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Sae Nijima(Persona 5), Official Art


Thiul Rukt'In

115, 116 looks mid 20s

March 27th


Ice dragon



Human form:

Sae Niijima(Persona 5), Official Art
Thiul is quite short and stands at 162cm; 5'3ft. Her body is petite but athletic and she has well-trained muscles. Her skin is really pale.
Thiul looks quite cute and she has sharp, delicate features and big golden eyes with long, dark eyelashes. She has a small mouth with plump rosy coloured lips.
Thiul has long and wavy blue hair that reaches her mid-back.
In clothing Thiul prefers to wear the shades of black and gray, and her clothes are pretty simple dress shirts or polo shirts and straight pants with low high heels. She also likes to wear her doctor's coat with almost anything.
Thiul always carries with her in a capsule around her neck the medicine for her son's condition in case he has an attack.
Thiul has a large scar right on her upper back on top of her spine. There's a tattoo on her right arm and it covers it from upper arm to forearm.

Dragon form:

FF Dimensions II, Ice Dragon(Official Art)
In her dragon form Thiul is 10 meters tall and 25 meters long from her chest to the tip of her tail. Thiul is streamlined and obviously made for speed and dexterity. Thiul has thick white leathery skin, and large proportion of her body is covered in large, sharp ice spikes, including her wings, tail, back and shoulders. There are hard bony ridges along Thiul's spine and they go all the way to his back legs' thighs.
Thiul has sharp claws on her front legs and small, sharp teeth. Thiul's back legs don't exactly have feet, but are a pair of pointy spikes that are harp and sharp enough to embed even into stone. All in all Thiul looks very prickly in this form, and even has small sharp bright yellow eyes.

Uses proper language
Honest and blunt
Fiercely loyal and proud
Considerate in her own way
Concerned about other people
Has bad sense of humour
Follows her own rules

Shifting & Partial Shifting: Thiul has a dragon form and she can shift between it and her human form at will. She can also shift parts of her body into that of her dragon form, for example her legs, claws, etc.

Ice Creation: Thiul can create sharp ice stakes. The longest stake she can create is the same height as her and is at the most 5cm in diameter. Thiul can also make the stakes vanish at will.
Thiul's ice cannot be melted by ordinary fire. Only magical fire affects it.

Body Manipulation: When in human form Thiul can transform her whole body or parts of it into small ice particles, similar to snow. She can move in a cloud of snowflakes in this form and can reform at will. Thiul can't maintain this form for long periods of time and she can stay in it for 45 minutes max.
People capable of manipulating ice can control Thiul's movements to a certain degree while she is in this form but she is capable of fighting back, depending on how strong the person is.
Long Lifespan: Thiul will live for 40 000-50 000 years. At the end of her life she will no longer be able to maintain human form and eventually starts turning into ice, ending up as a large ice sculpture of a dragon.

Ice Dragon Physiology:
-Strength & Toughness: Thiul is at the peak of human condition, is as strong as world champion level weightlifter(can lift little over 200kg) and her speed record before her spinal injury was 45mph. Now her top speed is about 15mph and she can maintain it for only a couple of minutes before her legs give in. Her legs can't support more than little over 90kg .
-Cold Resistance: In human form Thiul is resistant to cold and can withstand up to -5 degrees celsius before it starts affecting her. In dragon form she is immune to cold up to around -30 degrees celsius.
-Supernatural Senses: In both human and dragon form Thiul has supernatural senses.

Regeneration: When in dragon form Thiul can regrow limbs in a few hours, in human form it takes few months. Minor injuries heal in minutes in both dragon and human form, broken bones take about 20 minutes in dragon form and about a week in human form. Cannot heal brain or spinal damage and burns heal three times slower than usual.

High Intelligence: Thiul's brain processes knowledge four times faster than a human brain and she can learn new things and skills much faster than normal. She has an excellent memory and she can speed read a book without forgetting a word.
Heat: Thiul is sensitive to heat and heat based magic in both human and dragon form. She gets heatstroke very easily, all heat based magic attacks do twice or even three times the damage and burns heal three times slower.

Thiul was born as the fifth child and youngest daughter for the chief of a community of Alpine ice dragons.
Thiul's childhood wasn't a pleasant one, as she was bullied by her siblings. It was normal among them and thus Thiul never complained and just bullied back. She was especially bullied for being small of stature in both human and dragon form and Thiul created a complex of being as strong as possible, and showing it as much as possible. Thiul trained her body relentlessly and was always picking fights. She was the troublemaker of the bunch and she was determined to break every rule in the book. All except those that lead to banishment.

Thiul was always frustrated that nothing was expected of her. As a child she was close with Shul, her younger brother, since they were both never expected to accomplish anything special. But then even her youngest sibling, who just avoided trouble and was happy-go-lucky, gained recognition as he grew and Thiul stayed as she was. This event was the beginning of Thiul's violent nature.
Thiul kept going down this path for many years, and challenged as many people in the community as possible. She lost as many fights as she won, maybe less, and gained her reputation of being strong. Strong, volatile and dangerous.

