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Nov 23, 2016
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Room: Community Center

Time Entered: 11:52 A.M. on March 19th, 2020

Characters: Hugo Rainer (Max!!)

Summary: Meets Hugo. Learns that he's a human from another world who had his magical potential activated.

Time Left: 2:15 P.M.

Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 11:52 AM
Enters inside veeeery warily.
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 11:54 AM
Waves to Sela
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 11:55 AM
"... Hello. I'm Sela."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 11:56 AM
"I'm Hugo"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 11:57 AM
"Nice to meet you." Looks around. "I was hoping there would be more people here..."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 11:58 AM
"Nope it's just little old me"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 11:59 AM
"You don't look ol—Ah. Never mind, I understand now." Floats above a beanbag. "This is a fine too. It's a little easier to talk without... so many people..."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 12:00 PM
"That's one way of looking at it."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 12:01 PM
Looks mildly confused. "Yes. One of many. If more people arrive, I'll fade into the background and watch. And learn."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 12:27 PM
"Sometimes it's better to learn by doing though"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 12:31 PM
"Sometimes, yes. That's why I'm talking to you now. But doing and doing wrong in front of a crowd makes a lot of trouble."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 12:32 PM
"Even competent people screw up."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 12:38 PM
Nods and is silent for a bit. "That's... true. I still think it's smarter to learn from seeing, then learn by doing." Plays with their "hair." "Um. How are you?"
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 12:51 PM
"Pretty decent, I found this ice cream shop and um... it was way good," he thumbs up.
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 12:52 PM
"What shop? I like ice cream, but I haven't tried much. My favorite is vanilla with sprinkles. The, uh, sprinkles don't really add any taste, but I feel like they make it taste better anyway because it looks prettier."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 12:54 PM
"It's not super far from the school..." he gives fairly detailed directions from there."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 12:59 PM
"Thank y—Er. Um. Are you fae, by chance? Usually I give thanks and apologies but I don't want to start trouble right now."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 1:13 PM
"Nah I'm human actually"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 1:21 PM
"Ah..." :)??? "Huh?"
Looks Hugo over. "Huh?"
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 1:24 PM
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 1:25 PM
"You don't look human. Are you from another world?"
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 1:25 PM
"Yup but that has nothing to do with it."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 1:26 PM
:|c Internally debating if it's rude to continue questioning. "You're a very unique-looking human. I thought you might be something like me."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 1:35 PM
"Nah someone just went and yanked out whatever magical potential I had in me and well... this is the result"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 1:36 PM
"Magical potential? Like, um, mana. Or spirit energy? Does every—Oh, everyone probably doesn't here because you're from a different world."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 1:56 PM
"I mean, it varies from person to person but... now I'm a shady guy"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 1:57 PM
"You look shady. Other than appearance, what is different about you now?"
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 2:00 PM
Kinda lets himself become shapeless for a moment then returns to normal
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 2:00 PM
Does the same. "We are similar!" :D
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 2:02 PM
"I guess we are"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 2:03 PM
"I'm not human though. I'm from my dream. I'm a..." thinks for a moment "location."
Max!!Today at 2:03 PM
Hugo: "That's a new one..."
KeenToday at 2:10 PM
seladult: "I've heard there are similar entities to me but I haven't met any like them yet. I'd like to meet another location."


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Nov 23, 2016
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Room: Community Center

Time Entered: 5:10 P.M. on March 21st, 2020

Characters: Ida (Mint), Sazz Deceleus (Max!!), Andrasta Keegan (Kait), Ishi (Bloos), Dalia Tor (Kada), Katie Korn (Big Jeffe)

Summary: Sazz uses his cat form for a while, then reveals himself to be Sazz since Sela didn't recognize the other form. Ida dislikes Sazz so Sela asks her if Sazz was mean to her. She says yes, and Sazz calls out her bad behavior, but Ida pretends she doesn't know what he's talking about. Meanwhile, Dalia and Andrasta have a chat about Orsick and dating. Sazz low-key apologies to Sela (isn't sure if they're fae) and Sela accepts it, then he leaves. Ida is mean to Orsick when he comes in, causing Dalia to snap and scare Sela. Ida leaves, then Sela when Katie says she'll be leaving too.

Time Left: 5:50 P.M.

Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:10 PM
Enters, then pauses at all the people.
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:10 PM
Becomes smaller to match all the shorter people in the room.
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:10 PM
“I’m just wondering. Like would it even hurt to tear a chunk or two off and donate em?”
Sazz Deceleus(cat)BOTToday at 5:11 PM
Waves to Sela
Just shakes his head
Andrasta KeeganBOTToday at 5:12 PM
shares a glance with sazz and also shakes her head
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:12 PM
Waves back. Sort of ducks their head down and float-rushes to a corner of the room to watch the conversation.
Ishi (Bloos)BOTToday at 5:12 PM
"We can do a trade if you want, for one of your horns for one of my crystals."
Sazz Deceleus(cat)BOTToday at 5:12 PM
"Just ignore her, she'll throw a tantrum and run away."
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:13 PM
zips on in, skidding to a stop. no skates today
Ishi (Bloos)BOTToday at 5:13 PM
Waves to Dalia and Sela
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:13 PM
"Tantrums aren't good. That's how you make your dorm pare—"Pauses when Dalia comes in suddenly.
Nearly misses Ishi's wave. Waves back.
Sazz Deceleus(cat)BOTToday at 5:13 PM
Waves to Dalia
Katie KornBOTToday at 5:14 PM
Waves to Dalia aswell
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:14 PM
throws up a hand, catching her breath for a second and throwing her jacket off to cool down
Andrasta KeeganBOTToday at 5:14 PM
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:15 PM
“Yeah no dice.”
“And I don’t throw tantrums.”
Sazz Deceleus(cat)BOTToday at 5:16 PM
Just smiles
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:16 PM
Eyes Dalia.
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:16 PM
Sazz Deceleus(cat)BOTToday at 5:17 PM
Flips off the table and runs to the vending machine
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:17 PM
electric zips over to hug her friend, ignoring everybody else for the moment
Andrasta KeeganBOTToday at 5:19 PM
hugs and attempts to pick her up with the hug for a second
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:19 PM
“Hey cat!”
Sazz Deceleus(cat)BOTToday at 5:19 PM
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:19 PM
“I was going to ask if you needed help?”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:19 PM
"The... cat has a familiar voice."
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:19 PM
allows herself to be picked up, using a little bounce on her heels to make it easier
Katie KornBOTToday at 5:20 PM
"He... he does?" @Sela
Sazz Deceleus(cat)BOTToday at 5:20 PM
"Hm... the things I need help with are beyond you"
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:20 PM
“How does a cat use a vending machine?”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:21 PM
"Yes. Someone I met here before."
Sazz Deceleus(cat)BOTToday at 5:21 PM
"Because I'm not a cat"
Andrasta KeeganBOTToday at 5:21 PM
sets Dalia down. "Orsick is ready for you to say you told him so, by the way"
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:21 PM
“You stupid or something?”
Sazz Deceleus(cat)BOTToday at 5:21 PM
"In fact..." he starts glowing
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:22 PM
Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 5:22 PM
"No, are you stupid?"
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:22 PM
"Eyes" widen at Ida. Then Sazz. "Oh. I met you already."
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:22 PM
"Wait... are you two..." crosses her fingers, lookin andrasta in the eyes. This is the most important thing
Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 5:22 PM
"The answer is yes, yes you are," he buys some oreos.
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:23 PM
Stares. “I am not. But that makes sense... I knew that feline reminded me of something awful.”
Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 5:24 PM
"Only awful for you baby," he pops an oreo into his mouth as he finds a seat.
Andrasta KeeganBOTToday at 5:24 PM
"Yep. If you're asking what I think you are."
Ishi (Bloos)BOTToday at 5:24 PM
Just watches all of this
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:25 PM
absolutely squeals like a maniac, shaking Andrasta by her shoulders
Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 5:25 PM
"Oh..." he just looks at Dalia and Andrasta.
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:25 PM
Grimaces at this. Floats over to Ida and lowers their voice. "Did he make you feel bad too?"
Katie KornBOTToday at 5:26 PM
Looks over at Andrasta and Dalia
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:26 PM
“hehe, just me eh Sazz? Looks over to Sela. “Only every time I see him.”
Andrasta KeeganBOTToday at 5:27 PM
laughs, then counter shakes. "Calm down!"
Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 5:27 PM
"Considering you tried to get me fired from my job and you've been on a little rampage at school..."
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:27 PM
