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The Taproom

Discussion in 'Happy Pastimes' started by Nichothedes Sayre, Jan 10, 2018.

  1. Nichothedes Sayre
    Nichothedes Sayre


    Jan 8, 2018
    Located on a small island just to the west of Manta Carlos city, The Taproom is a curious structure. It's appearance on the island (along with a dock to allow easy access to the structure itself) happened quite suddenly. Since then it's become well known for its fantastical wonders, though to most of the locals the initial popularity through novelty has faded.

    The Taproom itself presents itself as a rather modern bar, almost as if it were ripped from any old city and genlty placed on the island. Externally, it's nothing grimy or nasty, nor particularly clean either; it's just a regular old bar. However, walking inside reveals the true nature of the location, given that there's no consistent internal design. The main hall, also considered the main bar area, actually shifts to match the appearance of the tastes of the strongest personality; in cases where that cannot be decided, it will ripple between the strongest preferences (that would not offend any single patron) every five minutes. These transitions are peaceful, and after a few times through even the most easily startled person would find them to be of no particular bother.

    Beneath the main hall lies the basement. It's your standard tavern basement; wine racks, beer and liquor kegs, and an ever-present rat problem,though it never seems to effect the food or health standards; they seem to exist only within the basement itself, oddly enough.

    However, in the back of the basement, in a corner that only seems to exists if you know it's there (or if the Bartender hands you the key to it) is a small trapdoor of inconsistent sizing. Once entering through that, one will find themselves in The Grand Archives.

    The Grand Archives are an immense and innumerable group of halls, rooms, chambers, and cells, filled with all sorts of things. Some resemble traditional libraries, packed wall to wall with books, tomes, scrolls, and other methods of data-storage and recovery, while others may be ancient menageries for the collection of all sorts of beings, and others still seem to just be trap filled empty hallways to confuse those who try to enter against the wishes or whims of The Taproom himself... Some of these rooms can be incredibly anachronistic, sporting technology and architecture from civilizations long long dead to portals to places that seemingly exist in the offshoot of the future. Some who have ventured deep have even claimed that The Grand Archive may even expand into alternate dimensions and universes, though no substantial proof to the claim has ever specifically been gathered.

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