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Snorri Ulfursson

Discussion in 'Archived Characters' started by EmiRose, May 15, 2018.

  1. EmiRose

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    Mar 24, 2018
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    Image is Deyan from Show By Rock!


    Snorri Ulfursson


    April 17th



    Demon-Angel hybrid


    High school



    Snorri is of average height at 5'7ft and his body is slender and skinny. He has narrow hips and shoulders and his limbs look pretty frail, aside from his hands and fingers that look bony and muscular. Snorri has decent muscles that can be felt upon touch.
    Snorri's skin is blue all over and he has red demon wings sprouting from his back and red whip-like tail thag ends in heart-shaped tip. Other demonic features about him are red horns on his head, slightly animalistic nose and sharp red nails.
    Snorri has red eyes that are heavy-lidded and narrow. His hair is light blonde and slightly curly and it reaches over his ears, that are bit pointy. Snorri has sharp canines and a black nose like that of cat's or such feline.
    Snorri's facial features are delicate and he could be called a pretty boy. He has a narrow mouth with thin lips, round cheeks and chin and he has no eyebrows.
    In clothing Snorri prefers casual, comfortable clothes in neutral colours such as black, grey or white. He uses simple loose shirts, black or otherwise dark jeans and long leather boots.
    Snorri is always wearing his amulet, which is a skull that has sharp teeth and small horns. He keeps it on his neck in a long string. The amulet acts as a vessel for Snorri's divine powers.
    Snorri has a tattoo that covers most of his upper left body and upper arm. The tattoo is white and consists of demonic symbols.

    Snorri is a free spirit and he usually goes along with his whims. Of course he avoids doing anything illegal but due to being raised in isolation Snorri has little knowledge about normal social conduct and manners and so he might blurt or do weird things from time to time.
    Snorri is a shy and he gets nervous and embarrassed easily, especially if he says or does something that makes other people look at him funny. When Snorri blushes he turns purple and in those situations his whole face is dyed in it. But being the center of attention in a positive or neutral way is just fine with Snorri.
    Snorri is curious but unsure and timid, and still wants to know about things unfamiliar to him. Sometimes he ends up asking weird questions. And when it's pointed out to him he turns purple and goes quiet.
    Snorri is used to being in wide open spaces and so he values his personal space. Big crowds make him clamp up since he is not used to them and sometimes he has panic attacks if there are too many people around.
    Snorri is normally pretty happy fellow and likes talking and explaining things. Since he grew up in isolation and never had anyone new to talk to he loves meeting new people.
    Snorri is a bit naive, never lies and he shows his emotions on his face easily. If he's happy he looks happy and if he's sad he looks sad. Snorri's tail is also good indication of his feelings.
    Snorri has only recently discovered his preference is men and all kinds of mentions of relationships or, god forbid, flirting make him flustered beyond belief. He also might blush a bit if good-looking men talk to him. It's just those teenage hormones.

    Immortality: Snorri will stop aging in his twenties

    Physical Enchancements: Snorri is unnaturally strong and can lift up to two tons. He has strong, sharp retractable claws on his hands that can shatter stone and he has retractable fangs. Snorri's tail can lift two tons as well and he can make it's tip sharp and knife-like.
    All wounds Snorri receives heal at human rate but never leave any scars. Snorri cannot regrow severed limbs and if he receives a lethal injury he can die.

    Flight: Snorri has a pair of red demon wings that allow him to fly. He can't make them disappear but Snorri can fold them really small.

    -Poor eyesight: Snorri has bad eyesight that can't be fixed with glasses. He sees better close than far away and in order to see a person's face in detail he has to be little over meter or so away.

