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The Busperson

Discussion in 'Archived Characters' started by lee, Nov 24, 2018.

  1. lee

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    Nov 12, 2018
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    #1 lee, Nov 24, 2018
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    Name: The Busperson
    Age: Ageless
    Birthday: The space between 31 December and 1 January
    Gender: None [They/Them but He/His/It is common]
    Species: Incomprehensible
    Category: Citizen
    Career: Bus driver

    Appearance Description:

    - Intangible except to those close to death or the dead, and the lifeless.
    - Invisible to all except for a pair of disembodied gloved hands.
    - Seem not to walk but to drift on air.
    - Busperson speaks with an unplaceable accent

    Personality Description:

    The busperson is a very mysterious character. They swear no allegiances and tend to speak in weird sentences, though they are very capable of proper speech. The Busperson is a pacifist, neutral type of creature; always watching, never participating.

    Oddly, the Busperson is a rather witty, very intelligent fellow. They just don't... seem to show it.

    Active Abilities:

    Two places at one time
    The Busperson is able to divide their consciousness unequally, creating clones of themselves that share all the properties of their main body. The Busperson can also transfer their main consciousness into any clone. Their limit is 30.
    • As part of this ability, the Busperson drives a bus tied to the realm-after-death, ferrying between the mortal world and the afterlife, as well as within the afterlife. Dead things may choose to board either their physical bus (within Manta Carlos) or the otherworld bus. The otherworld bus appears as whatever the deceased believes it to be, though its true form is currently exactly that -- a bus.

      The Busperson may not reap souls, but ferries them within their bus.
    For an equal price, the Busperson may conduct a Trade. The Trade may involve Trading a handful of coffee beans for a cup of coffee or a life for a life. The Thing-to-be-Traded-For does not need to be from of the same origins as the Traded, merely of equal value. Likewise, the Busperson can See the Value of things.

    The Bus to Nowhere
    The Busperson may teleport by stepping through folds in space and time, as well as travel between dimensions. The Busperson can also travel through time, but may not affect anything in this state.

    Passive Abilities:

    Can't touch this
    The Busperson is intangible to all except those close to death, or those who have died, and the lifeless. This means they can touch most objects, but annoyingly phase through trees. Bother.

    The Judge
    As long as the person steps onto the bus the Busperson’s main consciousness is driving, the Busdriver can (and will) get a read on all the deeds they have done in their lives. The Busperson does not (and cannot) choose whom to Judge; all who enter the bus are subject to their surveying.

    The Busperson understands all tongues, and can be understood by all peoples. An aura of sorts, that affects only those in the Busperson's general vicinity.

    Who wants to live forever
    The Busperson cannot be killed or maimed by any means. The Busperson will not die until Time itself ends. The Busperson Is, and Will Be, until nothing Can Be. What a boring existence.

    The Busperson appears as whatever the living believe them to appear as (including a regular bus captain, if they wish, uniform and all). Whether a hooded figure atop a wooden boat, or a blond-haired, blue-eyed fellow, the Busperson's outward appearance shifts to fit this expectation. To the dead or near to death, the Busperson appears in their true form as depicted above, following the same set of conditions listed.


    Can't touch this (and that, too)
    Unless the touchee in question is nearing death, or has died, or is lifeless, the Busperson cannot touch them. The Busperson cannot cause harm to anything or anyone; they are outside the flow of time, and the realm of mortality. The Busperson is a ferrier and nothing more.

    As the number of created clones increases, the Busperson's main consciousness decreases. The Busperson will never go too far so as to ensure safe driving (30) but at 30 clones, their main consciousness is just enough to safely drive a vehicle. Conversation would be out of the question.

    Sheathed blade
    The Busperson is unable to harm any creature willingly, as they themselves cannot be harmed. They are forbidden from interfering with mortal quarrels and disputes and are unable to prevent or finish them.


    - The Busperson (originally Boatperson) was "created", in a sense, at the beginning of Time. The Busperson functioned as a "ferry" between the mortal realm and the realm-after-time (ie death).
    - As the supernatural community on Manta Carlos began to grow, the Busperon was alerted to it.
    - The Busperson was drawn to the island by the expanding magical presence.
    - Arrived and set up a bus company (literally called 'The Bus Company') that attends to 10% of the city's public transport (and private bus catering).

    The Bus Company. Fleet of 30 buses.
    Money collected from public transport fees.

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