Starlight Academy Community Zine 2020 - The Revival & Big Info Post


Aug 9, 2016
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Hey there, Islanders! It's been a long time, and some of you might not remember it, but Starlight Academy used to have a yearly Zine that we published at the end of December. It was a sort of love letter to our site and our community, but over time it became harder to maintain and organize. So it, unfortunately, faded out and we haven't had one for the past couple of years. Well I want to change that!

What the heck is a Zine?
Short for Fanzine, a Zine is a published work that is an accumulation of creative talent from across a community (usually a fan community). Art, flash fiction, poetry, and other forms of creative expression are all things you might see in a Zine. Every Zine is focused around a single fandom (or in our case, role playing community) and sometimes has a specific theme.

Sounds Rad! What do I do to submit?
That's super easy! First thing you need to do is think of something you want to create. As above, you can do any creative thing and add it to the Zine. Draw a character, write a fluff piece for your favorite ship, or write a poem about the friends you've made here. The sky's the limit on what you can create. The only stipulation here is that it needs to be related to Starlight Academy, our community, and the stories we tell.

Obviously, since this is meant for our entire community, don't submit anything that would need a Mature tag here on the site. Or, I guess you can, but it won't get published in the main Zine meant for everyone.

Once you've gotten your piece done, you can submit it by starting a conversation here with me on the forum. Just send me a message with '2020 Zine Submission' in the title and a link to whatever awesome thing you've created. I'll add it to the Zine, set to be published at the end of the year.

How much stuff can I submit?
As much as you want! Within reason, of course. I don't want to stifle anyone's creativity, but as a guideline if you plan on submitting several things maybe stick to one thing a month. I get that some of you might be super enthusiastic about this, but we want to give everyone a chance to shine.

But my art/writing/whatever skills aren't as good as someone else's!
And I say you're wrong. If you feel like someone is a better artist than you, I guarantee that they would feel like you're a better writer or musician or whatever else than they are. We're a diverse community with a multitude of talents and skills, and that is part of what makes us awesome. Or, take it another way. If you want to learn how to do something, take this as an opportunity to practice and grow in that area you want to improve in.

I have questions that you didn't answer here!
If something is confusing you or you want to know more about the process, then feel free to ask a question here or send me a conversation on the site about it. I'll do my best to answer the questions as they come up. Any questions asked in private will be answered privately as well as publicly (without naming who sent the question) so that everyone can benefit from the answer.

And that's it! Submissions open starting today, so feel free to get those creative juices flowing as soon as you can. I cannot wait to see what all of you create.
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