The Storm is coming


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Jul 4, 2017
That wonderful gent over there
It had been a few days now, since Cirro's parents decided to send him away. Cirro knew it was for the best, but the whole scenario still bothered him. He missed his family and his home, and still couldn't believe he was so far away and unsure of when he'd ever see them again. Everything just took place so quickly, and he knew so little about what was actually going on. All he knew, was that he was headed to a place with more people like him, and that he'd be getting a chance to learn and study other anomalies that he never knew existed. As of right now, he was headed there by boat. Sitting in the back of a fairly average but empty boat, just himself and the captain.

The captain had an eye patch, and kept quiet for most of the way there, so Cirro couldn't help but awkwardly sit there shivering for the entire trip. It was a calm and rather dull cloudy day, which would've been perfect for the boat ride, if it wasn't for the fog that seemed to get thicker the farther they went. Cirro spent a long time sitting, watching the clouds, before the captain turned and announced that they were almost there. After a long journey by road, and a longer journey by boat, Cirro couldn't wait to arrive. He wasn't sure if he was scared, or excited, or a little of both, but either way, he was curious to see the mysterious island for the first time.

When it finally came into view, nothing seemed out of the ordinary, it looked like a normal pier. He wasn't really sure what he was expecting, but there was a breath of relief that came with seeing the regular looking docks. The captain left him with a good luck, then started heading back, disappearing into the fog behind them. Cirro gave him a nervous wave and a "Thank you", as he was going.

Cirro started walking for about one minute before he realised that he had no clue where he was going. He knew absolutely nothing, in a completely foreign area with nobody he knew. The situation slowly sunk in as he went into worry mode. He didn't even see any people around to ask, or anyone at all. He'd only been there for a few minutes and he was already lost. Standing around wasn't doing him any good, so he started walking, hoping he'd eventually run into something.


The Salt Sea
Jan 30, 2016
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The Manta Carlos peirs weren't far off from the school itself, which was the primary reason most people came to the island. Theoretically, Cirro would find the boardwalk with ease, so long as he had any bit of direction, enough to follow the sign.

Tabitha had told some of the more senior members of the school that she would be willing to help some new students settle in. She was far too new and a little too young to be a hall parent or anything – not that Tabitha thought such a job would be right for her.

She'd been given no name, in particular, so she stood out in the open with a sign that read "Starlight Academy Students Here." She mentally cursed herself for not wearing her Josie get up, wondering if her appearance alone could drive someone to dive to get back onto a boat and sail as far away from here as possible. The idea made her throat tight with anxiety.

Seeing someone with a bag and looking rather lost, Tabitha waved them down and called out. "Hey! Are you a new student?" She motioned to her Academy outfit, including the little ironed on symbol that showed her class.



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