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Private Stealth levels: -5

Discussion in 'The Strip' started by Ballerina, May 16, 2018.

  1. Ballerina

    Masochistic Magical Girl

    Oct 29, 2016
    Character Hub:
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    The night swallowed up most of her surroundings. As a girl who could barely see when the sun was out, there was almost nothing out there now. Still, she had a trusty cane and the bumps of the crosswalks to guide her along. A part of her still missed seeing the neon signs that glowed like her eyes back then, the faint humming just bothered her now. Klef knew that she shouldn't have been out this late, especially without her uncle knowing, but hanging out at home on the weekend was lame, even if she didn't have that many friends to do anything with.

    Her hoodie was pulled over her face, but anyone who had even seen Klef would know it was her. For starters, she always wore that teal blue hoodie, it may have well been an organ. The dull blue glow of her eyes and her tiny frame didn't help either. To even an onlooker, it was pretty obvious this kid was headed somewhere they should not be. Clenched her hand though, was a bootleg charm, purely aesthetic, but hopefully it was going to save her ass.

    She wandered down the streets, cane tapping against the pavement without much of an idea of which direction she wanted to go. Listening to the conversations of nearby strangers was enough to keep her entertained for now.
  2. WuffyWuff

    The Angst Lord

    Feb 16, 2018
    Character Hub:
    As much as he enjoyed the day, with its bustling streets and variety of people, all the various businesses opened, Endrit loved the night. Yes, partly because he can look like a tomato if he is out in the sun long enough... yes, he also felt less tired at night. But he enjoyed the cool air and the night's own variety of people and activities.

    But tonight he just felt a little too tired to take his time. He'd been at work, and since it was the weekend, it was rather busy. The moment he had stepped out to start going home, he had to look down at the ground. The curse of being on the weaker spectrum if dhampirs is that Endrit had sensitive eyes. Not the kind that let him see objects far away, or see in the dark. Just sensitive enough that light made his eyes hurt.

    He mainly kept his gaze to the ground to avoid being accidentally blinded by one of the neon signs. Thankfully, his more sensitive eye had his eyepatch. He sighed as he felt a slight headache make its way towards his head. His remedy? He pulled a pack of cigarettes from his pocket along with a lighter.

    He took one, lit it and took a long drag. He could already feel the headache that threatened to ruin his tired walk home fade from thought. He put the pack and the lighter back into his pocket. He kept on walking, having mastered the skill of walking plus smoking a considerable number of years ago. But unfortunately, with his face cast to the ground, he accidentally walked into someone.

    He immediately stopped as he looked at who he bumped into, feeling considerable guilt. "Oh, I'm sorry I wasn't paying attention, are you okay?" He looked at Klef, not quite realising that he had accidentally bumped into her. That was when he saw the green hoodie, dull glow and the smaller frame. He instantly squinted as he looked at her. "Klef? Is that you? What are you doing out this late?" He didn't really sound mad, just more concerned and worried more than anything.

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