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Name: Tengu

Age: 28

Birthday: January 2nd

Gender: Female

Species: Harpy (Cyborg)

Category: Citizen

Career: Postwoman

Appearance Description:

Art by Pallas, myself


Tengu has round friendly looking face. Small dainty nose that turns up somewhat and full cheeks. She has thin lips but can wear a smile as wide as the grin of a Cheshire cat. While she looks to have normal looking eyes, closer inspection of her grey iris reveal that they are actually two cameras made to look like eyes.Tengu’s short hair is as dark as a raven’s coat and behind her ears can one make out a dark plumage, the only visble reminant of her harpy heritage. Also sticking out just behind each ear is a pair of metal antenna that stick out nearly two feet from her head thought they can retract somewhat.


Though born a harpy, her cybernetic augmentations have left Tengu looking more like human/jet fighter hybrid than she does a human/bird hybrid. She stands nearly 5 feet and 8 inches and weights an astonishing 655 pounds. Her human portion is petite and frail looking. Her small figure makes her appear much younger than she actually is and her diminutive breast doesn't help. Much of her metallic limbs are highly polished, with an almost mirror-like shine to them.

Her pair of wings are attached onto the join where her elbows would otherwise be and consist of two sections: the slab like inner section were her jet’s are mounted and the outer section that is made up with three fold-able air blades. Each of the blade like strikes have two red stripes near the end of each. These two sections vaguely resemble the wings of birds and at the joint she has three mechanical fingers that only pop up when her outer wing blades are fully foiled into the inner wing.

Tengu’s legs are entirely mechanical and birdlike in structure. Each foot comes armed with three sharp metal talons along each toe and heavy pistons can be seen just behind the knee area on both legs. Attached to the back of her pelvis is tail but instead of plumage are the fins attached to a single engine that looks as it it were ripped straight off of jet fighter.


Tengu typically wears a modified version of the island’s postal service uniform (meant to accommodate her body structure) and often wears it even when she isn’t working. The coloration is similar to the the colors of Starlight academy: light and dark blues with some white and yellow in the details. She wears a deep blue skirt that do well to hide were he legs transition from skin to metal. Its attached firmly to waist with a light blue belt fastened though the loops of the skirt. Under her skirt she usually wears a light blue and white striped underwear thought this is usually hidden under her skirt.

On her torso were wears an open white vest with light blue embellishments along the edges. On the upper left part of the jacket is patch with the insignia of island’s postal service displayed proudly on the front. Under the vest Tengu was a dark blue bandeau covering her petite breast. On her head she wears light blue postal hat with a near identical patch of the island’s postal service insignia sewed on in the center. When on the job she has a heavy brown bag with the strap thrown across her chest that is usually full of mail.

Personality Description:

Gullible – Poor dear trusts just everyone… even when she shouldn’t. For all the times she has been tricked you would think she would learn to be more suspicious.

Naive – For someone who is a full grown adult, she has the innocence of child.

Forgetful – Easily forgets things. Half the time she can’t recall where she is.

Gregarious – Loves meeting new people in the hopes of making new friends! She may forget a lot a things but she never forgets the face of a friend!

Cheerful – Always has a smile on her face and is quick to laugh. Her positive energy is infectious.

Good Natured – Is a law abiding citizen at heart whom cares deeply about others around her. She is quick to help those in need and assist those in trouble.

Apologetic – Always says sorry whenever she thinks she has done bad

Optimistic – Is a half glass full sort of person, always looking to the bright side of every situation regardless of how terrible the situation is.

Encouraging – Cheers on everyone to follow their dreams and do their best! Even when things don’t pan out she will be there to reassure that they did their best or that there is always next time.

Loopy – Tengu always seems… a little out of it. Perhaps a product of her earlier brain trauma or the constant string of medication she is on. Doesn’t help that she appears to talk herself… a lot.

Easily Distracted – What was that shiny thing over there?

Active Abilities:

Supersonic Flight — While the ability for harpies to fly is generally not questioned, Tengu is more remarkable in that unlike most of her kin she can break past the sound barrier and travel to speeds up to Mach 1.5. Unlike jet fighters, Tengu’s smaller profile and streamlined body ensures that the sonic boom she produces is minimal and not cause nearby local damage due to the boom. It is however, very loud to those close to Tengu when she breaks the sound barrier. Tengu can only maintain such high speeds for 2 hours at time before being forced to land and recharge her battery to full capacity.

