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Name: "Tuesday" (True name: Týra Amora Belland)
Age: 20
Birthday: July 13, 1999
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Category: Student
Class: College
Grade: 2nd year
College Major: General Magic Studies
Job: Part time clerk and candlemaker at Wicked Wicks, a small candle boutique

Appearance Description: Missing her right hand below the wrist. Light reddish brown shoulder length hair. Grey eyes. Very small Tiwaz rune symbol (upward pointed arrow) behind her right ear. Almost always wearing a choker style necklace with a metal triangle charm hanging from it (symbol of the element of fire). She has a large tattoo of a snarling wolf, breaking out of chains and surrounded by flames, on her lower back and a modified triquetra symbol on her left shoulder blade. She dresses in quite a bit of black, though she usually incorporates red accents into most outfits. She's not afraid of showing skin, frequently incorporating sheer and other see-through clothing into her outfits or displaying her midriff when it is warm enough out. Though she never displays enough to be obscene. She prefers skirts, leggings or skinny jeans. Almost always has a pair of earbuds or headphones on her or nearby. Frequently plays with one of several ornate lighters.

(Actress Haley Ramm in Light as a Feather)

Personality Description:
  • impulsive
  • adventurous
  • loyal towards her coven, family and closest friends
  • outspoken and flirty
  • self-sacrificing
  • playful
  • enthusiastic
  • a touch foolish
  • HATES the quiet
  • Tends to have music playing almost all the time
  • Loves candles

Active Abilities:
  • Cami- She has an angelic spirit familiar that has made a pact to serve and protect her. It takes the form of a black wolf with bright red eyes. She is named Cami, after the archangel Camael. They can share emotions and simple ideas between each other across any distance. They always know where each other are. If slain, Cami can be restored after an hour-long ritual. Cami has all the senses and abilities of a normal wolf in their prime but doesn't actually need to eat, drink, or sleep.
  • Minor magic- As a witch Tuesday is capable of a range of minor feats of magic that require only a small amount of magical power to accomplish. They require either specific gestures or a verbal incantation to cast. Small flames are her specialty, being able to conjure up to a 2" diameter throwable ball of fire. Otherwise the effects are fairly limited and harmless or very weak. The effects can only reach about 20' away from her at most. For example conjuring a puff of air to extinguish a candle, floating a single book from a shelf to her hand, or forming a globe of light like a lantern.
    • Casting magic like this any more than once every few minutes becomes physically taxing very quickly, having an effect on her body similar to sprinting at full speed.
  • Candle making- Like other witches she can participate in ritual magic but the use of candles in magic is her family's true specialty. She can work spells into homemade candles given enough time and special ingredients to mix into the wax. New candles take hours to make and harden properly and must be mixed and poured within an elaborately constructed magic circle to retain their function after being formed. After creation, simply burning the candle releases whatever spell is stored in it as long as the candle burns. The creation process is very taxing as it requires magical power, extremely careful mixing and planning, and maintaining the complicated ritual. She can make a max of 6-7 spell candles a day, or fewer if they are more complicated.
    • Examples of simpler candles would be basic wards against spirits, calming/relaxation spells, or a cure for a minor illness. More advanced candles would include things such as wards against scrying or other magical effects or bestowing a curse on someone.
  • Panacea Bracelet- this magical bracelet renders the wearer immune to all diseases and illnesses. Wearing it for at least one hour will cure the wearer of any illness or disease they already had. The item is magically attuned to the person who it was given to (Tuesday) and will only work for them unless it is melted down and reforged for someone else.
Passive Abilities:
  • Arcane amplifier- spending too much time around magic enhancing candles and powerful rituals has made Tuesday herself become a bit of a magic enhancer. Within 20' all magic effects are stronger by 25%. This does not apply to any magic she casts herself but does apply if she is assisting someone else with casting a group spell or ritual.
  • As a "gift" from The Quiet, her blood regenerates just rapidly enough to allow bloodletting/donations of a pint of blood weekly. Any minor wounds expressly caused to produce blood for this purpose will heal overnight. Other wounds will heal as normal for a human.
  • Right hand was magically destroyed and cannot be healed or regrown. Prosthetic or other replacements degrade and fall apart within minutes.
  • Newest Coven Curse- Using her true name in a command magically compels her to carry it out, as long as it is something she is physically capable of doing.
  • The Quiet- an unknowable, incomprehensible entity hunts Tuesday's bloodline ever since her ancestors accidentally awoke its interest. It stalks them always in the silent moments of life. When all else is quiet around them they can hear the telltale sounds of something unseen always shuffling closer, dragging unseen sharp claws. Being in a silent room rapidly makes anyone in Tuesday's family line extremely uneasy and paranoid as they hear the entity approaching. Even when "satisfied" the entity still can, and does, attack them if they remain listening to the silence too long as it takes form from their paranoia.
    • The entity requires two things of the family to not just kill them all outright:
      • The first male child born of this bloodline is sacrificed to the entity
      • Witches in this family must purposely shed, or allow someone to remove, at least a pint of their own blood per week. The quiet doesn't care how they do it at all.
  • Curse of Purifying Flames- Cannot eat any raw food. All food of any kind must be cooked, or have been seared in flames to "purify" it.
  • Curse of the Sandman- If she falls asleep or passes out for more than 5 minutes after dusk she cannot be woken back up until dawn.
  • Curse of the Feline's Foe- 20' aura that makes cats and feline-based beings hate her. Seeing her as an enemy. It does not make them act on this feeling though and does not make them do anything they wouldn't normally do.
  • Curse of Earthly Rejection- Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at dawn the effects of gravity on her body are reversed for two full hours. Everything else, including her belongings, remains as normal.

