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Jude arrived on the island via a portal from his own world, being dropped in Angelo Genovese's house. While originally mistaken for an intruder, Jude was accepted fairly easily by Angelo, who he took to referring to as 'Officer Genovese'. Angelo treated him much like an adopted son, opening his home to him at least until things were sorted out.

Roa & Angelo - Jude is mistaken for a home invader
Erione - Jude begins his friendship with Erione and gets a set of busts

While the group had passed through the portal at the same time, each arrived in a different order. Within a few weeks, all but Blade had arrived, and the group resigned themselves to the fact that her lack of powers would make it hard for her to reach the island at all. Three weeks after they group had arrived, they received a message that they'd picked up someone else from Halcyon City. Rather than Blade, it was instead Broen, an on-again-off-again villain they'd faced several times. While initially wary, Jude warmed quickly to Broen. Despite his rough and rather dickish demeanor, Jude didn't believe Broen would do anything actually evil, and was happy to have another person from home around.

Rory - Jude reconciles with Rory after her arrival
Janelle - Jude helps Janelle move in with them
Broen - Jude goes to meet Blade and finds Broen instead

Jude, Janelle, and Rory moved in with Officer Genovese, with Jude working on adapting to life as a normal student. The appearance of Altizica threw a wrench into things. While others believed him to be harmless, the similarities between Altizica and the being that had consumed Jude's world were too much for Jude, and Jude launched a series of elaborate plans in order to ensure Altizica would not be a threat.

Altizica - Jude visits Altizica to learn more about eldritch things
Mallory - Jude completed his remedial history education

Realizing that Broen's powers had been turned off by the power-nullifying metal bits inside his body, Jude worked with Ralf to help filter metal out of his body, allowing him to restore his lost powers. The two situations collided when Altizica challenged Broen to a fight in the arena, with Jude sneaking into Altizica's house late at night to severe his connection to the eldritch being that he was a small part of.

Broen - Jude debuts the Broen Strainer, as designed by Ralf
Rory - Jude and Rory discuss the straining situation
Altizica - Jude makes Altizica human in the aftermath of his fight with Broen

Jude succeeded, leaving Altizica separate from his larger self. Jude was briefly grounded by Angelo (having helped himself to some supplies), but was allowed to participate in the space colony VR over the weekend. Rory pleaded his case, getting him off the hook with Angelo, and Jude did his best to return to normality. He ended up working things out with Rory, culminating in the two briefly kissing... which knocked Jude out for several days. The kiss lead to a revelation for Jude: That while he liked Rory, it was more of a as-a-sister thing than true romance, allowing him to move on.

Angelo - Jude gets super busted by Angelo after sneaking out
Rory - Jude gets introspective about his feelings for Neve after the VR, and his general hesitance about making decisions
Rory & Angelo - Jude gets kissed by Rory, which knocks him clean out
Rory - Jude and Rory talk about what happened the night before, and Jude accepts he likes Rory more as a friend than anything else

August led to a number of major changes for Jude. Concerned that he kept freezing up when making major decisions, he sought out Broen for, of all things, life advice. Broen accepted their little deal, with Jude saying he'd tell Broen what powers to steal if he needed it. He started searching for a part time job, putting in resumes before working up the nerve to ask Broen to spend the night with him. From there, things went rapidly up and then rapidly down: He cashed in his deal with Broen when he realized Xander's powers could help free Broen from the metal in his brain, and then got to help him (along with the rest of the Defiant) literally cut it out of himself.

Rory - Jude confesses to Rory he likes Broen, and struggles some more with his inability to make a solid choice
Broen - Jude chooses the weirdest person to go to for advice, asking Broen how to get over his fear of failure, and then confesses he thinks Broen's attractive
Broen - Jude visited Broen at his new house, hooked up with him, and generally learned a lot about himself
Rory - Jude caught Rory up with what had been going on in his life
Broen, Travis, & Rory - Jude, Rory, and Travis helped angle-grind the metal out of Broen's head, returning his powers fully to him

The very next day Jude sat down for a job interview at Woodland Imports, getting the job as Zoraida del Bosque's personal assistant on the spot. It was hard to work around his school schedule, but the pay was good, and Zora was particularly accommodating, no doubt in small part due to his powers.

