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Mar 24, 2018
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Gwen Stacy by Q Tori


Thabisa Imka


January 16th




High School


-170cm; 5'7"
-Rather petite, has decent curves, big hands, has scars that go around her wrists. Has a tattoo of a monstrous wolf on her upper left arm.
-Pretty cute, has a rounded face and button nose. Blue, hooded eyes, thick dark eyebrows, has a piercing on her right eyebrow
-Has naturally brown hair, dyes it blonde. Has a buzz on the right side of her head, jaw length everywhere else.
-Usually wears hoodies or bomber jackets, graphic t-shirts and ripped jeans, has yellow and pink converse shoes that aren't any known model, they are from the future.

Sassy to an extent, speaks sarcasm well
Says it like it is
If you become her friend she'll poke at you but always have your back
Takes care of the number one
Tends to overthink things
Bit paranoid
Doesn't take any shit
Can't stand idiots
Tendency to overconfidence
Weak towards dirty jokes. Doesn't make them though

Magic Gemstones: Thabisa has two magic gemstones, time gem and space gem, that allow her to dimension jump. Thabisa herself doesn't have any magic powers, but the gems have their own magic and thanks to that they allow even a magicless user to travel across time and space. The gemstones themselves aren't just normal magic tools, and they are indestructible. They choose their user, and if they stray further than 20 meters away from their current owner they will teleport back to them instantly. The nature of the gems is unclear, but if they are especially attached to an owner even if they are stolen or used by another person they might still teleport back to their previous owner.
The dimension jumping can't be done at just any time, but it requires special kind of situation and positioning of the gemstones. The gemstones inform their current user of this situation and positioning through visions, that are similar to the deja vu phenomenon.

-Déjà Vu: Sometimes, at random times and occasions, Thabisa will feel the feeling of déjà vu. And right after getting that feeling she will know exactly what will happen during the next 10 or so seconds. With that deja vu Thabisa will instinctively know, what she has to do in order to dimension jump with the gemstones. What is needed to be done to jump is completely random, and sometimes involves even ridiculous positions or actions. For example to jump it maybe be needed to hold one gem between your teeth and hold the other one directly behind your head and jump up and down three times with your left leg. All that is known about the jumping is, that the person using the gemstones is always positioned between them in some way when jumping.
The dimension to which the individual travels to can be left for the gems to decide, in which case they merely jump to the dimension nearest to the user. But it is possible to choose the dimension to which you want to travel to. When a person jumps with the gemstones they are prone to losing consciousness and leaving the destination to the gemstones. But if you have strong enough mental fortitude you can stay conscious, in which case you will end up in a kind of space in between dimensions. It's a place with no clear geography, merely an empty space with thick mist and distant floating lights. Each floating light is a dimension, and if a person looks at a light for long enough they see random glimpses of the dimension, and if they walk towards it and reach for it they will jump to that dimension.
A person cannot stay in this space for longer than 5 minutes, and after that they will jump to the dimension that's closest to them at that moment.

Recharging: The gems have their own magic, but even they run out eventually. How fast the gems regain their magic power largely depends on their current owner. The bigger the owner's magic power faster the gems can recharge. On their own it takes the gems about 5 years to recharge from 0% to 100%, and with every year they gain 20% of their power back. If the gems are drained all the way to 0% the gems cannot be used for dimension jumping until they're back at 100%. They can, however, be used individually, but each time they are used individually it also saps their power. And once the gems are fully recharged after they were completely drained the dimension jumping can be used even if the gems are not at 100%, as long as the user won't let the gems go back to 0%.
Each dimension jump takes about 5% of their power away from the gems, and if they won't be let to recharge in between the power runs out quite quickly.

-Time Gem: The time gem is a mix of all shades of red, and basically shaped like a large marble. The time gem can be used for, as its name tells, manipulating time. On its own the gem cannot manipulate time a lot, but if its user channels their own magic through it the gem can do some great things.
On its own the gem can move time back at most one minute, stop the time for one minute and move one minute to the future. To do any of these things the user must hold the gem out towards a certain direction and tap the gem three times. To jump to the past they must hold it towards South, to stop the time they must hold it above their head and to jump to the future they must hold it towards North. Each time the gem is used it takes up around 5% of the power the gem currently has.

