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Apr 8, 2018
The Frozen Wastelands of the North
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Name: Sterling Silver

Age: 18 (he has been around since the times of Plato)

Birthday: April 11

Gender: he/him

Species: Angel

Category: Student

Career: Remedial

Appearance Description:

· Blond
· Blue eyed
· Tall – 6 foot
· Fit

Personality Description:

· Polite, educated
· Even-tempered
· Friendly and helpful
· Can be/seem somewhat naïve
· Patient
· Fiery temper – takes a while but when it does, he explodes
· Doesn’t hold grudges – usually
· Overly cautious sometimes

Active Abilities:

· Time travel (Inherent Ability, Can be activated by touching the individual in question.)
Sterling Is able to go back in time to any period very briefly (up to 5 minutes), he cannot change the past or interact it, and he cannot tell anybody what he has seen. His angel ability will not allow it. He can hint, but the hints are so cryptic that he might as well not say anything.

He can also move forward in the possible timelines of any living mortal – until the moment they die. Again he cannot interfere with individuals’ lives and he cannot, even if he wanted to, tell a person (or other people) their future or when they die. His angel abilities prevent that and any attempt on his part will come out wrong. Nor can he profit from it. Also, he cannot see his own future, nor the future timeline of a person if he's involved in it somehow. The timelines of individual can change as they change and no path is ever set and can be altered if that individual changes his/her ways in life. What Sterling sees is what the most likely outcome will be if that person keeps moving directly along his mortal path - good or bad.

· He can fly. He has angel wings that are retractable.
- Can induce a sense of calmness/that everything will be alright in those around him. It's an ability that is activated, it's not an aura. It's has a fairly small radius of about 25 feet and can last for an hour. It's not taxing on Sterling, but it requires a lot of focus.

Passive Abilities:

· Can sense evil.
· Has an eidetic memory.
· Understands and speaks all languages known to man here on Earth.
· Doesn’t need food, but enjoys the taste of it.


· Loves freshly baked goods. Will literally stop what he’s doing to find out where the deliciousness is located so he can have some.
· Needs sunshine daily, or becomes extremely grumpy and sluggish.

Common Magical Items: N/A


· Sterling has always been the same age across time.
· He was at one time a Guardian Angel and spent his time helping people.
· Always a bit of an awkward angel. Sterling has always been restless, questioning, challenging of authority, and unaccepting of absolutes. He also is in constant search of something – maybe love? A world without strife? Even he doesn’t really know anymore.
· He was sent down to Earth to live among humans and guide them to learn a bit of humility and understanding of the human plight and condition.
· He has actually gained sufficient insight to return to Heaven, but has chosen to stay on Earth among humans instead.
· He came to Manta Carlos long ago as a Guardian Angel to a young child (who grew up and lived a long happy life). Fulling his mission, Sterling decided he wanted a change. So he relinquished any duties related to his former position/life and now lives freely among the citizens of the island with no foreseeable plans to return to his celestial duties.

Resources: Sterling owns a loft apartment in town.

Additional Information: Is there anything else to take note of?

His active abilities for Time Travel are basically inactive. When he stopped being a Guardian Angel, the powers to help guide a person became somewhat useless as he cannot communicate what could/will be if a person continues on a certain path..
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