Zora - Jude did a job interview with Woodland Imports, getting hired on as Zoraida's personal assistant
Rory - Jude told Rory about his new job, and talked with her about Gultha things
Zora - Jude filled Zora in on some security concerns, and eventually learned Broen was her head of security

Jude attended the start of the Year of the Gods, visiting the 'Graduation Party'. While largely uneventful, Jude did stare into the see-your-crush-scrying-pool, seeing Broen, and then was alarmed when the lights suddenly went out, causing him to cling to Travis. At the end of the party, Jude and Zora went off to talk to each other, both revealing that they saw Broen in the pool. Jude advised her, but then decided to take his own advice. The following day, eager to put himself out there, he asked Alma Malivani out, expecting a no. To his intense surprise, he got a yes, leaving Jude reeling and totally caught off guard. A few days later, they went on their first date, and entered a relatively normal relationship.

Broen, Travis, & Rory - Jude and the Defiant text about the Graduation party and formally induct Broen into the group
Aren - Jude and Aren talk about Giltenn
Zora - Jude and Zora have a heart to heart about what they saw at the party
Travis - Jude talks to Travis about Broen... but mostly the fact that Zora liked him
Rory - Jude fills Rory in on what happened at the party and the mess with Zora
Travis - Jude sought something more lighthearted, and practiced his powers with Travis
Zora - Jude teaches Zora to shoot a gun
Group - Jude meets the other seniors as he prepares for his final year of high school
Alma - Jude and Alma go on their first date

In late August, Woodland Imports was attacked by dozens of heavily armed men. The situation was kill or be killed, and Jude was caught completely unarmed and unprepared. Literally fighting for his life, Jude killed two people in the conflict, as well as asking Angelo to shoot Broen, freeing him from the Headmasters possession. Jude was admitted to the hospital, shaken but suffering only minor bruises.

Zora & Broen - Jude's workplace comes under attack
Broen, Zora, Travis & Rory - Jude is discharged from the hospital and visits Broen

In the aftermath, Jude left his job at Woodland Imports, refusing to speak again to Zora, who he blamed partially for what had happened. Trying to distract himself from what had happened, Jude threw himself into everything but dealing with the situation. He joined the Game of Divine Rights, meeting several Regalia and competing in a massive number of challenges. He went on a new date with Alma. He participated in--and won--the Student Council Elections. But with the good came the bad: He also had a major blowout with his best friend, which resulted in him cutting her off entirely.

Rory - Jude and Rory talk about what happened at Woodland Imports
Travis - Jude and Travis talk about the aftermath
Zora - Jude resigns from Woodland Imports, laying into Zora in the process
Violeta - Jude gets to know Violeta, another senior
Rory - Jude and Rory talk after Jude learned Rory
Ezra - Jude meets Ezra at the school, learning more about their circumstances
Broen - Jude talks with Broen about the loss of his powers
Broen & Rory - Jude enters the Game of Divine Rights
Cornelius - Jude talks with Cornelius about the Game of Divine Rights
Blade - Jude meets Blade at the docks, completing the team for the first time in ages
Blade & Travis - Jude brings Blade home, reuniting her with Travis
Malara - Jude and Malara play a game, and Jude meets Eternal Summer
Alexis - Jude and Alexis play a game
Rory - Jude and Rory play a game
Rory - Jude finds out Rory is getting a power bracelet, and the two have a blowout, ending their friendship
Schrodinger's Cat - Jude meets Annie Oakley and pacts with her
Lucianne - Jude meets Lucianne, one of the tournament proctors, by chance
Iggy - Jude meets Wolfgang and pacts with him
Lucianne - Jude pacts with Lucianne
Self - Angelo gives his speech for the election
Liliana - Jude and Liliana post posters up as part of both the elections and tournament
Elisa - Jude and Elisa talk, and Jude becomes unnerved as a result
Alma - Jude and Alma take a break from elections to talk
Donnny - Jude takes Annie to Donny's gun shop, gaining the ability to summon guns of his own
Alexis - Jude meets Gyan and pacts with him
Celeste - Jude and Celeste play a game
KirMir - Jude and KirMir play a game, during which he meets Aria. He has a bit of a breakdown, and abandons the game early
Alma - Jude talks with Alma about his concerns with Elisa, and shows a strangely vicious streak
Elisa - Jude confronts Elisa with the truth
Broen - Jude confesses to Broen that he has feelings for him, but knows it won't be reciprocated. Broen confides in Jude about what his life was like for him
Liliana - Jude wins the election, but passes the presidency to Liliana, second guessing himself

Nearing the end of September, Jude began to slow down. The elections were over, but Jude was struggling to find things to do with his time. He completed schoolwork well ahead of time, but also began to visit the range regularly, having gained the ability to summon firearms from Annie Oakley, one of his pacted Regalis.