Detachable Limbs- Can detach and reattach her limbs at will. Useful for slipping into standard clothing that would be otherwise impossible for her to put on. When detached, the limbs become unpowered and thus unable to move on their own until reattached back into their corresponding limb socket on Tengu's body. The limbs easily "snap" into place when the connection ports are within a few inches of each other. Tengu's wings detach at her in the midsection of her upper forearms while her legs detach directly from her hip.

Passive Abilities:

Raven Kinship – can communicate with a variety of corvides such as crows, ravens, magpies and jays.

Enigma Battery – A curious battery of mysterious origin. It is unknown how this alien battery came to find itself integrated with Tengu but with its ability to contain vast amounts of power is certainly a boon for the cyber harpy. It allows for nearly a week of operation without being recharged though during flight its entire supply can be drained within 2 hours. This is rarely an issue for Tengu can recharge with almost any standard electrical socket thanks to a built in universal adapter and can be fully charged in 10 minutes.

Cybernetic Augmentations – at this point, Tengu is more machine than she is harpy. Even her seemingly unaltered torso and head hide further synthetic enhancements or replacements for her organs just under her skin. These include organs such as her heart, lungs, spine, and brain. Extensive cyberization has given her enhance strength (can carry 1.5 tones if need be) and never tires from physical labor.

“Conscience” the Corrective VI — Implanted in Tengu’s cybernetic bring is an advance Virtual Intelligence. Unlike AI which can think itself, this VI lacks any sort of self- awareness. It is nevertheless an advance computer program meant to assist its user and process data that Tengu observes. This VI was likely installed to allow Tengu to make lightning fast calculations, risk analysis, and collision prevention. Ever since the accident, Tengu mistook the masculine VI voice in her head as her “conscience” and has been using the VI a glorified Cortana or Siri ever since. While most days it frequently reminds Tengu of what it was she was doing or answering her dumb questions, its original collision prevention protocols are still active and does its prevents Tengu from crashing into objects during flight. When a collision is imamate, it will “correct” Tengu’s flight path to either avoid the incoming object or force Tengu to come to stop. Since the VI communicates directly to her brain, it can give the strange impression that Tengu is talking out loud to her “conscience”.

Extra Sensory Suite- Was installed with an extensive reconnaissance hardware, most of which replacing her organic sensory organs or implanted inside of her cranium. Her pair of eyes are but two highly advance cameras that can zoom in on targets 10 times further than the standard human, can see wavelengths from inferred to ultraviolet. She can also hear twice as well than the common harpy and her antennas just behind he ears can pick up any unencrypted wireless transmissions passing by. Tengu also comes equipped with an internal phone allowing her make calls with technology similar to a bluetooth.

Advanced Metal Construction – much of the mechanical portions of body are cast in a metallic glass composed of rapidly cooled alloy of aluminum, titanium, and iron. Four times stronger than steel and many times more durable, this makes her metallic body hold up well to her rigorous flying. The metal is also able to keep an edge well, making her blade like wings and metallic talons as sharp was swords. The metal is also incredibly shiny(having an almost mirror-like polish) and highly resist to corrosion.


Squishy Torso – while she is mostly machine, her head and torso still mostly organic and unarmored. Thus, her most vital areas are the areas most exposed to physical damage.

Overload Vulnerability – While having a machine body has its advantages, its not without its weakness. Tengu is highly susceptible mechanical failure due to significant electrical discharges, an EMP, or a powerful computer virus. Such things can cause her her mechanical parts to temporary become paralyzed.

Suppressed Immune System – What little remains of her original organic form is highly susceptible to illness due thanks to purposefully compromised immune system so that her body would not reject the mechanical components. Something as simple as the common cold could be potentially lethal to her. Even with all of the medication she is taking, lethal illness is always a constant worry and she has had numerous close calls in the emergency room.

High Maintenance - While her body is incredibly durable, it also incredibly complex and this complexity makes Tengu prone to internal breakdowns of her more delicate mechanical systems over time. Something as mundane as a loose wire or a chipped wing can leave Tengu grounded as jet flight would be unsafe. As the years go by Tengu has been frustrated with issues such being her tail engine not firing off due to a faulty connection or her wings being locked in placed because of snapped wire.

Bulky - Tengu's metallic limbs and tail makes her rather cumbersome when navigating closed environments such as hallways or narrow passages. This has lead to Tengu to being claustrophobic as she is always afraid of accidentally breaking stuff due to her unwieldy limbs. Thus she tends to keep to more open spaces such as the outdoors or large rooms.

