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Jun 20, 2017
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Name: Wixa "The Goddess of Illusion"
Age: Physically 15
Birthday: Will use April first for records
Gender: Female
Species: "Human"
Category: Student
Class: High School
Grade: 9th

Appearance Description: Wixa stands at 4'3" at best. She has brown eyes hidden behind her Owl-glasses. Her long wavey White hair reaches her waist, and her pale skin glows in the moonlight. She looks younger than she is.

Personality Description: She likes to act smarter, but will often be left behind in conversations, mostly due to her not actually listening. However, she can act extremely clingy to those she considers her friends. Can be rude at times, but she har her own ideas on what people should be doing, and will try to boss them around if they don't consider her a leader. (Maybe a little Tsun) Really likes dragons.

Active Abilities:
Illusory Space:
WIxa can alter the appearance of a 30ft sphere around her to show what she desires others to see. Within this space, she can alter how items look slightly. Examples include:
-Colour alteration
-Limbs that are only cosmetic, and will pass through solid objects
This has no effect on the blind, or those that are able to see through inorganic means

Passive Abilities:
Illusive Form:
Wixa, no matter how much Nonfatal Damage she takes, will never appear hurt physically to those with ordinary vision. She will still be hurt though, and if a limb is cut off, it will appear cut off to everyone. If dealt with a Fatal Injury, all damage will suddenly be visible to everyone.

Weaknesses: N/A

Common Magical Items: N/A

Biography: For all things that exist, there must be a thing that doesn't exist. That was the rule that her Home was built on. Wixa was a child to her people, a "different" version of the human race with some control over the world they lived in. It was normal to see some riding a bike made out of air, or listen to a orchestra that was made of one man and a harmonica.

Wixa however, was different, unlike others, her alterations had no effect on the world around her. she could change how it looked, but it was still the same in the end. She fell behind in her school, not being able to keep up with her friends, and they moved on without her. Her family made her see specialists to diagnose why this was so,but to know success, it was if this was all she could do.

Then the ridicule started. She was named the "Goddess of illusion" by her classmates because that was all she could do. She hated the title. Even her former friends called her that. Life became horrible at school. one day, she crossed the path of a begger on the street. The begger told her stories of a wrld where billions lived, but the most special lived in one place, an island focused on a school, where the students increased their power. Wixa, amazed at what she heard, asked where was this school, and the begger with a smile, booped her nose and sent her to Manta Carlos.

Resources: Has only a Dorm room.

Additional Information: Nothing


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