Kaliyan - Jude and Kaliyan play a game
Jo - Jude and Jo play a game
Chloe - Jude asks Chloe for advice on Elisa, and decides that doing nothing is the best option
Asteria & Ezra - Jude visits Asteria, and ends up learning about the truth of Ezra's past
Steven - Jude meets Steven in the library and the two hit it off
Augustus - Jude plays a game with Augustus and loses, although he feels Augustus cheated a bit
Elisa - Jude meets and pacts with a regalia that grants super speed

At the end of September, Jude participated in the Year of the Gods Maze event, organized by Mister September. He was teamed up with Dalia and Zora, and to his surprise he ended up winning a wish as his prize. His wish was obvious, but 'saving my world' was a bit too big. Instead, Miss August delivered a letter to his father. For Jude, it was a way of saying goodbye, convinced his father was already dead, the world destroyed. Instead, it reached him, and with the help of the letter the remaining survivors were able to send scouts through. Clarence arrived on the island, and with Jude's help they managed to work with Idar, god of portals, in order to open a portal to Halcyon City and allow for an evacuation.

Anh Sang, Xera, Zora, & Dalia - Jude wins the Maze, and uses his wish to give a letter to Basilio
Clarence - Jude is surprised to find Clarence arriving on the island, and is excited to realize his letter went through

Jude was reunited with his father, Basilio, but at the cost of his relationship with Giltenn. His father was still bonded with Adraxis, and Giltenn was unwilling to so much as be in the same room as him. Jude considered it a small price to pay, and spent the next few weeks in perpetual bliss, reconnecting with his father. He learned the truth about his father's work, and adapted to life without Giltenn. While they made plans to move into their own place, Jude gave serious thought to being Angelo again, and began to ask people to use that name for him. He started hanging out with Xavier and Gabe, two people who had jumped over from Halcyon City, and near the end of the month started dating Gabe alongside Alma.

Basilio - Jude helps evacuate the Halcyonites, and reunites with his father for the first time in a year. Giltenn literally abandons him, leaving Jude armless
Lucianne - Jude and Lucianne go to the shooting range
Frederick - Jude confronts Frederick, well aware of what he's capable of doing
Alma - Jude visits Alma at her home, and talks about his past
Elisa - Jude drops by Elisa's birthday party, but doesn't linger
Gabe - Jude and Gabe go on a date
Gabe - Jude and Gabe talk about physical affection
Zora - Jude reconciles with Zora for Broen's sake
Broen - Jude talks to Broen after he storms out of the community center, mostly talking about Frederick and Broen's anxiety over it

While October had been an overwhelmingly positive note, it ended on a bad note. On the 29th, a student dumped holy water on Chloe Black, and the following day Jude heard the truth--that it was Xavier who'd done it. Jude struggled to come to terms with it, but the information he heard from the other boy was lies at worst and a confusing mess at best. Under a week later, Xavier drowned, and before Jude could even get a handle on that, returned to life as an apparent mermaid. Jude confronted him, and when Xavier changed his story, placing the blame on someone else, Jude cut him off, refusing to speak to him again.

Xavier - Jude texts Xavier after the fact, asking for an explanation. He doesn't really get one
Chloe & Nonabtaob - Jude checks in with Chloe to make sure she's alright
Liliana, Elisa, Yasmin, & Alma - Jude and the Student Council talk about Xavier's situation
Gabe - Jude and Gabe wait for Dani to wake up in the hospital
Xarrah - Jude confides in Xarrah about his suspicions about Xavier
Xavier & Gabe - Jude gets a call from Gabe and goes down to find mer-Xavier. The two have a huge blowout fight, and Jude storms out
Gabe - Jude and Gabe talk it out after Jude storms off, and Jude reveals a lot about his past and his relationship with his father and with secrets to Gabe
Chloe - Jude texts Chloe about Xavier, letting her know about Michael
Smokey - Jude and Smokey talk about eldritch stuff
Basilio - Jude and Basilio talk about Basilio's plans for a restaurant

Mid-November also gave an unexpected resolution. Broen had been continually bothered by the presence of his abusive father on the island, and Jude and Zora made up in order to help him with it. Attempting to mediate lead to a confrontation, and Frederick snapped, beating Broen so badly he almost killed him. That lead to Frederick's arrest, and to Broen relaxing considerably despite his injury.