"Never! Gods in hell you have no idea how much I've wanted to slap the taste out of Orsick's mouth every time he went on a tirade against romance."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:27 PM
Was hoping for more whispering. Pulls out a notebook from their stomach. Almost goes to pull out a pen, then pauses at what Sazz said. Looks. Confused.
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:28 PM
“What do you mean?”
Andrasta KeeganBOTToday at 5:29 PM
"Ok that's fair."
Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 5:30 PM
"Every ounce of ill will she has on her is purely self inflicted. But I'm the least of her worries if the rumors check out," he turns to Sela. "I was probably in a bad mood when I saw you. I don't hold any ill will against you."
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:31 PM
“Whatever you’re talking about is a lie.”
Ishi (Bloos)BOTToday at 5:32 PM
Walks out
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:33 PM
"Ah..." Fumbles with the notebook that's a little too large for their hands. Is trying to process everything. "It's. Okay. I think. It's hard for me to hold grudges. I was just curious."
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:33 PM
"I'm gonna make coffee." zips into the kitchen on a line of electricty
Sazz DeceleusBOTToday at 5:35 PM
"Oh, huh. Well now that that's squared away..." he stretches and hops up. "I'm gonna go do things not here. It smells like trash now."
Waves as he heads out
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:35 PM
“You smell like trash!”
Andrasta KeeganBOTToday at 5:35 PM
"party time!" Andrasta follows her to the coffee making zone
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:36 PM
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:36 PM
Looks at Sela “He’s the worst am I right?”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:38 PM
"Um. I'm not sure. I can't smell. I don't know what it smells like in here."
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:38 PM
peeks from around the corner "Just cause you don't like him doesn't mean he's bad."
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:39 PM
“This doesn’t concern you!“
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 5:40 PM
Steps out of the closet, "You're so loud, I could hear you from my room..."
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:40 PM
“It smells like lightning brat still, but the cat dork scent is going away.”
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:40 PM
electrifies and appears in front of Ida
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:40 PM
"You're being a little me—" Floats far back from Dalia.
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 5:41 PM
"Oh no..."
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:41 PM
Flinches, eyes shut. “You’re not allowed to hurt me!”
Katie KornBOTToday at 5:41 PM
Backs up against a wall, she wants no part of this
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:41 PM
Shoves the notebook back into their stomach-portal. Pulls out a phone. Just in case.
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:42 PM
Her eyes flash... red? "Listen here you insignificant little cunt. I don't give a fuck about going back to the Islets. If you insult me or my friends or my family again. If I hear any rude thing come out of your mouth about my or my loved ones, I will break you the fuck in half."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:42 PM
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 5:42 PM
"Guys... can we not for once."
Andrasta KeeganBOTToday at 5:42 PM
walks over to this whole mess and gets between them
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:43 PM
“a-“ Is about to say something but shuts her yap. Bangs her fist on the ground. “Screw you. I’m leaving.” Gets up.
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:44 PM
splits into a really... Pandora-like grin
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 5:44 PM
Pinches the bridge of his nose.
Andrasta KeeganBOTToday at 5:45 PM
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:45 PM
“You guys all suck...” Walks away.
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:46 PM
"But... I didn't do..."
Andrasta KeeganBOTToday at 5:46 PM
"she wasn't talking to you. Don't worry about it." @sela
Ida (Mint)BOTToday at 5:46 PM
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:46 PM
"But she said all..."
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 5:46 PM
"Well there goes my mood..."
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:46 PM
rubs at her forehead, kind of laughing quietly.
Andrasta KeeganBOTToday at 5:47 PM
"... Are you okay?"
"you'd better not be getting possessed by space catholics. Or whatever."
Dalia TorBOTToday at 5:48 PM
"Yeah, I'm fine. Just... sorry guys. But please, Orsick. You were never gonna have a good time with her treating people like trash in here."
Katie KornBOTToday at 5:49 PM
"I... I think I'm gonna go.."
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 5:49 PM
"Well it's better that than having my friends threatening to snap them in half. At least I can just walk away from one of those."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 5:50 PM
Looks at Katie, then nods. Floats out silently.


