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Apr 19, 2020
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Wolf's Den Gym

Who are we: Wolf's Den is a specialized gym designed for those with enhanced strength. This doesn't mean you have to have enhanced strength to join in and get in shape! All are happily welcomed. All that is needed is the will and desire to make a change, continue your improvement, or even just wanting a little help.

How we work: Membership can be acquired several ways. Yearly, Monthly, Weekly, and even single day memberships are available. Government and student discounts are available. We understand how life can be, if you have any issues or questions, please feel free to discuss options. Everything is kept confidential.

What we offer:
  • Magically Enhanced Equipment- Single rubber plates adorn all free weight bars. Each weight and equipment can be adjusted to the user by placing their membership card on the weight and speaking what weight or level they are wanting. This allows for even those able to lift hundreds to thousands of pounds to be able to test and push their limits.
  • Personal Training Services- Wolf's Den hires the best and most competent personal trainers available. Even if all you are needing is some advice on how to use a piece of equipment we are there to help you! Ms. Olcan herself oversees a large number of members, and periodically checks in with other trainers during sessions. These sessions can be tailored to the member. From number of sessions a week, to dietary advice, and even specially built workouts.
  • Spa Services- Being healthy isn't always just being in shape. People want to look good, as well as feel good. Wolf's Den has a large selection of spa services including facials, massage and hydrotherapy, sauna, as well as tanning services. (Additional Fees may apply for select services).
  • Indoor/Outdoor- Wolf's Den has a full 400m outdoor track, as well as a 200m suspended indoor track. A covered outdoor functional fitness area allows member to enjoy beautiful Manta Carlos days or nights. There is also a 3 mile running/biking trail loop that starts and ends at the gym that is accessible to the general public.
Where are we located: Wolf's Den is located on the outskirts of the City Center, near many of the residential areas allowing for easy driving, running, walking, and biking access.

Who we want: You! Members, Trainers, Sponsored Athletes, and Staff. So many opportunities await you with the Pack!

Tasha Olcan- CEO/Personal Trainer/Owner
Cedric Gunnison- Personal Trainer
Melissa Brodrick- Receptionist/Nutritionist

Sponsored Athletes:
Inquire with Ms. Tasha Olcan
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