Broen & Zora - Jude waits with Broen for Zora to return from visiting Frederick, and talks with them about what to do
Broen & Frederick - Jude goes with Broen to confront his father, and things go south. Broen is severely injured, and Frederick is arrested
Broen & Zora - Jude goes to the hospital for his injury, and visits Broen in his hostpial room
Basilio - Jude sneaks home to try and avoid alarming his father. He does his best to insist he's just fine

Shortly after Frederick was arrested, Armourer finally got back to Jude that he was ready to install his new arm. Over the course of a week, Jude was poked, prodded, and finally had his new robotic arm installed, but not without a lot of pain.

Self - Jude gets his new arm installed
Elisa - Jude runs into Elisa while at school
Alma - Jude shows off his new arm to Alma
Honey Drop - Jude is called out by the pink slime, who mistakes him for the other Angelo
Cornelius & Aria - Jude is selected as the participant of the tournament who persevered the most, and has to explain himself to Aria in order to gain his pocket dimensions

December was, more than anything else, peaceful. Jude began to properly transition to being Angelo once more, and took up an apprenticeship in artificing with Asteria. He moved into a new apartment with his dad, and shared a happy Christmas with friends and family.

Zora - Angelo and Zora go christmas shopping to get gifts for Basilio
Asteria - Angelo asks Asteria to teach him how to artifice
Smokey - Angelo gets Smokey's help with making a gift
Leeroy - Angelo finds Leeroy's powers to be similar to DeadManSwitch's, and talks to him about them

In late January, Angelo was briefly involved in the kidnapping of December of the Twelve. When an ice spire appeared, he headed in to attempt to rescue those trapped inside. He escaped in the end, but not before blowing out his ear drums. Sullen and withdrawn, Angelo decided he needed to do something to channel his energy, and asked his father for advice. Eventually, he decided to go into politics, and started to move towards that.

Basilio - Angelo talks with Basilio while deaf, and asks for advice about what he should do in the future
Erione - Angelo asks Erione for advice about being a good person

During February, Angelo got a letter from Broen, letting Angelo know he was leaving the island for a while and asking Angelo to bother Frederick for him. He met up with Zora the next day, talking with her about his plans to visit Frederick.

Zora - Angelo talks with Zora about Broen's departure from the island
Blade - Angelo tries to catch up with Blade, but finds her unwilling to really talk

In March, Angelo resolved himself to take the presidency for student council in his final year of highschool. Knowing he wouldn't likely have time during his college years, he focused his time on making himself as presentable as possible, but he needn't have tried so hard. At the same time, he approached Jericho for help with his powers, learning a bit more about his efficiency skill, but also gaining the ability to speed read in exchange for a secret. Confessing to his fear, Jericho encouraged him to talk to someone about it.

Self - Angelo gives his student council speech focused on disaster preparedness
Aisha - Angelo comforts Aisha after she's disqualified from the elections for underage drinking
Mari - Angelo talks with another student council representative
Sprinkles - Angelo interviews with the mass media club about his election platform
Evie - Angelo gets an irritating visitor at work
Masami - Angelo talks to Masami after his big fight and wishes him well
Jericho - Angelo goes to Jericho for help with his powers, and gains the ability to speed read

Angelo has therapy with a new therapist, Aeron Douglas, who gave him some good advice. He suggested Angelo write a letter to Breakneck, giving him some closure. Angelo decided to take it one step farther, going on a trip to Halcyon City, destroyed as it was. At the same time, he began regularly visiting the islets, meeting Isstar there.

Isstar - Angelo meets Isstar for the first time on the islets
Aeron - Angelo goes to therapy on Jericho's suggestion
Diego - Angelo catches Diego stealing supplies, and confronts him about Diego avoiding him
Jasmine - Angelo speaks to his maybe-daughter-from-another-dimension
Smokey - Angelo gets a visit from Smokey, and talks about his concerns about his relationship with Alma
Blair - Angelo chats with a new face in the library

Angelo's trip to Halcyon on April 25th was far from uneventful. While there, he discovered two clones of Breakneck, but it was what was waiting for him back in Manta Carlos that was the bigger issue. While Angelo had been gone, his best friend Broen had killed himself, sending Angelo into a spiral that left him unwilling to leave the house for several days. When he was well enough, he handled Broen's affairs, including angrily confronting Zora about what had happened, cutting ties entirely. A week after Broen's death, he hosted a funeral, inviting Broen's roommate Hwum along.

