Vex Realty Group

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Jul 24, 2016
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  • Business Name: Vex Realty Group
  • Headquarters: Downtown
  • Locations: Manta Carlos, MC Space Station, Off World
  • Operations: Real Estate Investment Group/Private Equity

: Vex Realty's headquarters is a wide 30-floor building located in the more financial sector of downtown MC. From here the employees of the company study the real estate market as well as managing the properties under the Vex realty umbrella. While not open to the public the company does conduct business there with prospective clients and business targets. The building has an underground parking lot with access to the building from below and above ground. On the grounds in front of the building is a nice seating area with fountains and benches for people traveling through the area. A centerpiece to this miniature park is a large statue of a Demon, Angel, and Human holding up a model home.

Dealings and Goals: Vex Realty focuses its money and efforts on buying, renovating, selling, and financing real estate on the island and across the stars. While the main goal of the company is always to turn a profit from its assets the initial goal of its founding partners was to finance the modern development of Manta Carlos island. Through the years, the company has built a big enough pool of wealth to finance large skyscrapers or house mortgages. On top of this Vex Realty also operates and leases a number of their properties such as apartments, residential homes, and other forms of commercial real estate. The company also has a history of performing general private equity operations such as investments in startups and vetted companies in the hopes of producing greater profits down the road. Due to their success in conducting business, they also sponsor island events when capable such as concerts and fairs.

Sphere of influence: The influence of Vex Realty can be felt throughout the island as a number of commercial real estate and residential real estate is leased out to the families and businesses that call the place home. Vex Realty has also made a number of acquisitions and real estate developments off-world in other cities and frontiers expanding their reach into the ever-growing market. Since the company is always looking to make a profit the number of assets they control grows and wanes as the market dictates. On a more unnoticable front Vex realty has members on the Board Of Directors for many of its portfolio companies.

Limited Partners: A small pool of local MC investors such as Lucretia Lex Vexen.

OOC Opportunities: This a place for people to stick their wealthy characters as investors if this sort of financial investment is their sort of thing. This also serves as a place to put your money-minded charas who would look for a job in this sort of industry.
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