September 2020 Announcements


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Jun 18, 2015
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September 2020 Announcements

A New School Year

And so one school year passes on to the next. Officially, graduation happened in August, which means it's time to update your character sheets.

For anyone with students, please post here to record if your character is changing grade. This is an optional thing: if you'd prefer your character to not move up a grade, you're welcome to do that.

Student Council Election
Twice yearly, Starlight Academy hosts Student Council Elections. This event varies depending on the number of signups, so if you're interested, please sign up ASAP. Signups close on the 10th.

New Moderator
We'd like to welcome @Pallas to the Moderator team! They've made the jump from ranger to mod, in large part due to their help keeping our newspaper flowing nicely.

As always, our ranger positions are open for those interested.

Odds and Ends
Scouts have become part of Manta Carlos's government, and the Veil Agency has become the Department of Disbelief Research through the school. You can read more here.

Challenges (and stars) have been retired due to lack of use.​


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