Broen - Angelo tells Broen about his dad, and Broen confesses to how he feels
Baste & Kon - Angelo gives a tour to a new student
Blade & Apri - Angelo returns to Halcyon city to say goodbye
Self - Angelo gets Broen's affairs in order
Zora - Angelo and Zora talk about Broen's death, and the entire thing goes poorly
Hwum, Travis, & Group - Angelo host's Broen's funeral

In the aftermath of Broen's funeral, Angelo realized Blade was avoiding them, tracking them down at their dorm. He discovered they were missing an eye, and learned they'd become a murderous vigilante. He brought Travis in, and the two managed to convince Blade to turn themselves in.

WYSPR - Angelo talks about Blade's secret
Xavier - Angelo goes to visit Blade, and runs into Xavier at the islets instead
Kon - Angelo offers advice on acting professional
Group - Angelo attends his high school graduation
Kon, Riley, & Aranea - Angelo investigates the rumors by exploring the forbidden forest
Relationship with Alma: Angelo started dating Alma in late august, but has been taking it slow. He has some concerns about how things will work in the long term, considering their opposite opinions, and is struggling with his feelings about her shapeshifting.

Prison Visits: After meeting Daenmor and learning a bit more about the islets, it occurred to Angelo that most people who were inside didn't have anyone to visit them. He ended up speaking with Lucy of the Starlight Helper's club about how viable an idea it is, and is visiting Isstar in prison as a test.

Student Council: After spending his first time in vice presidency, Angelo went all in and won the presidency. He's currently working towards setting up some disaster preparedness classes for the school.

Graduation: After working through most of his senior year at a normal pace, Angelo's decided to double down. He's going to be testing out of classes, dropping extraneous electives, and speeding through his final year. He hopes to get a bachelor's within a year.

Blade's Secret: After feeling like he'd been neglecting his friendship with Blade, Angelo sought her out. However, he got the distinct impression she wasn't really opening up to him, leaving Angelo feeling put out and frustrated. He wants to help her open up and settle in on the island, but has no ideas how.

Therapy: Angelo's been trying to accept his issues, but that's easier said than done. He's talked to a therapist about it, and now he's trying to take solid steps to improve himself.

Broen's Death: Broen killed himself suddenly, and he's left Angelo spinning in the aftermath. He's still trying to sort out all his feelings, and taking it slow overall.
ICC Logs

Ongoing Threads
Carmin - Angelo finds an unconscious plant (Aug 2019)

Vinna - Jude gets therapy (July 2018, Dropped)
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Shale - Jude and Shale practice cooking (August 2018, Dropped)
Xaviosz - Jude finds Xaviosz crying (August 2018, Retconned)
Sark - Jude and Sark practice languages (September 2018, Retconned)
Aren - Jude briefly falls into a dream of sorts with Aren, and then backs off on their friendship, overwhelmed (September 2018, Retconned)
Travis - Jude and Travis talk about his relationship with Rory (September 2018, Dropped)
Eleanor - Jude goes to art class with a new student (November 2018, Dropped)
Alma & Iggy - Jude, Alma, and Iggy practice their powers with each other (November 2018, Dropped)
Gabe - Jude shows Gabe to his new apartment (November 2018, Dropped)
Raella - Angelo meets his secret santa (December 2018, Dropped)
Basilio - Angelo gives Basilio his christmas gifts (December 2018, Dropped)
Xarrah - Angelo talks with Xarrah about LK (December 2018, Dropped)
Lucy - Angelo talked to Lucy about islets outreach (March 2019, Dropped)
Aranea - Angelo tries to get into scouting (May 2019, Dropped)
Xavier - Angelo goes to Xavier's rescue (July 2019, Retconned)
Alma - Angelo checks in on Alma after she's arrested (Sept 2019, Dropped)
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Angelo Genovese (Romi): The Angelo Genovese who is native to Manta Carlos. When Jude first arrived on the island, Angelo was the one who took him in, acting as an older brother figure. They have a lot in common, but they also have plenty of differences. He trusts the other Angelo, and refers to him as 'Sergeant Genovese' any time there might be confusion. He visits him semi-regularly.

Basilio Genovese (Kada): Angelo's father. While their relationship was distant growing up, the destruction of Halcyon City and the reveal of all their secrets has done plenty to repair their relationship. Angelo would literally take a bullet for him without even thinking about it, and he trusts his father implicitly... even though his father used to run the mafia and be an actual super villain.

Roa Asiel (Max!!): Sergeant Genovese's ward. Angelo treats him like a cousin, having lived with him for the first few months he spent on Manta Carlos. He's become a bit more distant since he moved out, but he still sees Roa semi-regularly.

