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Feb 16, 2018
Name: Angelica Snow
Age: Unknown (Appears to be within her 20s)
Gender: Genderless but appears as female (they/them/theirs, she/her/hers)
Species: Unknown
Job: Owner of The Reincarnation Clinic, manager of the Manta Carlos Branch.


Image was created with the use of a dollmaker.
Dollmaker used is
The Lady Of Hera.
Artist is Hera_.

Angelica appears as a hauntingly beautiful young woman. She stands at 178cm (roughly 5'10) and has an elegant, slender build with no notable fat or muscles. She has snow white pale skin with no freckles, beauty marks, scars or wrinkles. She has long white hair that is able to remain out of her face with little effort, though she does also style it from time to time (primarily buns or braids). Much like several of her other features, her eyes are white with silver flecks in her iris and pupils. Angelica usually wears fashionable dresses with shawls, or more professional/formal attire (especially when at work). Wears rings, earrings, necklaces, bracelets and chokers quite often. Around her eyes is light blue skin that one may mistake as eyeshadow, but is in fact part of her skin. Additionally, jewel tear drop like patterns are below her eyes, which are also actually part of her skin.

Abilities Summary: Angelica's primary ability is that through the signing of a contract, she is able to grant another being the capability to reincarnate and is able to control several conditions of how the reincarnation occurs, including whether they keep memories, start from being a newborn or a different age, their species and abilities. In return, upon the death of the signee, she will gain something beneficial from them. In the event of their natural death, she gains a number of desirable non-magical traits. If they die unnaturally (such as accident or murder), she was gain the remainder of their days to her own lifespan. She is functionally immortal due to this. Is able to shapeshift her appearance. Strong resistance to magical effects, but is exceptionally fragile to physical damage. Unable to reincarnate herself.

Reputation: Angelica is the owner of The Reincarnation Clinic that has just opened up on Manta Carlos. Not much about her is known due to how she's a private individual. Those in more underground sectors, especially off island, know that the Manta Carlos Branch isn't the only clinic.

Misc Information: She doesn't appear in public often. Despite having shapeshifting capabilities, she prefers appearing as a young woman instead of as a man or different age. Few known personal relations.

NPC Status: Others can play her as long as they shoot me a message. Full permission for people to mention her. Other characters/NPCs can know her, but again, would need to discuss it in DMs.

Adoption Status: I would be interested in someone playing her as a full character! I myself do not have any good plot ideas for her, but would be interested if others wanted to take a shot with her. Details like her true age and species can be decided by a different player if they wish to adopt her.

Art Credits: See the appearance section.
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