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Apr 21, 2015
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Wonderville Records

Located in the heart of The Strip of Manta Carlos from the remains of an old warehouse is Wonderville Records. Wonderville records his high-end music company owned and created by Shiloh Dubé formerly known by Lo-Shi. Wonderville records currently has one of the best recording studios money can

Wonderville records provides three main services to signed artist:

  • They currently have a high-end recording studio ready and available for all signed artists to use for free.
  • Along with the recording studio, there is an empty set room known as "The Vibe Room" that can be used for filming music videos, photoshoots, and just generally there to inspire musical inspiration.
  • The music company also has their radio station playing the songs of their currently signed artists on the radio.

Wonderville records also has an extensive music program that gives people a chance to practice music and a shot at getting signed with the record company.

Other than being signed as an artist there are other jobs available for Music Producers, Photographers, Video Directors, and Radio Hosts, Music instructors.
There are also positions open for security, secretaries, and janitors.

Shiloh Dubé

Signed Artists:​
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