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Emy Shiro Sumeragi

Discussion in 'Character Applications' started by Kazerou, Dec 3, 2018.

  1. Kazerou

    New Member

    Oct 28, 2018
    #1 Kazerou, Dec 3, 2018
    Last edited: Dec 10, 2018 at 6:27 PM
    Name: Shiro Sumeragi
    Age: 18
    Birthday: 2nd of May
    Gender: Male
    Species: Human
    Category: Student
    Class: College
    Grade: Doctorate
    College Major: Alchemy

    Appearance Description:
    Shiro is a 5'6" man appearing to be of Japanese descent with Raven black hair going past his ears and often appearing messy most of the time. He appears rather light and nimble not having much muscle mass but he's still healthy with a bit of compact muscle mass. Shiro's a bit pale and wears a pair of glasses at all times, while his sight isn't horrible he wears them so he can maintain what can be described as normal eyesight, his eyes are emerald green in color. Shiro's clothing style depends on the season and temperature, he often wears long pants however and a hoodie during cool and cold weather and can sometimes be seen in beach attire when it heats up in the summer.

    Personality Description:
    Shiro is a very studious and somewhat introvert of an individual, his view on the world is that it's one filled with many secrets and secrets within secrets. The same view is with people, he's willing to get to know anyone and learn what he can from them, long time friends of his often say he can get excited when hearing about something new or making a discovery for himself, for him Alchemy and Magic are the very things that run his world and such he aims to be someone that knows everything he possibly can about both. He is very friendly and caring for the people around him not wanting to hurt or endanger them but if need be he is willing to defend himself or those he cares for. He is very hard to anger and despite negativity not being something he shows on a regular basis if he ever feels sad he tends to withdraw from society or even just vanish.

    When invested in his interests he can be very quiet and still as he thinks and then suddenly move with such speed and precision that he seems like a madman on a mission. Shiro has a good sense of justice and that justice extends to the natural world around him, he isn't one to refuse a bond with animals be they magical or regular. His connection with nature is what makes him such a great alchemist and he loves to share his knowledge unless it's very touch in nature (such as family secrets or taboos) but he's always willing to learn.

    There can be a very dark side to Shiro however, if his anger is ever actually brought out he can be very sadistic and this is his downfall, if someone angers him, he wants them to suffer for it. This side has never surfaced however and if it did he would likely go out of his way to disrupt a persons life and his own just to deliver what he considers just karma to someone.

    Active Abilities: Catalyst of Transformation:


    The Catalyst of transformation is an ancient device created by Shiro's ancestor, this device has bound to Shiro and he can summon it at will and requires three medals to use properly and unfortunately for Shiro he only has two but that doesn't stop him from using the catalysts power to his advantage. The scanner has three lights that represent a section of the body, Head, Torso and Legs. If all three slots are activated the catalyst is capable of great things, at this stage his knowledge on the Catalyst is that it can summon a being that can use the coins to their full power.

    Hawk Coin:
    Possibly the medal he has mastered the quickest is the Hawk Medal, its a head medal that grants him the power to see far off into the distance, up to a few kilometers away from him, the down side is he needs to focus and he can lose perception of what's around him if he's not careful.

    Grasshopper Coin:
    A Green leg medal based on the Grasshopper, when active it covers his legs in a green energy that acts as a means of propelling himself upwards and acting as shock absorbers to prevent him breaking his legs. His maximum height is 30 meters into the air and he can survive a drop of about 50 meters without feeling it.

    Passive Abilities: Alchemists Heritage: Shiro's family history goes back to Manta Carlos's early days, hailing from a long line of alchemists with the occasional mage has left his bloodline one with vast knowledge on Alchemy and the arts it supports. Shiro naturally knows a lot about alchemy and has an affinity for it to quickly learn new methods of performing it as well as perfecting his projects be it potions, transmutation or even the odd ward, scroll or magical item.

    Chimera Heart: Another interesting part of Shiro's heritage is the rare trait that shows up in some of them, the Chimera heart is a magical term for an affinity with Animals and so components from animals seem more effective and Shiro can easily bond with animals of all sorts be they natural or supernatural. This trait is also what allows Shiro to use the Catalyst of Transformation as the medals were all made from animals that possessed magical qualities. Another effect is that Shiro can Absorb the Coins in order to actually gain their benefits, he can absorb up to three as long as they're each for a different section of the body.

    Magus: Shiro's family has seen many mages and less alchemists in recent times, the art of alchemy was presumed dead in the family so practicing magic seemed like the only option as Manta Carlos was a place where options were plentiful. For Shiro his craft is Alchemy but he has taken to magic as well, capable of reading arcane languages and casting spells written on specific parchments, this only enhances Shiro's Alchemy as he has been known to make rather potent components required for spell casting and magical circles laced with repelling agents that even the most sly of shadow cannot slip through.

    Weaknesses: N/A

    Common Magical Items: N/A

    Biography: Born on the island to one of the more respected family's of Manta Carlos, Shiro grew up with a book in one hand and a potion bottle in the other. The Sumeragi's originally hailed from Japan but various reasons led them to the island in its early days. Their ancestor was a renowned alchemist and student of magical arts and the arcane as a whole, while only one man he did his best to contribute and the family never lost its place on the island. Over the generations the knowledge of alchemy was passed down but started to only be a small part of their lives, most of them moved to mainly study magic or science, some becoming more 'traditional' doctors. Shiro however was a boy that looked to his roots and decided that alchemy was his passion and while still having an innate talent for magic his love and affinity towards the alchemic arts was stronger. This led to a few complications with his life as while his siblings were practicing how to throw their voice, Shiro could just...make a voice in a jar and it often earned him no respect just a sigh of disappointment.

    Shiro's school life was rather uneventful until Middle School where he received a gift from his grandfather, a strange device known as the Catalyst of Transformation. The Catalyst was said to be a device of great power to a capable alchemist of the Sumeragi family, along with it came two coins, Hawk and Grasshopper, they were also old, his grandfather explained that it was possible to make more and that their ancestor had notes on how it worked. To learn more Shiro would have to enter his ancestors tomb, which had been locked for years. Upon visiting it he saw that the entrance was missing something, a slot for something as large as the catalyst, placing it in caused the tomb to unlock and after exploring it he found it wasn't really a tomb, but a library of the more dangerous knowledge and it was an aspiring alchemists dream. Learning more on the catalyst Shiro learned that creatures with innate magical talent could be converted into medals and that a specific set of these medals were more powerful together. With this knowledge he re-sealed the tomb and thought perhaps one day he'll need to look into making a full set of medals.

    Highschool came along and he became more of a renowned alchemist, keeping his family's store stocked with high quality potions and other items an Alchemist would make. While his siblings knew basic alchemy to do the same, Shiro was often the one requested to be the one to make specific items, but other than that his highschool life didn't have any strife or trouble. College saw him taking on alchemy as a career and he was going to learn as much as he could.

    Resources: Sumeragi Family Fortune
    Sumeragi Family estate
    Hiro's Tomb/Library
    Sumeragi Magical Goods and Potions

    Additional Information: Is there anything else to take note of?

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