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Aug 9, 2016
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Some news is bigger than others, and some news is so prominent that it gets featured in the Manta Carlos Print, the cities largest newspaper. Anyone is free to post here, although stories might be fact-checked by reporters. If there's an issue with your story, or the staff team has questions, we'll contact you directly.

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Mar 24, 2018
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Headline: One of a kind Lilac Festival 2020

The festivities this year have once more drawn to a close after an eventful weekend of music, love and merriment. The festival this year had a unique flare in the form of also being a welcoming event for King Choi'k'bon Suna'i XVII and his subjects. After the tumultuous ocean incident in April the island was happy to welcome the monarch and his kingdom, and all best wishes are sent to the King for lasting peace and prosperity between our communities.

The festival saw multiple new talents this year. Stefan Jogstad, Hikaru Suzuki and Madeline Moore charmed the audience by incorporating illusions into their acts; Stefan Jogstad performed mellow acoustic covers with a song dedicated to a “special someone” mixed in, Hikaru Suzuki danced and sang energetic j-pop, featuring Tomomi Hikari in violin for the second song, and Madeline Moore performed pop songs from her very own album with some added punk and rock elements mixed in.
Violin was not the only classical instrument seen on stage, as Ganymede Lind gave the audience a moment of peace with some Chopin on piano.

In addition to new talent we saw old favourites, and Mr. Jogstad was not the only one to dedicate a song to a “special someone”. A rising star Fe Glaux showed her appreciation to such an avid supporter in song form and gave the audience a performance to never forget.
The festival stage was graced with the return of the band Hypersonic Kraken Unleashed, whose bombastic performance was accompanied with one of the most intense mosh pits the festival has seen.
The festival was closed in style by our island’s very own superstar, Lo-Shi, with some extra special songs dedicated to King Choi'k'bon Suna'i XVII.

Lilac festival is one of Manta Carlos’ biggest events of the year, and once again we were able to see a festival unlike any other held before. Let us see a festival even more special a year from now!
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May 19, 2018
Headline: Manta Carlos Prepares New District for Aquatic Citizens

Story: The Manta Carlos government has approved funding and construction for a new District off the coast. This district will allow those who are aquatically inclined a chance to enjoy many of the amenities of the island while living in an environment that they would be more comfortable in. This news was brought to us through an official representative of the Council of Ministers, who tells us that the construction of the new area is something that many are positive about and hope that it will create a more welcoming atmosphere for those who prefer the water over the land. In addition, we were told, this new area will allow those who are incapable of breathing underwater a way to visit and experience the various cultures stemming from the sea. Although we don’t currently have a planned completion date by the time this article is published, we are assured that construction will be pushed along while also maintaining a proper safety protocol for those who are aiding in the construction. Here’s looking forward to a new chapter in Manta Carlos’ ever-expanding future!


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