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Jul 11, 2015
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Jamie nodded taking this into consideration. Maybe they were reading too much into this whole friend thing. The way Shiro made it sound, it wasn't all that nerve wracking. You just talked to people and decided to be friends. As far as they were concerned, that was perfectly acceptable nothing to strenuous seemed to be expected of them. Why couldn't talking to other people be just as easy as this.

"Oh yes, I do have a phone." Jamie took out their phone and handed it to Shiro for her to put her number in. They were incredibly happy to have the phone, it limited the amount of face to face conversation they needed to have. Of course they realized that eventually they would have to personally interact whoever it was outside of a phone.

"Just a warning, I don't uhm like very crowded places."


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Jul 3, 2016
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Shiro Yoshida

She'd put her number in and pass the phone back, "don't worry, I won't drag you into any big parties or anything....unless you eventually decide to try them," she'd say with a giggle. "Plenty of things to do without getting in crowds, we're in a magic city after all."

"I'm usually hanging out with my sibs, you and Tadashi would get along, he's my calm brother, our sister Tomo is a bit noisier." She'd glance at her phone, checking on the time.

"We could go get some food if you'd like," she'd grin, "the school has some good fish meals I like."



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