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Aug 4, 2013
Bat Country
Her smugness was something that, normally, would drive Lochlann absolutely insane. He would find it intolerable. It would remind him, disgustingly, of Guinevere Haze.

But maybe because Adeloise was younger, maybe it was because he was still nursing a hang over and being reassured that she was not here to bother him, her smugness instead reminded him a bit of his sister.

"Thanks," he said.

A barrier. He chewed on the inside of his cheek. He should have pressed for more details. Should have asked questions like how do I do that and would putting up eggcartons and cardboard boxes all over the place really work because that's exactly what I'm thinking about.

There were a lot of people who held grudges.

Too many.

Instead, Lochlann looked down at the phone that vibrated in his hand and said, "Your uber is here."

He wasn't sure about walking her to the car, but he did at least hold the door open and say, "It was, uh, nice meeting you.'

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Aug 6, 2014
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There had been a thanks but again, no answer to her question. He looked contemplative, as if he was trying to think about her question. Was it that hard to think if someone had a grudge on you? She couldn't think of one for herself -- then again, she was pretty sure no one could possibly hold a grudge against her. Regardless of that train of thought, Lochlann spoke again, reminding her of her ride. She would have said something -- she had already opened her mouth but no words came out. She remembered she wanted leave already. There was no use extending the conversation: she had said her piece. She went to the door when Lochlann had opened it for her. Nodding curtly, she said "Likewise. Thanks for calling the ride. I can... I can go from here,". There was slight brush of awkwardness in her voice from the abrupt end to their discussion but she wanted her sleep. Her eyes seemed to look back and forth from the door and Lochlann but it came down to the point she had to tell herself in her head leave. "I'll go now. Get rid of the ghost," she said with finality before walking out and towards the car. Being someone unfamiliar, Lochlann wouldn't have realized how odd that line was to come from her.
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