When their father was revealed to be retiring and the selection of the next chief began among the siblings Thiul, though she herself was sure the position was beyond her reach, tried to attain the position just out of principle. She didn't truly care about leading, knowing she wasn't suited for it.
When an incident happened between Shul and their oldest sister Fweiu that lead to Shul's banishment this shook Thiul a lot more than she wanted to admit. The night following Shul's banishment Thiul fled to the mountains in dragon form to throw a tantrum and get some anger and sorrow out. But during this tantrum Thiul got careless and a sharp piece of rock fell on her back and nearly cut her spine in half. She was found couple of days later, unable to move her legs.

Thiul was mostly healed but she retained damage due to her own regeneration ability backfiring on her. Thiul's legs were now a lot weaker than before and Thiul had to leave fighting and all other physical activities behind, aside from rehabilitation. This shook Thiul even more and she was in denial for a long time. She still kept picking fights, even more relentlessly than before, and after she got her ass kicked countless times Thiul fell into depression.
Thiul's depression was persistent and she kept herself isolated through the first Antarctica colony attempt. Her cousin's death temporatily propelled her even deeper into depression and Thiul even attempted suicide once.

Eventually Thiul's oldest sister and the new chief Fweiu wanted to integrate with the outside world and started attempting to open up the community. This lead to a small epidemic, that was caused by a disease from the outside world. It wasn't lethal, but caused a lot of inconvenience. Fweiu wanted to collect more updated medical knowledge and saw an opportunity to lift Thiul back up from her depression. So, encouraged by her sister, Thiul was sent out into the world to become a doctor. She was to enroll into a medical school and gain knowledge about medicine she would then share and use for the good of the community. Thiul did fight back but in the end she also knew she had to try to find meaning in life again and finally went willingly.

Thiul, despite her rough demeanor, did care about her family and community and wanted to help, though she didn't voice it. Thiul was also sharp and a quick learner and succeeded well in medical school. The outside world was new and big and Thiul was getting better the longer she spent time there.
Thiul opened up and that lead to her being careless. She tried drugs and cigarettes and all kinds of other "forbidden" things, like the rule breaker she was. But Thiul never stuck with anything and put her gaining medical knowledge first. Thiul also collected knowledge from many other areas and studied multiple sciences, including magic and how it could be used in medicine and magical diseases.

However, Thiul made one fatal mistake at her university's graduation party. Thiul got drunk and slept with a man, another medical school graduate, who she recognized to be a supernatural creature of reptilian descent like her. But the next morning when she woke up on a park bench Thiul didn't remember the man's face, name or school. Just that they had had sex and that he had been a basilisk. And just like that Thiul returned to the community along with her knowledge, no idea she was pregnant with a child.

Weeks later Thiul found out about being pregnant and then it was already too late to stop it.
At the time the community was split between people supporting and against integrating and the ones against it used Thiul's situation to boost their cause. And when the baby hatched, a white dragon with snake-like features and deadly poison, it worked as one of the triggers that finally split the community apart. Those who wished it moved to the Antarctica colony, never to be seen again.
At first Thiul herself was extremely conflicted and scared about her pregnancy. But as time went by and the hatching drew close Thiul also found herself to be excited. And when she first saw the child, her child, Thiul fell in love.

The baby was born with a difficult genetic condition. His poison was too strong for his body and it oozed out, causing serious issues and almost killing him. Using the knowledge she gained Thiul created a thinning agent that weakened the poison temporarily and enabled the baby to be able to live normally. Thiul became a protective mother, and she worked out the kinks as she went along, which she is still doing to this day.
Now all of Thiul's siblings have moved to Manta Carlos and she decided to move with them, acquiring a position at the hospital as a physician. She wishes to find a fix for her son's condition or at least find a better way to treat it.

-Works as a physician at the hospital
-Earns a good salary
-Lives in an apartment with her son
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Name: Thiul Rukt'In
Apparent Age: early to mid twenties
Gender: Female
Species: Ice dragon
Height: 162cm; 5'3ft
Build: Petite and slightly curvy but athletic

Notable Features:
-Long blue hair
-Bright yellow eyes
-Quite pretty
-Dresses in black
-Almost always wears her doctor's coat
-Has a tattoo that mostly covers her right arm

Physical Quirks:
-Has weak legs so sits often
-Uses a cane while walking

Abilities Summary:
-Can shift into a dragon
-Can create ice spikes
-Can turn into a cloud of ice particles
-Long life
-Strong and tough
-Highly intelligent

Reputation: People working or frequenting at the hospital would know her as the new physician and some people associated with her family Rukt'Ins would know her as the youngest daughter of the family

Misc Information:
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