Common Magical Items: Aura Warning Bracelets, Nullification Bracelet

  • Her family is from a long line of witches that had ancient roots in Norway. One of seven families that once united as one for a greater coven. The linking of all seven of these families into one larger coven structure.
  • The greater coven gathered to take part in a very powerful summoning ritual that went poorly, causing all seven families to be cursed by the entities they had tried to summon and control. Each family began to be pursued by a horrific dimensional entity that required sacrifices to appease them and prevent them from taking the whole family. Tuesday's family refer to their as "The Quiet" because it stalks them in the quietness. To the point that quietness itself is feared by them.
  • The families grew apart as each one had different ideas about how to resolve the curses. After several generations each family had tried on their own to complete at least one other ritual to cleanse them of their curses or invoke stronger powers. None of them succeeded and each family suffered their own curses as punishment.
  • Tuesday's family in particular tried several different times, racking up a number of curses that ranged in severity. As a result Tuesday too suffers these curses on her bloodline
  • Tuesday's older brother, Burr, was sacrificed when she was very little, as was required of her mother. The ordeal turned her mother cold and hyper-focused on trying to rid their family of the horrible curse. All attempts failed miserably.
  • As soon as Tuesday was old enough to walk and talk she was brought in to help with rituals, against her father's better judgement. Her talents with candles became apparent, but the ritual magics seeped into her body and made her become an amplifier.
  • At age 13 she was helping with a particularly dangerous ritual meant to cleanse the family of their curse by invoking a patron of flames. Things went south and the flames at the center of the ritual began to spread and burn people. Tuesday realized someone had to stop it so reached in to disrupt the inner circle and collapse the ritual. Her hand was not just burnt. It was completely burnt off with no trace other than the horrific pain and the cauterized stump.
  • A few days later, on a Tuesday, she woke to a black wolf waiting lazily at the foot of her bed as she recovered from the injury. She was friendly and for some reason Tuesday could feel her emotions. Since then the spirit has acted like her guardian angel, of a sort, and helps protect her in exchange for gaining power from her rituals and witchcraft.
  • Eventually though most of her family was slain, falling victim to The Quiet or suffering the consequences of the multiple curses on their family. Only a few distant relatives remained and they were mostly in hiding somewhere.
  • When Tuesday was contacted by representatives from the other families to gather for an attempt once more to try to break the original curse, she agreed despite the dangers. It of course did not go well and they all gained another curse: their true names would offer anyone control over them. That is why they all took on the days of the week as their names.
  • Tuesday's family had long known about Manta Carlos, having been decently well connected in the magical world but had wanted privacy as they worked to fight their curses. However with no close family left and the coven she was now a part of moving to MC, Tuesday arranged enrollment at the academy as a college student.
  • Once on the island she quickly obtained a job at a candle shop (named Wicked Wicks) to help pay the bills and hone her skills. She lives in a crappy apartment because the landlord doesn't care about having a wolf there or her having a penchant for lit candles, and because there's generally a fair amount of noise and activity around that area during the night.

Income from her part time job at a candle shop and a limited inheritance from her parents. Lives in a small, very low rent apartment in a rougher part of town.

Additional Information: Is part of a coven made up of seven people, all named for days of the week.
Speaks English and Norwegian languages
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Mar 30, 2018
East Coast, USA
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Name: Tuesday
Apparent Age: 20
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Height: 5'5"
Build: Average
Notable Features: Missing her right hand. Light reddish brown shoulder length hair. Grey eyes. Upward pointed arrow tattoo behind her right ear. Other tattoos on lower back and left shoulder blade. Almost always wears a choker necklace with a triangle charm on it. Wears lots of black and red.

Physical Quirks: Extreme discomfort in quiet situations. Frequently playing music through headphones/earbuds even when not necessarily listening to it. Plays idly with lighters. Has a Norwegian accent.

Abilities Summary: Black wolf familiar. Minor magic casting. Magic candle making. Blood regenerates faster. True name (Týra Amora Belland) use in a command compels her. Can't eat raw food.
two 20' auras: felines hate her and magic is strengthened by 25%

Reputation: Works at a small candle boutique named Wicked Wicks. Lives in a sketchy part of the city. Impulsive and playful but a decent student in college. Moved to the island just prior to this school year.

Misc Information: Cami the black wolf familiar is frequently with her. Part of a coven with the other "days of the week" witches. Speaks English and Norwegian.
Image is actress Haley Ramm in Light as a Feather
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