-Space Gem: The space gem is a mix of all green's shades and shaped like a square with slightly rounded edges. As the name suggests the space gem can be used to control the space around the user. On its own the gem cannot control space that much, but if the user channels their magic through it the gem can do great things.
The space gem on its own can do few things. It can make a closed space it occupies slightly(around 20%) smaller or bigger without changing its size on the outside, and it can create very small separate spaces that you can only access with the gem.
To make a closed space the gem occupies smaller or bigger a person must hold the gem between their palms, concentrate and roll the gem between them. If you roll it so your left hand moves up and right one down the space will get smaller, and each time you roll the gem the space gets 5% smaller. The opposite is true for making the space bigger, and if you release the gem from between your palms when the space is smaller or bigger or roll the gem to its original position the space will return to normal.
To create a small separate dimension, so-called pocket dimension, a person must first decide what size the dimension will be. The biggest pocket dimension the gem can make on its own is about the size of a messenger bag. To decide on the size one must first tap the gem three times on all sides, put it within a closed space the size of a messenger bag or smaller and wait for 20 seconds. Afterwards the size and shape of the pocket dimension is recorded on the gem, and can be accessed by tapping the gem on all sides once and reaching towards the side that is facing up at that moment. An invisible portal the size of the person's hand or whatever they are holding(as long as it's not bigger than the pocket dimension) will open and allow them to access the pocket dimension. The gem can only uphold one pocket dimension at a time, and once a new one is recorded the old one and everything that was within it is lost.
Each time one of the gem's abilities is used it loses 5% of its power.
Magic Immunity: Thabisa nullifies all magic that is used on her or meant to affect her in some way, as long as it's not cast by her or the gems she uses. Thabisa isn't affected by any magic that is meant to affect person's senses, and any magic or magical attack gets nullified when it makes contact with her.
Nightmare: Thabisa's subconscious is occupied by a creature of darkness, a Nightmare, that causes her to have very vivid bad dreams every time she sleeps. In the dreams Thabisa is completely lucid and can feel emotions and sensations, sometimes even pain, but has no control over the dream itself. The Nightmare feeds on the negative emotions these bad dreams cause. The feeding has no effect on Thabisa, and the Nightmare doesn't feed on any negative emotions that aren't caused by the bad dreams it creates.

Thabisa was born in South Africa, near Cape Town. Her father was a dentist and her mother was a teacher. They were a normal family, working and living and getting by. That was until Thabisa turned 13. She was on her way home from school, when suddenly a serious dizzy spell hit her. The world spun in Thabisa's eyes, and after she blinked she wasn't in South Africa anymore. Before her stood a tall, imposing figure in a cloak. When he saw Thabisa he sighed from disappointment, and simply muttered "Not again". Thabisa was too confused to demand answers, and before she realized what was happening she was taken away to a locked, scarce room.

Thabisa collected bits and pieces of what had happened to her, as she was suddenly made a servant in a large building with no windows and no way to figure out where she was. Apparently she was in a residence of a sorcerer, who was trying to summon someone. But his summoning had gone wrong multiple times now, and Thabisa was a servant among many, that had come from different dimensions and timelines. And no one knew exactly who the sorcerer was trying to summon, or from where. And none of the summoned seemed to have any connecting features, they were of many ages, genders and temperaments. But they had one connecting feature: They were all completely normal humans.

After the initial shock and accepting the truth that magic was real Thabisa attempted to escape many times, as she wasn't especially restrained. But she couldn't get past any wards the sorcerer had set, since she was a normal human. But if she began rebelling too much the sorcerer forced her to obey through mind manipulation, and this Thabisa absolutely hated.
As few years passed Thabisa learned more about the sorcerer, or more precisely his magic. For summoning he used runes and chants, but when he traveled in and out of the residence he used two gems that were stored in his study, one green and one red. And Thabisa began building a plan based on a story she had heard, that once a servant had accidentally traveled few minutes back in time using those gems. A servant with no magic at all. If that was the case the gems had their own magic, and Thabisa could use them to escape this place and return to her own time and dimension.