Common Magical Items:



While Tengu today is just about one of the friendly people one can meet in Mantra Carlos, reports and dossiers on the cyber harpy known as Tengu show that she was not always the person she is now. There are many things in Tengu’s life that is unknown even to Tengu herself as a traumatic brain injury caused her forgot nearly all of her memories due to severe amnesia. Most of what is known about Tengu’s history comes from scattered crime reports and investigations into the powerful supernatural crime organization known as “Syndicate”. Tengu is not even her real name but her codename according to the intercepted intelligence from the “Syndicate”. Said intelligence listed that she was originally recruited from western Turkey at the young age of 14.

Earliest sightings of this harpy show that for most of her life she wasn’t always cybernetic. Aside from her dark crow-like feathers she was otherwise a typical harpy. But the longer and more effective an agent Tengu became over the years, the more and more mechanical she became. While it suspected that these augmentations were to make Tengu a more effective agent in the robbery of high profile magical artifacts, it is unknown if said augmentations were voluntary or forced upon her. Tengu would go on to be one the Syndicate’s most effective agents, being directly and indirectly responsible for stealing over millions of dollars’ worth of rare and dangerous magical artifacts for sale in the underground markets. During this time she acquired a reputation of being as ruthless as she was efficient.

About five years ago, Tengu was involved with the robbery of a cursed crown in Germany. While the rest of the members were able to escape with the cursed object, Tengu was shot down by securities forces during the escape and plummeted into a nearby forest. When discovered by authorities later, she was found left behind by her peers to die from a gunshot wound. Despite a high caliber bullet exiting though her skull, Tengu was miraculously still alive though in critical condition.. After a lengthy hospitization to stabilize her, the German authorities found that Tengu’s injury caused a case of severe amnesia, the only things she was able to remember was her birthday and her “name” Tengu. After some debate, the government made contact with a nearby SA scout as per protocol when dealing with supernatural beings. After the scout interviewed with Tengu and found that the once vicious cybernetic harpy regressed to a more infantile state, she recommended that Tengu be transferred to Mantra Carlos to be rehabilitated as a productive citizen as she was effectively a different person due to her amnesia. After some haggling, the German government eventually agreed and transferred Tengu to Mantra Carlos.

Upon being moved to Mantra Carlos, Tengu was stripped of the arsenal of weapons mounted on her frame and made adjustments so that she would safer to those around her. Doctors and technicians were disturbed to find that a bomb place inside her (obviously ment to detonate in a failed mission but thankfully didn’t go off) and an elaborate anti-organ rejection system meant to make Tengu’ organic components compatible with her mechanical ones. While it worked, the invasive augmentations caused a lot of internal discomfort. After almost a year of additional surgeries, physical therapy, and reeducation, Tengu was released to live her own life in Mantra Carlos.

Soon after leaving the hospital, Tengu found a job working for the island’s postal service where jet speed and ability to carry very heavy packages were well appreciated. For the next four years she continues deliver mail throughout the island as happily as she was on the first day of the job. She currently lives in her own apartment, sharing it only with the two stray cats took in whom she named Glumdrop and Prissle-Toes. While one may question if the sins of the old Tengu still carry over to the Tengu of present, most people rather just leave her be as she is. Tengu is happy now so why take that all away for crimes that she could no longer recall?

Makes a decent living as postwoman and shares modest apartment with her roomate Jackal. Has two cats she affectionately named Glumdrop and Prissle-Toes living with her in her apartment.

Additional Information:

Describes her “conscience” having a British accent

As of now, the “Syndicate” that she was once a part of lists her as MIA

Can speak English, Greek and Turkish (though she has no idea why she knows these languages)

Can understand most earth based languages thanks to her “Conscience” though it prone to mistranslation (much like a google translator) because it focus on the literal translation of spoken or written phrase.

While covered most of the time, she has large tattoo of the “Syndicate” logo on her backside with a barcode inked below the insignia.
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Name: Tengu
Apparent Age: Young Adult
Gender: Female
Species: Cyborg Harpy
Height: 5 feet 8 inches
Build: Petite body but bulky limbs.

Art by Pallas, myself

Notable Features: Metallic bird legs, wings and tail. Built like a jet fighter. Has two radio antenna sticking from behind her ears.

Physical Quirks: Doesn't like to hold still. Also has a habit of "talking" to herself.

Power Summary: Can fly past the speed of sound, her cyborg enhancements gives her superior sight, hearing, and strength compared to a normal harpy.

Reputation: Well known as one of the islands reputable postal workers.

Misc Information: Her metallic body parts are very shiny, like looking to a mirror. Is also able to speak to crows
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