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Jun 23, 2015
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Fully titled The Silver Thread Atelier and Theatre, the shop occupies a modest warehouse space a mere four blocks off The Strip. Plate glass windows have been cut into the front of the shop, but the glass has been tinted and the blinds are almost always drawn during the day. A simple wooden sign hangs beside the door and declares whether the shop is 'open' or 'closed' instead of anything flashy and neon. A foot mat just outside the door reads "Welcome until told otherwise."

The shop proper is a simple front room with a corridor connecting to several more rooms for the various services offered.

Reception: The first area is dedicated to a reception area. A large desk sits between patrons and the corridor leading further into the building. The room has been furnished with Gothic shelves that hold simple dolls , puppets, and other crafts ready for sale. Several tables and chairs have also been set out for people to relax and chat. Favored customers may be served tea or coffee in this area.

The Stage: One room has been devoted to a small stage for performances. A few couches line the walls and a stack of cushions are available for floor seating. The stage is large enough for a one or two man show, but it's primary performers are puppets.

Doll Workshop and Storage: This large room houses equipment for creating/working on many styles of dolls, as well as the more expensive or fragile merchandise. Many project dolls are stored near the work benches, while anything completed is kept closer to the door.

Tailory: The smallest of the rooms, the tailory holds basic equipment and a couple advanced tools for making clothes. It's most often used for minor/moderate repairs and fitting adjustments for the doll clothes.

Spare rooms: Two rooms are kept clean and sparse for any aspiring artists that need temporary workspace.

Diam (Owner/Head Doll Maker)
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