Yet again few years passed, and Thabisa kept a close eye on the sorcerer as he went about his business. He kept on with his summoning, but he never succeeded in finding the one he was looking for. And then, when the sorcerer one day returned from his errands and left the gems on their usual place inside a locked drawer, Thabisa launched her plan. She sneaked into the study, picked the lock and took the gems. But no matter how hard she shook them or posed with them at first the gems didn't work. So Thabisa simply pocketed them, planning to try again later.
Few hours later, while folding the laundry, Thabisa suddenly got a strange feeling. And she knew one other servant was going to walk in through the door, call out her name but slip right after and fall down. And Thabisa just knew that she had to use the stones now.
As soon as the other servant walked in a second after that feeling vanished Thabisa sprung to movement. She set the red gem on the floor, right by the drain, and the green gem she held next to her face with the pinkies of her both hands. And as soon as the other servant slipped and fell Thabisa felt her stomach drop, eyes get hazy and everything went black.

As soon as Thabisa woke up she noticed she wasn't in the large building anymore. She was in a forest with large trees that had orange bark and yellow leaves. And she felt such immense joy from being out and free she screamed. Thabisa had escaped.
But moments later Thabisa realized this wasn't her dimension, and another kind of despair set in. And as she was trying to use the gems again the sorcerer suddenly appeared, looking furious. Thabisa ran, and just when it looked like she was going to get caught she got that strange feeling again. Thabisa tossed the other gem ways forward, put the other one in her pocket and her vision went black yet again.
This cycle continued for a while, and Thabisa couldn't tell for how long. She'd jump to a different dimension with the gems, and after mere minutes or sometimes hours the sorcerer would follow and try to capture Thabisa. But for some reason his binding magic or wards didn't work on Thabisa anymore, and she kept running away.

Eventually Thabisa got tired as well, as she didn't sleep or eat much during this chase. Only if she happened near a water or food source or the sorcerer ran very much behind. And then, after yet another dimension jump, Thabisa could feel the feeling coming on again. And out of habit she jumped. Only now, when she lost consciousness, she saw a strange dream. She was in a strange place, unlike any of the dimensions she had seen thus far. Strange sounds echoed there, and lights flickered in the mist that enveloped the scenery. And one light, one single spot of light, felt so familiar. Thabisa reached for it, and after blinking she woke up again, in a new dimension. She woke up in Earth dimension, in the forests of Manta Carlos.

Thabisa had all the intention to jump again, but in the many hours to come she didn't get the strange feeling that told her when and how to jump. But the sorcerer didn't appear either. And when Thabisa stopped to think about it she hadn't seen the sorcerer in ages either. Perhaps...he had lost her?
That thought made Thabisa so relieved she fell asleep on the spot. And when she woke up again she was in the hospital, very much dehydrated and starving. And the people in the hospital began to tell Thabisa where she was, only to get interrupted by her as she asked which dimension she was in. With confusion they answered, and Thabisa couldn't believe it. She was in her home dimension, and it was...2019?!
2019 was six years before she had gotten summoned. So that meant...there were two of her in this dimension.

Thabisa was stuck in this timeline, because no magic worked on her and the gemstones she used were all out of juice. Even if Thabisa got a deja vu and tried using them it didn't work. So she was enrolled into the academy, and for now she's just trying to adjust and get used to having a more or less normal life.

Lives in the dorms and gets supported by the academy
Has an unpaid internship at a tattoo parlor
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Name: Thabisa Imka
Apparent Age: 18-20
Gender: Female
Species: Human
Height: 170cm; 5'7"
Build: Petite, decently curvy

Notable Features:
-Brown hair dyed blonde, buzz cut on the right side and jaw length elsewhere
-Blue eyes, dark thick eyebrows
-Piercing on the right brow
-Has scars that go around her wrist
-Has a tattoo of a monstrous wolf on her upper left arm

Physical Quirks:
-South African accent

Abilities Summary:
-Has two magical gemstones, that allow her to dimension jump and manipulate time and space just a little
-Immune to magic

Reputation: Is pretty new around here, some people in the high school might've heard about her as the "girl lost in time". Also can sometimes be seen hanging around a bit shady area near the Strip, that has a lot of piercing and tattoo studios.

Misc Information: ICC image is Gwen Stacy by Q Tori
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