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Shul Rukt’In

111, 112; looks around 23

November 21st


Ice dragon


Social Work & Field Scout

As a human:
Shul looks slender, maybe even a little skinny, as a human and he seems weak to the outside. He is a little short, around 174cm(5.7ft), and his body is thin and a little soft-looking. In actuality Shul has a healthy amount of muscles and he exercises regularly. His feet are quite big and he has long legs in comparison to his torso.
Shul has soft facial features, he looks friendly and is baby-faced. He looks even younger than he is supposed to look. His nose is short curved at the tip, he has a small mouth with thin lips and his cheeks are smooth with low cheekbones. Shul’s chin is a bit pointy and round at the tip.
Shul’s eyes are almond shaped and golden in his human form. His eyelashes are pretty long and dark and his brows are thin.
Shul has turquoise hair and it’s the same colour as his eyes in dragon form. Shul keeps his hair pretty short, it reaches his ears and usually goes down as a ruffled cap.
In clothing Shul appreciates the casual and comfy style, hoodies and cardigans and clean jeans all the way. As shoes he normally uses either leather shoes or presentable sneakers. When he’s at work in the elementary school he might throw on a dress shirt, and maybe even a tie.

As a dragon:
Shul is quite big as a dragon. He is about 20 meters tall from his front paws to the tip of his horns and 38 meters long from his chest to the tip of his tail. But though he’s big he looks quite cute as a dragon. Shul’s body is on the chubby, sturdy side and you can see he has large muscles. He is covered in soft, thick white fur and he has short, stubby legs with big paws and black, big nails. Shul’s head is bird-like, pointy like a beak from the tip and he has bright blue oval shaped eyes. His horns are white as well, resemble those of a bull and there are four of them, two on each side of his head. His tail is relatively long and at the tip there’s a discoloured bulge.
Shul’s wings are big and make you think of angel’s wings as they are white and feathery.

The first thing you’ll probably notice from Shul is that he is sweet, goofy and attentive, so much so it borders on obnoxious. In social situations he’s open, talkative and will try to befriend anyone. Sometimes Shul has no sense of personal space or boundaries and might get a bit too pushy. But he is also quick to back down fast if you only say it to him. Shul is a good listener and if you tell him straight what you feel he will respect it.

Shul is timid in conflict situations and usually ends up following the situation on the side, ready to step in if needed. Shul is scared of escalating things so he avoids messing with other peoples' problems and will usually offer a shoulder to cry on later. But in times of crisis Shul is unexpectedly the one to stay calm and step up.

Shul likes to learn new things and he is curious by nature. And he really doesn’t seem like he’s over 100 years old. He just seems like another youngster who wants to have fun.

Shul is a pacifist and doesn’t appreciate fighting. His sense of honour and pride are not that important to him so Shul is willing to apologize and even grovel if he thinks he should. But Shul does have a sense of responsibility and loyalty and if someone deeply insults, hurts or kills someone dear to him he will destroy the culprit, verbally or physically. Shul likes to keep his friends close to him and loved ones even closer and he puts them before his own wellbeing.

Shul does not feel hate. He dislikes many things but Shul does not hate anything or anyone. He shed that feeling after he left his mountain, since Shul deemed he had felt all the hate he could towards his family. Shul is a forgiving person, but not naively much so, and if he thinks someone deserves a second chance he will gladly give it to them.

Though most of the time Shul seems a bit immature and childlike when he is with children he assumes his work mode and becomes responsible. He still likes to go down to the kids’ level and roll around and play with them but he is also an adult and authority figure to them. Shul takes his job and role seriously. After all, he loves children. Shul has more maternity instincts than some females of his species and he has an instinctive need to take care of others, children or otherwise.

Shul seems spineless, like he would do anything to avoid a fight. But in actuality Shul is quite confident. He has chosen not to fight, he has chosen to be opposite of everything his family ever wanted him to be, which was power hungry, greedy, prideful and strong. Shul is strong in his own way and any insults or jokes you throw about his "weakness" cannot touch him. Because Shul himself knows that he is powerful and strong and that he does not need to bother with anyone who will not even bother to actually know him before insulting him.

