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September 2017 Announcements

Discussion in 'Announcements' started by Polaris, Sep 1, 2017.

  1. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
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    September 2017 Announcements.
    The End of Summer


    Character Creation Month

    Every September, Starlight Academy encourages our players to bring those ideas and work in progress applications to life with our annual Character Creation Month! just like last year, this year we're providing additional incentive beyond the CCM Medal, and you can read all about it here.

    Of special note: Even if you have no characters to make, this year we're allowing people who aren't making apps to get involved by encouraging them to plot with all the new characters coming in!

    New Profile Addition

    Your site profile has a new field which can be accessed via the 'personal details' page. Players can pick a 'posting status', choosing from daily, weekly, intermittent, and hiatus. You can change this freely, but should help give people an idea of just how active people can expect them to be at the time.

    This should also help with the upcoming Student Council Elections, coming later this month!

    Hold onto your random alien screeches everybody, because it's time for the second annual SPACEcon!

    Get ready for a weekend of fun that's OUT OF THIS WORLD! And with the new Virtual Convention Center, never miss out on your favorite concerts and panels.

    Check out more info here. SPACEcon. It's a convention. In space!

    Contests and Spotlights

    The event contest poll should be up soon -- keep an eye out!

    Congratulations to our spotlight winners! All winners should PM Kyros to claim their cbox name colors.

    This month's Member Spotlight is Trahnael! @Trahnael, known as 'Nael' to pretty much everyone, is an older member who recently returned to the site with a vengeance. Nael brought a few characters back, introduced a few new ones, and has been absolutely plotting up a storm.

    Characters spotlight was a tie!

    And here's a character that was engineered to have a hard time, and one that you can't help but feel sorry for, even if you just read her profile up to her powers. Unfortunately, most characters wouldn't feel the same way. The character in question is of course none other than one of @Boop's newer additions to her roster: Theodora Katsoufis. To put it in summary, Theodora is a 12 year old girl who is a demigod unfortunate enough to be cursed with an aura that makes people want to make her cry (which gets stronger the happier she is), and another aura that will amplify the negative emotions someone has. You can see how she is being sent on a course to Tragedyville with the cards she was dealt with, and that's what makes it quite an interesting setup. With the odds stacked against her like this, you can only wonder what fate awaits her. Think you can help her out?

    As for our other winner: Yoka Sake is yet another one of @ReD ’s darling characters. Yoka Sake has been around since 2015 so it is great to see her shine at last. The 500-year-old five-tailed kitsune is the proud and shrewd owner of what she claims to be the Mantra Carlos oldest exotic dance club; The Cross Fox. While some look down her business with disdain, her club has attracted many customers and given its performers many opportunities. While Yoka tends put her business first and foremost, Yoka will always take care of her own if they follow her rules. While her lovers are many, Yoka is loyal to rare few she dares to call a friend. Cunning and alluring, Yoka Sake breaths life and excitement to city giving players a smart, promiscuous character and establishing a club that is all the talk of island for those yearning for a good time.

    This month's Plot Spotlight is Valli's Love Life / You're a Real Boy Gask! Some of the best plots are the ones that come completely unexpected, and nothing could be quite as unexpected as this. Valli, a perpetual workaholic, participated in the virtual reality sim back in July, only to find just what he was missing: Something outside of work. In a monumentally poorly thought out decision, Valli decided to purchase one of the AIs used in the sim, giving it a body and a life of its own.

    Which of course lead to Gask--a person with no experience in the real world--discovering that his world was little more than a simulation for entertainment, and that he'd been brought out of it. It's extremely fun watching Gask bounce off people he knew from the simulation, and watching the confused reactions as people debate over whether or not Gask was a player who entered the simulation with them.

    We're accepting Spotlight Nominations for next month in this thread, so get your nominations in!​
  2. Polaris

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    May 30, 2014
    September 2017 Mid-Month Announcements.
    Character Creation Month is in full swing!


    Character Creation Month
    Character creation month continues to be in full swing! Players are encouraged to finish up their WIPs, and for those who already have all their characters done, you can thread with your new characters to earn power vouchers!

    All the information can be found here.

    Student Council Elections

    Held twice a year, Starlight Academy is running student council elections again! These event-contest hybrids encourage players to have their characters run for election in order to fill one of the five student council seats.

    You can find all the information here. Student Council elections run from the 17th to 25th of this month.

    The second annual spacecon is currently underway! All the details can be found here. This event is both an ongoing forum event, as well as an upcoming ICC event next weekend!

    Contests and Spotlights

    Voting is now up for the suggest-an-event contest! You can find it here. Voting will close on the 25th of this month. If your idea is included, please don't tell people it's yours until voting has finished!

    Spotlight voting is also up! You can find it here, and you can start nominating here.

    We've also had a slight change to spotlight rules:

    "You cannot nominate a player who has won any of the previous month's spotlights, and you cannot nominate a specific player, character, or plot that has won in the past six months."

    To accommodate this, we've also returned nominating to running from the 1st-14th of each month.

    Odds and Ends

    Tory has stepped down from being a ranger, and we wish her the best! We're currently low on rangers, and if anyone is interested in throwing their hat into the ring, the application can be found here. Rangers must be at least 16 years old.

    Mature RP threads should still have an 'open' or 'closed' prefix. If you need help tagging something, don't be afraid to post in the mod request thread in the help center!​

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