Teacher, I don't feel so good...


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Jun 26, 2015
She and Her
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Thankfully Marissa could not understand French, so the words confused her more than panicked her. When Celeste stepped away, she wanted to cling to her like a toddler. However, she didn't want to look that pathetic, especially not when she was about to be cured. Her head was a flurry of emotions she couldn't identify. She tried to ease up. Whatever this procedure was did not need her flailing about. The teen blinked wildly as a blue light radiated from underneath her. The next moments became a telltale sign of what was to come.

The mana engulfed Risky and flooded right into her body. In that moment, her eyes went pitch black. The blue aura switched to a crimson red as a strange cry sounded from the girl. Her body levitated off of the table. The energy provided by Zora was twisted into something powerful. A dangerous force loomed from the center. The witches and druid would get the strange feeling that this was Marissa. Yes, this was the power ripped away from Marissa Kelly Smith's body. If there were any doubts over her potential witch status, they would be eliminated in this display.

After what felt like a long and overwhelming two minutes, her body crashed back onto the table. Her eyes went back to normal. A daze overtook the delinquent. A normal-sounding groan escaped. "I feel....I feel kind of good, actually...." She slowly sat up and gazed at her hands. Her entire body was much healthier and vibrant-looking. An aura radiated brightly from her being. It bore no effects beyond making Marissa look almost hyper-realistic as she fully solidified. There was more color to her skin and eyes.

"I...I'm not in pain. I feel like I'm here. I'm actually here!" Her confusion quickly turned to cheer as she shot up in excitement, nearly falling off of the table. "FUCK YEAH--whoa!" Could one blame her? No longer did she have to cope with being a ghost.



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Apr 8, 2018
The Frozen Wastelands of the North
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Rafael just chuckled at Marissa's reaction. The spell had obviously done its job. The girl was whole again. He could sense the very obvious change in her energy.

"I will let you ladies handle it from here on in," he said to Celeste and Zoraida. "Marissa, a pleasure meeting you," he added with a polite nod before he turned and left the room.

Celeste gave her dad an understanding look and just mouthed a "thank you" as he left. Shooting Zoraida a look of complicity, Celeste approached Marissa. "Just rest for a bit. I know you feel great right now, but so much energy at once is taxing on the body," she warned.

"After that, maybe tomorrow, we can talk about everything that has happened, and how to proceed from here?" she explained. "We need to actually talk to you about your powers and find out which ones you have," she added as she glanced at Zora for a moment.
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