Travis "Kaiju" King (Max!!): Another member of the defiant. Travis has always been a good friend to Angelo, but it wasn't until Manta Carlos and Angelo lost Rory as a friend that they became really close. He's the responsible one, and the one who's adjusted the best to the island.

Blade (Bijou): The final member of the Defiant, and the last to arrive on the island. Angelo struggles with helping them adjust to the island, and is doing his best to get Blade to open up to him. She hasn't, and Angelo feels that he's on the outs with her.

Godfrey Broen (Kada): Broen was not originally a member of the defiant, but instead an enemy of the team. Since coming to Manta Carlos, they've gone from casual acquaintances to friends to closer than that. Angelo would describe Broen as his best friend, and he's doing his best to be there for him, even though Broen has so much to go through.

Alma Malivani (Kada): Angelo's girlfriend since late August. Their relationship is poly and largely open, and while Angelo doubts how viable it would be in the long term, he's enjoying it for what it is. Alma's good support, although he worries he's going too slowly for her.

Erione (PixelatedGlory): Erione was one of the first people on the island to really reach out, and Angelo considers the glass busts Erione gave him some of his most valuable possessions. Angelo admires Erione's relaxed nature, and has asked him for advice in the past.

Vega Gendrake (Max!!): A friend of Angelo's, and his gateway into all things dragon. He thinks Vega's hoard is amusing, but sees Vega a fair bit around Senior events.

Iggy Hughes (Max!!): Alma's other boyfriend, but not Angelo's own. The two get along well, and while Iggy isn't Angelo's type, they are good friends.

Zaydri "Smokey" Kaliné (Keen): Another friend of Angelo's, and the one he goes to for most non-human stuff. They're close with Roa, which adds an extra dimension to their friendship.

Altizica (Arcadia): Despite Altizica's attempts to be friendly, his similarities to Phokrus, the monster Angelo believed ate his home world, put Angelo off immediately. When Altizica acted more erratic, Angelo outright plotted his downfall, and ended up cutting Altizica off from his larger eldritch self. While he's no longer actively hostile towards Alitizca, Angelo doesn't particularly like him either.

Eli(sa) Pelham (Schrodinger's Cat): Angelo met Eli several times before he first met Elisa. Originally not realizing the two were the same person, he competed with Elisa in the elections and more or less blackmailed her into revealing her secret, aware she was doing something sketchy. He apologized for sticking his nose in, and she seems to have totally forgiven him, even inviting him to their birthday. He finds her weird, but not bad.

Xavier "Vortex" Joiner (WuffyWuff): Another Halcyonite, although not one Angelo had a huge relationship with beforehand. Angelo considered him a friend right up until the point that Xavier dumped a bucket of Holy Water on Chloe. While Angelo attempted to make things better, Xavier's insistence on lying to him meant that Angelo ended up cutting him off entirely.

Zoraida del Bosque (Zora): Angelo has a storied history with Zora which has gone rapidly up and down. He was briefly Zora's personal assistant before their workplace was attacked, at which point he placed a large part of the blame on her. Her starting to date Broen, and the two working together during the maze put them back on good terms, although Angelo generally thinks she's naive. Now that Broen's left her, Angelo doesn't consider her particularly close.
Aeron Douglas (Kada): Angelo's therapist. He's only had one session, but Aeron reminds him a lot of his father in a good way.

Archer Steel (Max!!): The Manta Carlos doppelganger of a super villain from Halcyon. Angelo thinks he's nicer than the original... probably.

Diego Alvaro (EmiRose): A Halcyonite, but not one Angelo's close to. Despite being Gabe's best friend, Diego has always gone out of his way to avoid Angelo, and it remains a constant point of confusion to Angelo, despite his attempts to confront the problem.

Evie Everson (Lotharingia): Angelo doesn't know what to make of Evie. She acts friendly at times, but tends to get on his nerves at others. He likes to think they might have been friends once, but also recognizes he's way too wound up for that now.

Hwum Roch'der (EmiRose): Broen's old roommate. Despite having only met after his passing, Angelo considers her a friend and is doing his best to keep in touch, even if he can't text her.

Isstar Rukt'In (WuffyWuff): A young clone that Angelo met during his visits to the islets. He thinks he's going to need a lot of help, but has a soft spot for him.

Jasmine Kennedy (Kada): The maybe Angelo from another dimension. Angelo is of the opinion that both Jasmine and her father share elements in common with him and Sergeant Genovese, and thinks they'll get along generally.