Shifting & Partial Shifting: Shul has a dragon form and is able to shift between it and his human form at will, although his dragon form is so large he cannot do it a lot. Shul is also able to shift parts of his body into those of his dragon form, for example his limbs or teeth or wings.

Ice Breath: Like most dragons, Shul has a breath attack. In his case it’s a blast of highly concentrated cold air that will freeze anything in it’s path. The range of this attack is around 50 meters to the direction Shul breathes it and the attack itself is 2 meters in diameter. Shul can only use this attack once in 30 hours and if he uses it twice within that time limit his throat will freeze shut. Shul can breathe the cold air for 3 minutes max continually.

Ice Manipulation: Shul can’t create ice but he basically has free rein over it as a dragon. In his dragon form he can control ice masses even bigger than himself. Shul creates vibrations by for example stomping on the ground and by sensing those vibrations in the ice he can make it take any form he wishes. As a human Shul can do this in much smaller proportions, being able to control ice pieces about 1.5 meters in diameter.
Extended Lifespan: Shul will live for 40 000-50 000 years. In his last years Shul won't be able to remain in his human form anymore. Eventually he will start turning into ice and become a giant ice statue of a dragon.

-Heightened senses: In both dragon and human form Shul has incredibly high senses.
-Regeneration: You can chop off Shul’s wing, leg or arm in his dragon form and he will regenerate it in a matter of minutes. If you severe Shul’s limb when he’s in his human form growing it back would take months, even if he went into his dragon form in between. And if you completely crush or otherwise disintegrate Shul’s body, or destroy his weak spot, when he’s in his human form he will most probably die.
-High Intelligence: Shul can learn new things incredibly fast, like languages or skills that normally require months, even years of practice. Shul can speed read and he can remember every single word in a book if he really tries.
Cold: In his human form Shul gets cold quite easily and he likes to keep warm. It is easy for him to get hypothermia.

Weak Physically: Shul is of average strength in his human form, maybe even weaker than that. He has to actually work out regularly to keep himself in shape.

Weak Spot: At the tip of his tail in dragon form Shul has a different coloured bulge. If that gets damaged or cut off Shul will get in tremendous pain and even die. In human form that bulge is in the form of a birthmark in his inner thigh. He has no idea why it’s his weak spot.

Weak Against Magic: Basically Shul is weak against magic attacks, especially fire attacks.

First Attack: Shul can’t attack anyone first but he has to be attacked for him to be able to fight back. Attack is when someone feels hostile towards Shul and has the wish to hurt him. This is the same in both human and dragon form.

Must Change: Shul has to change into his dragon form at least once in four months. If he doesn’t he will become really exhausted in his human form and eventually he will be forced to change back into his dragon form, no matter where he is and when. When he changes he has to stay in the form for at least half an hour before turning back into a human if he wants to stay human for the next five months straight.

Shul was born in an isolated but quite large community of dragons that lived in the Alps. He was the youngest of his 6 siblings and not much was expected from him, as he was born small. Shul’s parents were the leaders of the community and his father was the largest dragon among the dragons there. This put pressure on all Shul’s other siblings when he got to live out of the shadow, just being himself. So Shul was free but he was also relentlessly bullied by his siblings.
Shul’s childhood years went by rather uneventfully, his siblings tormenting him and Shul finding ways to avoid them and entertain himself. But when he hit puberty and his dragon form started gaining size everyone’s eyes turned to him. Soon, around the age of 19, he even rivalled his father in size. Shul’s dragon form had previously been mocked for it’s meek and soft look but now that his cuddly body was the size of a seven-story building no one laughed. His powers spiked too and he was amongst the most powerful.
The community was waiting for Shul to try and join his siblings in the race of succeeding their father but, to everyone’s surprise, Shul wanted nothing to do with it. He was content just playing with the young dragons of the community and, in secret, studying about the world. Being in touch with the outside world was strictly forbidden and Shul, having the tendency to go against the norm, had found a way to know about what was beyond the mountains. He even taught himself to learn and write in different languages.
Even though Shul said he wasn’t interested in succeeding his siblings just wouldn’t have it. They continued tormenting him, since they knew Shul was too spineless to fight back. This continued for nearly 30 years. But then, one day, Shul did fight back. His eldest sister, the biggest among their family(after Shul), was yet again tormenting Shul and eventually went as far as to turn into her dragon form and try to crush Shul. Shul turned into a dragon as well and they began to fight. The fight shook the mountain and lasted days. And finally Shul emerged victorious. The community didn’t know Shul had just defended himself and they thought Shul had at last decided to succeed. Even though Shul denied it many times his father called for him. Shul went and his father told him that he was to succeed the leadership. To that Shul revealed he had been studying about the outside world and even gone to the nearest village in secret. A traitor like that could never succeed the leadership, right? Shul’s father agreed and Shul was banished from the community, to the outside world he so much loved.
Shul was shocked by the banishment but he couldn’t say he wasn’t a bit relieved. He would miss the children, the mountain and good people. But he wouldn’t miss his family, the pressure, the coldness in people’s hearts. So Shul left, and didn’t look behind.
Shul was 50 when he descended the mountain to the nearest village. He started his journey there, hiding his blue hair and doing whatever small tasks he could. Shul was thirsty for knowledge, any kind of knowledge, so he excelled in whatever he did. His high intelligence helped too.
Shul stayed in that village for a few years and then continued on after earning enough money to live by.

