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Stacey Saxxon

Discussion in 'Archived Characters' started by Nicole, Nov 9, 2018.

  1. Nicole

    Well-Known Member

    Jul 9, 2016
    #1 Nicole, Nov 9, 2018
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2018
    Name: Stacey Saxxon
    Nicknames: Sax
    Age: 16
    Birthday: November 1st
    Gender: Female (She/her)
    Species: Human (Witch)
    Category: Student
    Class: High School
    Grade: 10th grade

    Appearance Description:
    Height: 5'3"
    Weight: 102 lbs
    Eye Color: HetroChromia Red and Yellow
    Hair: Black, Long and often in twin tails
    Build: Feminine
    Distinguishing features: Aside from her different colored eyes, she can be distinguished by a darker style of clothing. SHe tends to dress in a more gothic fashion when not in her school uniform.

    Personality Description:
    For the most part, Stacey is a happy person. She tends to always have a soft smile on her face, with the exception of when she is performing her forge work. She is known to be a bit scatterbrained, though still rather bright for her age. In most cases, she is incredibly friendly. She is often forward and blunt, choosing honesty over deceit.

    She enjoys many things including spending time with her peers and taking it easy. Much of her life has been spent in competition with her siblings, trying to stand out amongst the gaggle of Saxxon's, so until recently she has little time to actually enjoy herself. That being the case she may be prone to self-indulgences she never allowed herself before, such as quiet evenings in, and social events.

    When it comes to her school work, Stacey is diligent, working hard to try and complete her work and focus on her studies. However, given her lack of interest in other forms of magic other than forge magic, she tends to drop the ball and get less than excellent scores.

    Active Abilities:
    Basic Magic
    -Everyday use
    These spells are little more than extensions of her own will. They have no real impact on the world in any broad way but work to make Stacey's life easier. They include but are not limited too, little things like moving a book from a shelf to her hand with a simple snap of her finger or heating up a kettle of water for tea. Cleaning her room, picking her clothes, or even opening up a window are all within her grasp so long as she focuses her will on it. These spells need little from her and often require no words or even direct eye contact. Instead, an activator (Ie. A snap of the fingers or some such motion) and her direct will to make something happen ae all that is needed. On that note, she can't magically multitask very well. Anything that divides her attention magically can and often times will cause these spells to fail. Trying to move multiple items will cause them to shudder and fall to the ground. Heating water and doing other magical tasks may cause the water kettle to explode or may cause the other interacted object to ignite. even opening a window and moving a book at the same time could cause the book to be shredded to pieces. Casting many of these little everyday spells can also cause her to exhaust herself. While many older more experienced witches in her family can use them all day with no downside, she is still young, and her magical endurance is not yet built up.

    -Simple spells
    These are just as they sound. Minor spells that most witches know, often before they enter into any kind of academy. They include things such as basic purifier spells that can be applied to magical circles, small elemental spells (Ie. Spark, fire touch, fill glass, etc.) These spells are more taxing and require a better amount of will. In many cases, they require an activator such as a spell word on top of everything. In Stacey's case, she can't cast many of these in a row as her magical endurance is not built up yet. Given her youth and inexperience, these spells have a pretty good chance of failure. 1 in 4 will fail, with the odds of failure going up the more she casts.

    Forge Magic
    This is Stacey's primary focus of study. Forge magic is the ability to magically turn metals into new constructs or to forge magic directly into items. Any constructs or creatures she forges from metal have no soul, and no ability to think on their own, instead, acting on the will of the Forge Lord. In ancient times Forge Lords of incredible skill would build armies to wage war on others. In rare cases, Lords of incredible skill could create giant coleuses, literal living mountains of steel. Forge masters use chosen tools to accomplish this task, imposing their will on whatever metal they choose to work with.

    Stacey is still very young, and very very inexperienced in her craft. She is far from being able to accomplish the great deeds of the ancients. Instead, using her hammer, she is able to create small constructs out of mundane metals. These very rarely survive very long before withering away. Her limited skill also limits where she is able to use this power. For the time being she is only able to use this power at the school, while working at their magical forge. By the time she finishes high school it is expected that she should be able to create a human-sized construct out of magically infused metals, but for now, that is a task far outside of her spectrum of power. She is also expected to be able to imbue an already made item with a new magical ability, though for now she is only able to do this in theory, and has yet to actually attempt such a feat.

    This ability only works with the forging hammer she was gifted by her father. This hammer is imbued with a magical energy that helps to focus her will onto whatever metal she is working with. While the hammer itself can still function as a hammer (Though it would be considered a great offense to try and hang a picture with it) It cannot be used for any other magical purpose other than forge work.

    Passive Abilities:
    Saxxon Sight
    Being a Saxxon witch comes with its own inheritance. Stacey is gifted with something called the Saxxon sight. This allows her to see the flows of magic around her. This sight does not allow her to see things that would otherwise be hidden to normal people such as souls, invisible entities and the like. Instead, it allows her to see any magic that has been used. She can see the remnant energy of a spell, even what it's end result might have been. To her, these traces look like whisps and trails highlighted in the air around her. (Only someone with the Saxxon Sight can manage to find their way through the lower levels of the Saxxon Estate)

    Stacey has not been alive very long, 16 years to be exact. Naturally in her short life, she has not managed to achieve too much, however, it is not to say her life has been uneventful or boring. In fact being the daughter of a large witching family has allowed her to live a rather exciting life. Her family is rather large, 14 brothers and sisters, all of the various ages, she being one of the many middle children. Along with that, she has several aunts, uncles, and other distant relations reaching to all corners of the world.

    Most of Stacey's education has been handled by various magical institutes around the globe. In many cases, she would spend a single year studying at one, and then after the summer break, she would transfer to another. She would always return home during breaks.

    Growing up Stacey developed a fondness for the magical craft of her father. While her family is very diverse magically, she took a great interest in the forge and would often sneak into the houses labyrinth of lower levels just to play at her father's forge when she thought no one was around. One of her favorite childhood memories was the ringing of her father hammer as he struck the Anvil of the forge.

    Starlight Academy was not her first choice for her tenth year of school. Instead, she had had her eyes set on a separate private academy that offered lessons in forge magic. Unfortunately, she would fail her entrance exams, forcing her to seek her education elsewhere. Starlight Academy. She only arrived recently to the island but is eager to begin her classes.

    -Stacey lives in the dorms while she attends school. She receives a modest allowance to purchase clothing, and other necessities she needs.
    -Stacey's family is very wealthy, and they will occasionally send her additional funds or other things she might need.

    Additional Information: Is there anything else to take note of?
  2. Nicole

    Well-Known Member

    Jul 9, 2016
    Name: Stacey Saxxon
    Apparent Age: Mid to late teens. 16 ish
    Gender: Female
    Species: Human Witch
    Height: 5'3"
    Build: Femine

    Notable Features:
    -One red and one Yellow Eye
    -Long black hair
    -Often dreses in gothic attire

    Physical Quirks: Nothing too noticeable or abnormal. can be a bit scatter brained
    Abilities Summary:
    -Everyday magic (ie. can heat water, move objects, etc)
    -Small spells (ie, Purifier spells, basic elemental magic, etc)
    -Forge Magic, The ability to forge living creatures out of metals, or imbue items with magical properties. (Limited to working at a forge)

    Reputation: New to the island, so she has no personal reputation. Those familiar with witching families may know her Last name. The Saxxon's are a large and long standing witching fantasy.

    Misc Information:Nothing as of yet. She is a new character with little development as of this moment. More to come as she grows and changes.

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