developing new technology almost every week. He was also a monster on the battlefield, tearing through enemies easily. The ones that were left alive became his minions, forced to fight against their own allies.

    Soon, Yalfor's reign would come to an end. The enemy launched a full-scale attack on the base he was stationed at. He managed to take down most of them single-handedly, but something was completely different about his enemies this time. They had become unbelievably efficient in combat, managing to predict most of his attacks with ease. Yalfor wasn't really surprised by this. He was more surprised by the fact that it took them so long to figure out his normal attack patterns.

    After a fierce hour-long battle, Yalfor barely managed to escape, but with much more losses than the enemy side. Somehow, they had accessed the pocket in reality that he kept his creatures and people in, and he only had a few left. A lot of the technology that he had infused into his body had been torn away as well, leaving just his specialized arms and hands, his eyes, and his normal demon body.

    Yalfor couldn't risk retaliating. More of the enemy forces were closing in, and he had to build himself back up if he wanted any chance of winning the oncoming battle. He nabbed a teleportation device off of a corpse and used it to transport him somewhere else.

    When he came to, he was in a forest. There was snow everywhere, but it didn't bother him. He sneaked around the place as best as he could with the body he had. With the help of one of his creatures, he flew into the air to survey the situation. It was snowing heavily, and many people were out and about helping to clear it. He decided to use this opportunity to find somewhere to hole up. After all, he was in a completely different place, with no idea how strong the inhabitants were and no idea as to how they would receive him. He found himself a cave and has been living there since.

    Resources: All Yalfor has is his cave and his creatures to keep him company.

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