Shul travelled the world for decades, visiting many countries, learning anything he could and meeting many people, good and bad. The world was still new for Shul and during his first years travelling he got into some trouble. Shul got kidnapped by some criminals in southern Europe and was their hostage for several months. He saw people get tortured and killed, and was tortured himself. Shul and some other prisoners were used for building bombs for the criminals. But the police caught the criminals after a year or so and one of those police officers would become Shul's first lover. They were together for few years before the man, who was in the SWAT team, got shot in the line of duty. Shul was heartbroken and continued his travels to England. There he had multiple lovers to try and heal himself but mainly Shul concentrated on studying about architecture and classic theatre.
Shul left england after 5 or so years and went to Russia circling through the nordic countries. Shul had many friends and acquaintances along the way but he didn't date anyone seriously. And his first serious relationship hadn't ended nicely. Shul did small jobs as he travelled and Shul, who was young and adventurous, ended up getting mixed with criminal activities again in Russia. This time he ended up dating someone who was in a gang and Shul was used for smuggling drugs several times without him knowing. Shul thought he was delivering ordinary packages, just another job. When Shul found out and ended the relationship he got shot, thankfully only on the leg. Shul was able to escape by knocking his ex-lover unconscious.
Shul travelled to Asia next and studied philosophy, mathematics and history. Shul sucked all new knowledge like a sponge. After what had happened in Russia Shul avoided getting into relationships, and truthfully he was getting tired of them for now. So Shul stepped into romantic and sexual celibacy and travelled to Japan, where he learned mythology. Japan was a nice place and Shul stayed there for almost 6 years. But then he got the chance to attend university.

Shul was able to attend university in Finland through some connections he had made in the supernatural community and he studied to be a kindergarten and elementary school teacher. Through those same connections Shul was also able to secure himself a job at the Starlight academy.
Shul is relatively new to the island and he has started settling in quite nicely. After arriving on the island Shul started dating an AI named Sark, and to Shul's great surprise his siblings arrived on the island. The community started intergrating to the outside world soon after Shul was banished and Shul is now helping his sister and new chief Fweiu.

Lives in a rented apartment with his fiancee
Works as a scout, has money saved up
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Name: Shul Rukt'In
Apparent Age: Early 20s, actually 111
Gender: Male
Species: Ice dragon
Height: 174cm; 5.7ft
Build: Skinny and slender, thin limbs

Notable Features:
-Bright blue hair that reaches his ears
-Golden eyes
-Dresses casually and cozily

Physical Quirks:
-Talks with his hands a lot
-Little weak physically

Power Summary:
-Can turn into a big fluffy dragon and breathe freezing air in this form
-Fast learning
-Can sprout big weathery wings and black sharp claws
-Ice manipulation
-High regenerative rate
-Sharp senses
-Long lifespan

-Shul is new to the academy bit he has already earned a reputation as the bright, cheerful new teacher and the kids might know and like him. Known among the teachers as the friendly and cheerful co-worker. Now also known as a part of the Rukt'In clan currently staying on the island.

Misc Information:
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