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Jun 23, 2015
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Name: Wesker Alchov Straundlin. "Whiskers".
Age: 17. 18.
Birthday: March 17th.
Gender: Male.
Category: Student.
Class: Collage Freshman
Major: Business

Appearance Description: Wesker stands at 180 Centimeters(5'11"). His posture is immaculate, standing as straight as you might expect a practiced servant would. His slender body moves with precision, and any who bothered to observe him for a period would notice few, if any, wasted movements. This standard of conservation extends to his body as well, while though it isn't obviously muscular, he makes an effort to stay fit and able and has very little fat on his bones.

Everything about Wesker seems to have been fitted into it's place with care. His clothing is always free of wrinkles, his glasses set perfectly over his dark eyes, and not even a strand of his short-cut dark hair is out of place. While he wears whatever is practical, he prefers things with greater body coverage, and almost always sports a pair of thin, black leather gloves. Most often seen with a smile on his face, it's never quite as pleasant as it seems. Perhaps it's the glint he gets in his eye sometimes, maybe that he's always wringing his hands, possibly because his canines are slightly larger then the rest of his teeth. Whatever the reason, sometimes his smile just seems off.

If ever someone were to touch his bare skin, it would feel rough, as each on of his hairs is slightly stiffer then the average person. Since this increases his sense of touch, Wesker shy's away from such contact.

Personality Description: Wesker is most often smiles and good nature, even when under slight duress or uncomfortable. He greats every new face with a pleasant demeanor and earnest, respectful regard. He wholeheartedly believes that the best way to earn the secrets he desires is through friendship, but on those few occasions that it doesn't produce something he needs, he can shift to a terrifying persona for an attempt at intimidation.

While he often keeps his mask on, Wesker can become rather irritable if his instincts haven't been sated in a while. He can also occasionally be somewhat chiding in the way he speaks, making observations or quips that tact might suggest against.

Bitter tastes
Pleasant conversation

Unintelligent speech
Overly Sweet Tastes
Strong chemicals
Not knowing things
Feeling useless
Loud noises

Skills / Talents:
Ballroom Dancing

Powers: Major - Shapeshift: Drider. Wesker's form grows into a hulking mass of hair and legs. His torso remains atop the body of a giant spider, his particular case being a brown recluse. In this form his is able to climb surfaces that can support the weight and aren't slick or exceptionally smooth. there is also the obvious increase to movement speed, and a venom produced through both the fangs of the spider half and the new-grown fangs of the human torso. The venom isn't lethal in doses less then several bites, but if left untreated can cause a burning pain.

The drawbacks of this form are that it can be cumbersome. While it's easy to move forward or around wide turns, a sharp turn can slow things down quite a bit as Wesker is forced to circle the body. Water also poses a problem, as being dosed in it can cause respiratory issues from the spider half, not a pleasant experience. Arguably the worst fault of the transformation is Wesker's temperament. The longer he stays in this form, the more his mind is consumed with predatory urges and instincts. His aggression boils to a breaking point where it is incredibly hard to resist the desire to attack anything around him.

Minor - Heightened sense of touch. Ever since his first transformation Wesker has adopted an oddly sensitive sense of touch. It's heightened to the point that, if his skin isn't "muffled" by his clothing, he can sometimes even discern sound as if hearing it. While this can act as something of an extended range of hearing for him, it also makes him incredibly sensitive to loud noises. for this reason, he prefers the peace silence and calm music, and will usually only uncover his arms when he cares to hear something others might not.

Biography: -Was born to a moderately well-off family. Has a twin sister by the name of Willa.

-The Straundlin line carries a genetic disease which is latent in males. His mother died in childbirth because of it, and it afflicts his sister as well. While not really relevant now, there may come a time where it becomes a cause of worry for Wesker.

-Grew up being trained to head the family business, A software company with a bit of intelligence brokering on the shadier side. Learned a bit about coding and hacking even though he was set up for more of a corporate position.

-Almost drowned during his adolescent years. The event developed a phobia of water, which he hasn't bothered to try and overcome.

-Sometime around the middle of his 16th year, the incident where his powers manifested occurred. Mauling, killing, and other unpleasant words.

-Has been hidden away since the incident, until he received the acceptance letter to Starlight Academy. Still very confused about his abilities, and his family wanting an excuse to remove him from prying eyes, He was quietly sent on his way.

Additional Information:

When Wesker get's exceptionally excited, or his instincts bubble to close to the surface, his eyes transform into the brown-red orbs of a spider.

Wesker is competent and/or fluent in the following languages: English, Spanish, Japanese, German, Russian


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