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Nov 23, 2016
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Manta Carlos is incredibly diverse, and this is a good thing. But for a newcomer, it can be paralyzingly new and off-putting. Government assistance can't help with feelings of culture shock, isolation, and a perceived upheaval of normalcy that comes with becoming a citizen of Manta Carlos. This is less of an issue for teenagers and children, who have the Academy as a fallback point. But adults, who both might have difficulties adjusting their worldviews and establishing themselves on the island have fewer resources.

This is where the Welcome and Integration Society comes in. Colloquially called TWIS, this non-profit organization seeks to help those who might otherwise be overwhelmed by giving them an opportunity to dip their toes into the water and ease themselves into their new reality.

Regular group meetings are held every other week in a large building bordering on the outside of the city, giving it a comfortable and quiet location while not being too far from the convenience of the city. There is a spacious lobby at the front of the building, and further in there are multiple rooms for private meetings.

Some of the goals and projects undertaken by TWIS include:
  • Monthly community service projects to get people involved, give them a chance to get out and feel productive even if they currently do not have work, and maintain the mutual living space of the island.

  • Help with job hunting, including resume and credentials assistance, mock interviews, acting as a point of contact between employers and job seekers, and helping provide professional clothing to supplement wardrobes.

  • Working with other groups around the island including advocacy groups, clubs, enthusiast groups, and institutions such as the Islets Correctional Facility to help members find their place on the island.

  • Group meetings and seminars to help acclimate newer citizens to some of the less traditional aspects of Manta Carlos life. These are meant to be judgment-free zones where people are allowed to come to each subject at their own pace.
    • Topics here include things like niche diets, such as human flesh or sexual energy. Or just the existence of beings such as demons and angels.
  • Organizing and hosting friendly, relaxing activities and events for members to give them a chance to socialize and take a break and do something "normal."
TWIS' goal is to help everyone who wishes to find Manta Carlos as their home, a place of comfort, community, and support.

TWIS' is non-profit with most of its funding coming from public donation and group-initiated fundraising drives. Paid positions are available for those with specialized skill sets, are willing to work more consistent schedules, and will take up leadership positions when volunteers help with their work. Each employee receives benefits for their work. Volunteers make up a big part of TWIS, where they can lend a hand with seminars, classes, fundraisers, and other activities to bring the community together are appreciated. This organization is targeted to adults having trouble getting acclimated to the island. As such, members and volunteers should be 18+.

Those interested in being a member or working with TWIS are expected to contact Xiraev Fisher or Konpeitō Hatsu through email or phone. Information on TWIS can be found on their own website and posters around the city.

Owners: Xiraev Fisher (Keen) and Konpeitō Hatsu (Keen)

Receptionists: N/A
Counselors: N/A
Program Coordinators:
Maintenance Staff: N/A
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