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Aug 9, 2016
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It's time again, friends from Earth and beyond! September is here and the Starlight Observation Station is once again hosting it's annual breakout event, SPACEcon!

Come and enjoy the culture and entertainment from planets across the Federation of Milky Way Species. Engage in physical and virtual panels, concerts, and educational seminars. Sign up for classes at Starlight Academy's (literal) Satellite School. And be ready for a special surprise, courtesy of the Uranium Chef intergalactic culinary competition!

We also regret to announce the permanent retirement of SPACEcon's beloved mascot, Xr'ill'ie. Join us for the SPACEcon Mascot Design contest to create the new and future face of the convention!

SPACEcon is on the third weekend of September, from 10:00AM PST September 18, 2020 until 10:00PM September 20, 2020.

This is an open ICC Event and will be held in Event Room #1 in the ICC Discord Server.
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Sep 18, 2016
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Mini Event: Multiplying Mulemticus!

In Character:
Among the many vendors lining up for SpaceCon, there is one small stand dealing with household pets from across the galaxy. With so many unusual shapes and appearances on display, one can be forgiven for overlooking what appeared to be an otherwise mundane looking lizard with 6 legs. As an associate showed off this little critter to excitable child, the poor lizard was accidentally dropped to the floor and split into two! As the panicked lizards tried to avoid being stomped on by careless crowds that number grew from 2 to 4, then from 4 to 16. Now there is a poor pet store worker desperately calling for help as they try to wrangle the ever-growing number of lizards before they become unmanageable.

Out of Character:
Mulemticus Gigatus, a 10-inch-long, 6-legged space gecko from the planet Ploorg A’pex, is a relatively harmless animal with an extraordinary ability to rapidly multiply via fragmentation by popping of their tails. Within seconds the tail of the original Mulemticus will regrow while the cast off tail will quickly grow into new Mulemticus that is a genetic clone of the original. Mulemticus' are to be handled carefully as they are delicate animals that will split themselves should any harm come to them or if they feel stressed. The easiest way to calm them is with food (insects, fruit, or vegetables) or by rubbing their belly which puts the lizard into a catatonic state.

Armed with this information, go out there and catch all those space geckos before they multiply out of control!


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