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Jan 6, 2017
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Welcome to the Steven's Society. My list of currently active characters. I pretty much open to any thread people might think of. I really want to get back into the whole RP scene and it glad to be back to do so. I can never think what else to add here, sooooo hope to hear from peeps sometimes :)

Ethan Alexander

Deity / 32 / Male / Hetroflexiable
A young god that formed in the world due to the growing dependcy and diversity of addictions in the world. He is the deity of vice and addictions, in almost any form. A example of a man who will take pretty much anything to excess. Requires himself to constantly feed his own addictive nature, a smoker, drinker, lover, gambler and many more. Uses common charms to hide his imposing statue and suppress his aura that causes other to become addicted to him while in public (on most occasions) and own a small casino where patrons are forewarned to stay away from certain sections of the establishment to prevent being exposed to his aura for too long. (though he does this for legal purposes, and repeat business in his establishment is partial down to his aura.)
Open for
  • Employees
  • Drinking/Gaberling Buddies


Demon (Incubus) / 5000+ / Male / Omnisexual / Taken
Iaemor is the dethroned demon king of lust, along side his twin sister Maya from their own plane. The pair escaped alongside some of the subjects. No longer having enough power or realm to run, Iaemor is more then willing to simply coast by while his old servants gladly work to provide for his lifestyle. While driven by and needing to constantly feed on lust and have sex. Iaemor is more then willing to try new things to tackle boredom. Having soften somewhat due to having a serious romantic relationship alongside his more casual meet-ups.
Open for
  • Friendships
  • Frenemies
  • Real Enemies
  • Casual Intimate Relationships (Preference toward feminine people)
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