    Shadow Magic: Snorri is capable of using shadow magic with his left hand.
    -Blind Eyes: Snorri can make someone temporarily blind by filling their eyes with darkness. Snorri can only do this to a one person at a time and he has to be within a meter of them while using it. The time limit of using this power is 10 or so seconds and afterwards as a backlash Snorri can't see for the same amount of time he blinded someone.
    -Shadow Disguise: Snorri can make himself invisible by standing completely still while in a shadow. His whole body has to be inside the shadow and Snorri has to stand still, excluding movement created from breathing, eyes or other involuntary movement. If Snorri moves or light touches him when using this power he immediately becomes visible again. While using this power Snorri literally becomes the shadow and thus cannot be touched by other people.
    Snorri can stay invisible like this for 15 minutes at maximum and afterwards light hurts his eyes for a few minutes.
    -Bad Visions: Snorri can see visions of negative future happenings in his sleep. This is a passive ability he cannot control. Snorri also doesn't know when the visions come to be or how, he just sees images.
    -Shadow Dagger: Snorri can create a short blade made from shadows on his left hand. It's as sturdy as finest steel and really sharp.

    Snorri and his fraternal twin brother were the result of an "unholy union" between an angel and a demon. When their parents' affair and the angel's pregnancy were discovered they were punished for treason. But when the children were born one of them was perfect mix of both angelic and demonic when the other was slightly more demonic, which was destroying his small infant body. The parents, before their punishment was carried out, created him an amulet in which they contained his angelic powers until his body was strong enough to do so.
    Both of them were banished to different realms and the children were cast to Earth since no one knew what to do with them.
    The siblings were separated and when the other one ended up in Europe Snorri appeared in a remote spot at Iceland. He would've probably died if not for an hermit werewolf that found him.
    Snorri was a strange sight with his blue skin and demonic features. He also had a strange amulet with him that emitted strange power.
    The hermit had a golden heart and he decided to raise Snorri as his own son. The child could pass as half-werewolf due to his animalistic nose and he could live freely in isolation.
    Snorri grew up believing he was half-werewolf half-demon, a result of his father's short affair with a demoness. But the hermit never told Snorri anything else, not about his strange powers or the amulet the hermit ordered him to carry at all times.
    The place Snorri grew up in was really isolated and food was delivered once a week by a friend of the hermit's. There was no television, wifi or phones and all Snorri knew of the outside world came from the hermit. Snorri was educated as much as the hermit could manage, which was through elementary school and 7th grade, and that was enough to make Snorri want to see the outside world. But the hermit warned him about breaking the veil, and since they had no human charms available Snorri was stuck where he was.
    Sometimes in his visions Snorri saw bad things happening to a certain person, who had blue skin and red eyes like him. But Snorri often ignored those visions, convincing himself they were just ordinary dreams.
    Snorri spent his days running across the vast lands that surrounded the hermit's house, discovering every nook and cranny of it and testing out the limits of his powers. Snorri loved to fly really high up, lift and throw huge boulders and hide in shadows from the hermit.
    Though the area was isolated there still were some hikers there every now and then, and Snorri was seen once or twice. He became a small urban legend in Iceland, called "demon child of the wilds". Someone even caught him on camera from distance, which ultimately tipped off the academy's scouts.
    The scouts found Snorri when he had just turned 16 and honestly, he was overjoyed that he would be able to leave the isolation and see the world. But before Snorri left the hermit told him that he had found Snorri as an infant. This was quite the shock for Snorri and he left for Manta Carlos feeling confused and conflicted.
    Snorri has been in Manta Carlos only for a really short while now.

    -Fraternal twin of Tristan Braddock
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  3. EmiRose

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    Mar 24, 2018
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    #3 EmiRose, May 17, 2018
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    Name: Snorri Ulfursson
    Apparent Age: 16
    Gender: Male
    Species: Demon-Angel hybrid
    Height: 5'7ft
    Build: Slender and skinny. Narrow hips and shoulders. Looks frail

    Notable Features:
    -Red demon wings, tail and horns
    -Long sharp red nails
    -Blue skin
    -Big white tattoo covering the left side of his upper body
    -Animalistic nose
    -Sharp canines
    -Light blonde curly hair
    -Red eyes
    -No eyebrows

    Physical Quirks:
    -Bad eyesight, so might squint a lot
    -Blushes pretty easily

    Power Summary:
    -Enhanced physical qualities(super strong, has retractable claws and fangs)
    -Can fly
    -Can use shadow magic(can blind someone for few seconds, can become invisible when in a shadow, sees negative future happenings, can create a small blade out of shadows)

    Reputation: Is fresh out of the plane on the island, so none

    Misc Information:
    -Tristan Braddock's fraternal twin

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