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Lotharingia Verum Tista

Discussion in 'Students' started by MarcellusD, May 17, 2019.

  1. MarcellusD

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    May 21, 2017
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    Name: Verum Tista
    Age: 7
    Birthday: September 17th
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Category: Student
    Class: Elementary School
    Grade: 2nd

    Appearance Description: Verum stands at 3'8''. He has slightly pale skin, orange hair in a crew cut, and light blue eyes. His body is lithe and has a little definition to it. There are tons of scars covering his body, but they're usually concealed by a device he has around his wrist that makes his skin look normal.

    Personality Description: The first thing you'll think of when you look at Verum is that he's energetic, and you would be 100% correct. Whenever he moves, it's with more energy than necessary, and even when he's not moving, there are telltale signs of the energy wanting to get out, such as tapping his foot. He particularly likes randomly dancing.

    Verum is almost always happy and positive, but he finds it really important to be able to identify and be comfortable with his emotions. If he's mad, or sad, he'll acknowledge the reason why. This applies to everyone else, too. He doesn't like when people hide their true emotions.

    Verum suffers from PTSD that was caused by a traumatic event from his past. He deals with it by always keeping his surroundings in mind so that he isn't caught off guard by anything and using mantras to keep himself grounded.

    Active Abilities:

    Pyrokinesis - Verum has the ability to summon flames from every part of his body. He can shoot these flames out of his body at a max range of thirty feet, and can control their movement after they've been fired. He can control the temperature of the flames so that they're either hot enough to melt steel or cool enough to make you shiver, and be can determine whether or not they actually burn things, making using his power in buildings completely safe. The flames can be used for slight propulsion, allowing him miniscule boosts when running or jumping. Extended propulsion can cause him great pain.

    Passive Abilities:

    Fire Immunity - Verum is immune to flames hot enough to melt steel.

    Phoenix - Whenever Verum dies, he's revived ten seconds later in a small explosion of fire. It doesn't matter how severe the death was; he could be blown to smithereens and his body will still regenerate. He will be engulfed in flames that he cannot suppress. His flame output will greatly increase, giving him enough power to fly and shoot flames up to sixty feet. This lasts for twenty seconds, and when it ends, the flames will extinguish and his body will turn extremely weak and cold, putting him out of commission for at least an hour. Verum will take on a scar depending on what type of injury he sustains as if he actually survived it. For him to actually die, it needs to be of natural causes, or he needs to be killed in his Phoenix state. He can also be killed permanently when he's in his cool down state.

    Hidden Body - Verum has a wristband-like device around his right wrist that hides the injuries all over his body. It can be activated and deactivated with a touch, and it only responds to his fingerprints.

    Omnilingualism - Verum has the ability to understand and speak every language in existence, including one's from other dimensions.

    Weaknesses: N/A

    Common Magical Items: N/A

    Verum grew up in a farm village, which was much less technologically advanced than modern society. He's been around animals and crops since he was a toddler. Since there wasn't much to do in the village, a farmer was all he aspired to be.

    Verum's parents had specifically kept him from hearing about the war going on, although he had an idea that something was happening. However, he was made fully aware of what was going on when an army ran through his town. The soldiers destroyed everyone and everything, and although Verum managed to stay away from the carnage, he saw everything.

    He was not the sole survivor, but Verum couldn't tell who was his ally bad who was his enemy, so he fled. The situation caused him to develop PTSD.

    Not long after Verum fled, he was wandering in a field when he was suddenly teleported to an endless, white void. There was a woman there that he didn' t know, as well as a tiger. The tiger told them that, for not doing more to help their communities, they would be cursed to fight each other for all eternity, constantly reincarnating in different dimensions with new powers whenever one of them was killed. This put a damper on Verum's already foul mood, so when he was returned to his dimension, he fled again. Not too long after, the woman found him and reluctantly killed him.

    In the next dimension, Verum isolates himself completely, stealing food to survive. A few months later, he meets two women named Apri and Reyma. He was scared of them at first, but they managed to convince him that they weren't hostile. They took him under his wing.

    Verum stuck around with them, and Apri help him live with his PTSD. It still affected him, but it was more manageable.

    One day, Apri informed Verum that she and Reyma were part of the same system that he was. There were many more people, but they weren't supposed to be in the system. It was originally supposed to be a tournament. However, someone gave the tournament "sentience" so that the fights would be constantly changing and unpredictable, and it started to evolve. People were pulled from their worlds for reasons that weren't intended.

    Verum, as well as the three more people that ended up joining the group, aided Apri and Reyma in destroying the system. The thousands of people that had been trapped in the endless loop of fighting were freed. Verum and his crew were not returned to their home dimensions, however, and were instead dumped in the Manta Carlos Islands.

    Resources: Verum shares a house with five people (which they acquired with a space storage power that one of them has), and they all help to maintain it.

    Additional Information:
    • Verum's hobbies include dancing, ice skating, sparring, playing sports, and really just moving in general.
    • Verum has the dangerous tendency of chewing on a capsule of fast-acting poison. It makes him feel safe, as it provides him with time to think without the worry of how he will die in dangerous situations. However, even though it requires a considerable amount of force to bite through, and he's always aware of it, it's put him into bad situations a few times.
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