Jericho the Fox (Bloos): A wish granting magic fox who... helped Angelo refine his powers a bit. Angelo can't help but be embarrassed around him, since he admitted a particularly horrific secret to get his powers. He didn't think he'd be bothered so much, but he is.

KirMir Preidats (PixelatedGlory): While Jude originally had no strong feelings towards KirMir, his interest in weapons spiked Angelo's interest. KirMir, unfortunately, gave Angelo a bit of a traumatic flashback during a match, and Angelo feels awfully embarrassed about the whole thing now.

Lucy Zebaal (Max!!): Angelo likes Lucy. He swears. He just finds their appearance extremely unnerving, something he's trying to get over.

Masami Itou (Kada): Angelo likes Masami, even if on the surface they don't have much in common. Masami has a penchant for dispensing sage wisdom, and when he won his big fight, Angelo gave him a good luck charm and wished him well.

Minikuiko Kobayashi (Sashi): Angelo was originally quite friendly and sympathetic, until he walked in on Mini with her bandages off. Deeply uncomfortable at the horrific burn scars, he hastily left the room and does his best to avoid her out of embarrassment.

Shale Forestier (Goblin): Despite being nearly the same age, Angelo views Shale as his junior, and thinks of him as someone who needs looking out for.
Relationships that haven't yet been noted down elsewhere.

Arcadia: Altizica, Aren, Barry, Daniella, Gelk, Malek, Selkris, Vaulet
ArcanaFate: Finley
Ashes: Maori
Ballerina: Juniper, Klef, Lucas, Tag, Ursa
Beloved: Live
Bijou: Sweetpea
Bloos: Baeye, Estella, Francisco, Ghum, Jafar, Julian, Kalik, Lynn, Myri'nza, Riley, Ronnie, Samson, Vasha
Boop: Amy'canum, Azu, Chameleon, Caramel, Cikňi, Eek, Gaza, Gyth, Ishvi, Jo, Kasper, Maarab, Michael, Minnie, River, Svetlana
Cypress: Destin
Dean: Geo, Maxim
EmiRose: Agnes, Aluin, Ava, Buttercup, Brunhild, Charlie, Chiu, Cosette, Dragomir, Eve, Fehralyn, Helena, Jacota, Lefeu, Magdalene, Pon, Rada, Ria, Scirheah, Shades, Shul, Thabisa, Thiul, Tomomi, Xavi
Emy: Cornelius
Ephemral: Albert, Amlydhri, Lockris, Malka, Dick, Seven, Sifa, Yuna
FennWenn: Fennik, Kaliste, Kiyomi
Fudge: Alex, Cassidy
Goblin: Azalea, Graham, Izziel, Jazz, Jii, Maki, Morgan, Natsuki, Phoenix, Remy, Riley, Rowan, Silje, Tai, Tak, Vexi
Kada: Anastasia, Bertrand, Caissa, Clement, Daenmor, Dalia, Eilonwy, Emmett, Gask, Hella, Jeremiah, Kalyca, Malara, Morrigan, Phoebe, Pietro, Robert, Roldan, Sam, Shara, Teagan, Valentine, Ysolda, Zoe
Kait: Aranea, Chloe, Eric, Fweiu, Ganymede, Maddie, Ozerchabal, Raphael, Regina, Riley
Kaya: Vorvindur
Keen: Ade, Anrong, Arjean, Beatrice, Centi, Ebviony, Henghai, Junchi, Konpeito, Nebula, Rei, Remi, Takisu, Tamago, Yasmin
Kyp: Oaksprout, Sinaloa
Lain: Adalheida, Eurys, Gudian, Reia
Lich King: Aros, Irso
Lucidity: Alison, Ama / Aimouryllice, Callum, Gemma, Jennifer, Nova, Rosalee
Marie: Addy, Dorothea, Isaac, Jamie, Whisp, Xarrah
Max!!: Alain, Alaric, Alex, Alvin, Arda, Azure, Bal, Cami, Destra, Eon, Elena, Fang, Felix, Frysta, Gwyn, Ira, Kenrick, Leon, Loveless, Lugh, Marric, Milo, Nathan, Orsick, Regis, Rigel, Saburra, Sazz, Shir, Silver, Simon, Straga, Thaniturge, Theo, Titus, Vincent
Mint: Carmin
Nameless: Albert, Dulce, Helmut, Maya
Nevin: Nevin
Next52: Roman "Rom"
Nicole: Abigale, Diana, Neo, Stacey, Thomasin
NPCs: Akechi, December, February, January, November, October, September
Pallas: Aedes, Amber, Ankh, Candle, Iesha, Pallavi, Patty
PixelatedGlory: Alexis, Aria, Askuwheteau, Aura, Colten, Ebbie, Felen, Fulger, Irene, Kaliyan, Lycia, Quie, Tadashi, Tril, Violeta
Porky: Aubrey, Cyril, Loralei, Lyric, Marigold
Rune: Kieran
Saber: Aaron, Armis, Eein, Ezekiel, James, Liam, Lucan, Shiro
Sashi: Abia, Aisha, Alice, Cecete, Ivanka, Minikuiko
Schrodinger's Cat: Aaen, Amalia, Anita, Asano, Augustus, Mallory, Marcus
StarlightSnail: Arthesia
Steven: Steven
Unseen: Lewis, Unseen
Wolfie: Abby, Corey, Halcyon, Honua, Jake
WuffyWuff: Ailbhe, Auris, Dani, Endrit, Faruq, Galen, Garrick, Haven, Jay, Kekoa, Liun, LK, Morgan, Nether, Oswald, Peregrine, Rene, Sark, Shades, Yukirabelle, Zach
Zora: Celeste, Liliana, Sterling

