The Reincarnation Clinic


The Lord of Voice Chat
Feb 16, 2018
Welcome to your new life.

The simple name of 'The Reincarnation Clinic, Manta Carlos Branch' is exactly as advertised by the basic name. A promise for guaranteed life after death, to control one's own destiny, to be reborn anew.
The Reincarnation Clinic is a business that is able to grant reincarnation to clients who decide they want to control their fate after their death. Thanks to the powers of the mysterious owner, clients are able to pay the Clinic and sign a contract which will guarantee them the capability to reincarnate, and even control what happens when they do. The cheapest and baseline offer is the simple guarantee to reincarnate, being reborn without memories or control of what species or abilities you will have. The more the reincarnation is customised, the more expensive it gets.
Customisable options include:
  • Whether the client is reincarnated as a newborn or at a different age.
  • Whether memories are kept, and even how much is remembered/forgotten.
  • The species and abilities the client is reincarnated with having.
Clients are promised utmost confidentiality, and all actions of the Clinic are fully legal and transparent. There are several options of payment to the clinic, including before or after reincarnation, promised reimbursement if the reincarnation process has undesirable consequences, and even the option to consensually end the life of the client if they so wish.

All procedures and decisions done with The Reincarnation Clinic must be signed via contract, and the client must have the contract for a minimum of 7 days to review the conditions before returning it with their final decision. Contracts can be kept in a decision process for a maximum of 93 days. Signing the contract promises that the Clinic will be paid in full. Payment can be done in full or partially prior to the reincarnation. If payment is being done after the reincarnation, the option to be a newborn and/or have no memories is no longer allowed to ensure the payment is carried through. Exceptions exist if documentation is provided promising a method of payment after death. Clients are promised full reimbursement if any complications arise, but signing the contract agrees no legal action can be taken against the clinic. In the event a client wishes to have the reincarnation process happen in a controlled manner, they must undergo a psychological evaluation before signing a contract which allows their death consensually by the clinic via an agreed upon method.
Free consultations are available to any being considered 16 or older by Manta Carlos law. If under custody of the school, or under the age of 16, the relevant guardian or parent must be notified and give permission to go get a consultation. Reincarnation is offered with full confidentiality to those 18 or over. 16 or over must have a guardian, parent or other responsible adult notified. Younger than 16 is available, but the relevant guardian or adult has to be involved in the whole process to ensure the safety and consent of the minor.

The Reincarnation Clinic is found within City Life, and has a very clean and modern building on the outside, with wide clear windows that allow outsiders to see into a tidy reception area that has free pamphlets and information on the Clinic. The reception has seats and a desk, and usually a security employee will be present in the reception area during business hours. A door leading from the reception area reveals a hall with several rooms used for consultation and evaluation, and one room that is the office for the manager that is locked most of the time. All contract and payment processes are done with an assigned consultant. A door leading to a basement stairway reveals more rooms used for payment information and records, client records, a two sterile rooms with medical equipment in the event the Clinic will be enacting the consensual death of a client. An additional security employee is in this area during business hours, and a security employee will be present in this area during closed hours.

The Reincarnation Clinic is open from 9am to 5pm on weekdays, 10am to 6pm on Saturdays, and closed on Sundays and island holidays.

Manager and Owner: Angelica Snow.

Security: Bran Owens.

Receptionists, Consultants, and additional Security members are non-named NPCs.
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