Trattoria Fuoco


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Aug 25, 2020
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Trattoria Fuoco
The pride, joy, and life's work of the young owner Paprika Fuoco, Trattoria Fuoco- sometimes called 'The Raccoon Place' by customers- is a carefully curated restaurant with a menu that changes weekly. The restaurant itself is extremely small, by Fuoco's own choice, with a maximum capacity of twelve patrons across a total of two four-seated and two two-seated tables. The dining area of the restaurant is lavishly decorated, most notably by multiple portraits that Fuoco has had commissioned of his pet raccoon Signore. The restaurant's space is modeled after a traditional Italian Osteria.
Despite the individual dishes always changing, the restaurant has a specific menu structure to give consistency, so as not to discourage potential customers. This consists of three starter options, two pasta options, three entree options, always in a trio of meat, seafood, and vegetarian, and a dessert. While the cultural inspirations for any given dish can come from seemingly anywhere, the basic principles of the food come from traditional Italian cooking. Fuoco also prints out 'dinner program' booklets which are provided alongside the menu, giving diners a more in-depth look at each option. These include a section for drink pairings, recommended based either on individual dishes or on the entirety of a customer's meal.
The restaurant is currently staffed solely by Paprika, Signore, and a single waiter due to the size of the restaurant, but Paprika has expressed a strong desire to hire three more waiters, wishing to give each party an even more specialized experience.
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