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Sloth Tree of Plots

Discussion in 'Plot Archives' started by Arcadia, Apr 16, 2018.

  1. Arcadia

    TEO: Turtle Executive Officer

    Dec 15, 2015
    #1 Arcadia, Apr 16, 2018
    Last edited: Apr 16, 2018
    Well this was very overdue but hey I got to it eventually. All suggested rps are just that, suggestions. If you have your own idea please let me know!

    Dominic Altiriz

    https://starlightacademy.net/index.php?threads/dominic-altiriz.11317/#post-187947 -Bio

    Suggested Rps:

    Students requiring help:

    Students that may be being bullied or need assistance from a teacher in someway. Ms. Altiriz would be more than happy to help

    Past acquaintances:

    Dominic doesn’t have the...cleanest past. Maybe your character had encountered in the past when she “solved problems”. Perhaps they even were the problem that she was hired to “solve”.

    Rey Bether

    https://starlightacademy.net/index.php?threads/rey-bether.17051/#post-187450 -Bio

    Suggested Rps:

    Eldritch/Nightmare experts: Rey is trying to understand the creature tied to him currently. He would gladly accept help from those who are experts in Eldritch/nightmarish creatures or even actual Eldritch or Nightmares


    https://starlightacademy.net/index.php?threads/subject-3817-aka-project-eden.10057/#post-187515 -Bio

    Suggested Rps:

    Friends: Zach is a very lonely guy. He lives in constant fear of his other half Eden and could use a little happiness in his life with people besides himself.

    Victims: If you want your character to get the hurt real bad then Eden is a master at it. He loves fighting and is known to randomly attack people who are alone or isolated.

    Micheal Keith


    Suggested Rps:

    Employees: Mike is trying to kickstart his own business named Magitech. Only problem is that he has nobody to help him with his ambitious ideas, if you lack a job Micheal is happy to hire.
  2. Sarrain

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    Jan 30, 2016
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    @Arcadia This is outdated, but imma post here for a suggestion anyway: Rory and Aren. They could be in one class together, they're close enough in age and grade. They've met once, fleetingly in the Community Center, and all-in-all more teenage friends is greeeeat.

    Shay might talk to Aren, but she'll heavily avoid that 'dark soul' thing until she can understand it better. But safe is to say, she's keeping her eye on this dude.

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