The Blank Slate

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Jul 24, 2016

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  • Business Name: Blank Slate
  • Headquarters: Manta Carlos Strip
  • Locations: Central Casino is based on the island, Daughter Site located on the Manta Carlos Space Station, Located on Select Space Vacation Ships
  • Operations: Gambling, Prostitution, Hotel, Restuarant, Retail Shopping

: The main Casino for the Blank Slate is located on the Strip among its competitors and clientele.

Dealings and Goals: Blank Slate like any business of its type has no greater goal than to take in money and make a profit. While advertisements for the casino promote community and stress relief the fact remains that if the business was bleeding funds but people were happy management would seek to correct this. Money is brought in by using the full extent of business options available on the island. Starting off as a simple gambling landscape the Blank Slate has grown in both size and dealings. Almost all locations under the Blank Slate umbrella provide the customer with boarding options, restaurant options, shopping areas, and a selection of employees to spend their time with. The large net it has cast makes it a catch-all place for clients looking to do it all.

Sphere of influence: While the business is interested in profit that doesn't stop it from philanthropic gestures by constructing new locations off-world and donating great sums of money to support groups who look to make the island a place for everyone, the good, the bad, and the rich. Having been a part of the country for most of its lifespan the Blank Slate is a common name amongst the local gamblers. Never resting on their wealth the Blank Slate also owns other forms of real estate on the island such as Apartment complexes and houses. These are usually used to house employees going through hard times but are sometimes used to shelter the unfortunate while they work with the Island to get their life back in order.

Owner: The Black Slate is owned by Ovidio Vexen, an immigrant to the island who has been raised up by some publications and media as being an example of what the island can do for the average hard worker. It is possible for people to see him around the Casino engaging with customers and making sure things are running smoothly.

OOC Opportunities: If you want a retail business you own inside the casino you are free to state your business in a comment below along with a brief description of the place. This comes with the IC agreement that the casino takes a portion of the business's revenue alongside rent money for space.

OOC Job Opportunities: Since the casino provides many services you are free to take on many positions here. If you want to be a janitor here go for it. If you want to be a table dealer be my guest. If you ask for a job I think wouldn't be in the casino then ill just message you. Though I doubt that will ever happen.
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