Asteria Vrall (ArcanaFate): Ezra's guardian, and a friend of Angelo's. She taught him artificing, but left the island abruptly.

Clarence Voyage (Kada): A friend of Angelo's from Halcyon, and one of the people who helped bringing the other Halcyon refugees over. Angelo thinks he's a sweet guy, if a bit shy. Angelo has been keeping his distance from him in order to avoid drawing attention to Giltenn.

Dawn Mcewan (Skuking): Angelo is not a fan of Dawn. He thinks she's skeezy, trying to buy drugs, bullying Xander, and cozying up to people who were super underage.

Donny Damascus (Max!!): The owner of a local gun shop. Angelo went and felt up all his guns, and while he thinks he's so shady, he actually thinks he's kind of nice. Angelo also knows his daughter, Alice.

Eroshay "Shay" (Sarrain): Sergeant Angelo's other ward, although Shay had already moved out by the time Angelo had moved in with him. He thinks she's... really weird, and probably crazy.

Ezra Vrall (ArcanaFate): Despite being only a bit younger (or perhaps a billion years older), Angelo treats Ezra a lot like a little sibling. He loves the hugs they give, and is quick to answer their questions. Asteria shared Ezra's secret with them, which is a large cloud looming over him.

Florinda Vibrante (Kada): Flo is the Manta Carlos equivalent of someone he knew back in Halcyon, and Angelo is forever thrown off by that fact.

Gabriel "Ent" Vega (ArcanaFate): A Halcyonite, and one Angelo had met as a villain back at home. When they came to the island, they became fast friends, and Angelo ended up dating him for a few months. Gabe became too busy with his mother's shop, and the two split up amicably but were intent on staying friends.

Janelle Thompson (Keen): Another member of the defiant. Janelle is kind of the kid sister of the group, and as a result the one Angelo is the least close to. He doesn't feel they have a ton in common, and he largely feels that she's moved on to her own life and friends.

Lorelai "Rory" Phillips (Sarrain): Rory was a member of the defiant, and for a long time was Angelo's closest friend. But their friendship was toxic, with multiple major fights, and in September the two had a major blowout, ending their friendship at last. Angelo cut her out of his life, and he hasn't seen her since.

Lucianne Lovejoy (Emy): One of Angelo's bonded Regalia. The two are friends, and getting to know each other.

Maisie Belle (Lucidity): Maisie's a real sweet girl, and pretty unlike anyone Angelo knew from home. He knows she's got a boyfriend and is sensitive about it, but she's also offered to help teach him to cook.

Mallory Willshire (Schrodinger's Cat): Angelo's one-time history teacher, who helped catch him up with Manta Carlos history.

Neve (Lucidity): In the VR, Angelo was really into Nissa. Once he'd woken up? Well, things were a bit more confusing then that. He found she acted very childish, and it left Angelo with confused feelings about whether or not he liked her.

Ralf Drakenhardt (Bloos): Despite Ralf being much older, Angelo is a friend of his after the two of them both ended up with access to Gilltenn. Ralf's tutored him through quite a few things.

Xera Heath (Goblin): Angelo is fond of Xera, and treated her a bit like a little sister. Over the months, Angelo felt that Xera changed, maturing past him and simply outgrowing him.
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