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Nov 23, 2016
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Room: Community Center

Time Entered: 4:47 P.M. on March 25th, 2020

Characters: Emma Smith (BoomKitty), Hugo Rainer (Max!!), Wynnestri von Eivantol (ArcanaFate)

Summary: Recognizes Emma Smith from the nap club earlier. Hugo shows off his powers and later shows off his body storage. Sela shows off their body storage. Wynnestri's storage is in his ring. Wynnestri asks if Sela's a god and they explain they aren't outside of their dream. Sela wonders how the island handles power advantages in jobs and competitions but receives no answer.

Time Left: Go upstairs for some time.

Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 4:47 PM
Enters hesitantly, but is satisfied to see there are several people. Moves over to a corner of the room immediately.
Emma SmithBOTToday at 4:47 PM
She looks at the floor "Emma. I'm Emma"
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 4:48 PM
Waves to Sela
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 4:48 PM
"...It's nice to meet you both. Everyone here is very nice. I am... surprised." He laughs, rubbing the back of his head awkwardly. The music stops.
Emma SmithBOTToday at 4:49 PM
She looks up to see Sela entering and heading to a corner
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 4:49 PM
"Listen, if I wanna make friends then I gotta be nice. You get what you get, ya know?"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 4:50 PM
Waves at Hugo, then everyone else. Small smile at Emma.
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 4:50 PM
"Reap what you sow, then, Hugo?"
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 4:51 PM
"Yes, indeed," he nods.
Emma SmithBOTToday at 4:52 PM
"Hey..." She returns the smile and looks back to the floor
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 4:52 PM
"I mean there's that whole gray area of sometimes bad things are good, and good things are bad. But that just means we gotta do our best," he is kinda getting a bit more animated as he says this.
"My drama club is showing"
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 4:54 PM
"Drama club? Like a group for performances? That sounds like fun! I can only imagine what sort of stories you tell!" He grins at Hugo, seeming just as excited. He tenses then relaxes, trying to not be as eager as he seemed.
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 4:54 PM
"Well I only joined recently, but it's really fun."
Emma SmithBOTToday at 4:54 PM
She looks up at the mention of a drama club
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 4:55 PM
"Sometimes I look in during practices. When I don't think I'll be noticed."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 4:57 PM
"I think you're welcome to watch if you want," he's grinning. You can see it in his eyes. "Stage work is a good way for me to stretch and practice my abilities too"
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 4:57 PM
"I'd like that very much, Hugo. It seems like it'd be fun." He pauses. "Wait, what abilities? Do you use magic for storytelling!?" He's very excited at the idea.
Emma SmithBOTToday at 4:58 PM
"When uh when does that happen... I mean usually. When does it usually happen?"
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:00 PM
"I can shapeshift, become a shadow on the wall, and store things in my body. Real handy for props."
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:00 PM
She looks over to Sela for a few moments, before looking away so as not to stare
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:00 PM
"We meet...." he gives their meet days and times. "Swing by if you're interested."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:01 PM
"That's amazing! I can store stuff too, but not in my body. I have to use my ring for that." He holds up his hand, revealing two rings. "And I'll try to be there, too. I want to see the work you do."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:01 PM
"Do you want to say something?" they say to Emma.
Perks up. "I can also store stuff in my body."
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:02 PM
I mean Yeah I could probably come check it out
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:02 PM
"Oh cool!"
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:04 PM
"I'm sorry no. I didn't mean to be rude" She says looking back to Sela.
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:05 PM
"I don't find staring rude. I learned that could be rude after I started school here. I don't blink. always stare anyway."
* I always stare, anyway))
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:07 PM
"I'm just having trouble understanding you. I mean how you move and stuff. I thought if I watched for a moment I might um understand better." She is visibly nervous
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:08 PM
"You can watch if you'd like. I'm watching and learn from you all."
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:10 PM
"And storing stuff in your bodies?" She looks between the three of them
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:11 PM
"Yes. I'm a dimension. A location. A portal to my world."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:12 PM
"I'm a human who's wrapped in extradimensional shadow energy."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:12 PM
"My mom made a magic storage ring. It's a... memento, of sorts."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:13 PM
"It constantly radiates from me and lets me defy physics," he shrug"
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:13 PM
She looks visibly confused now, but offers a weak smile "I have a bag. It stores things."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:14 PM
Smiles back. "Backpacks are cute. I'm cuter. And much more roomy."
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:15 PM
"Right... I don't know how to respond to that."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:15 PM
"I have a limited amount of space, so sometimes I carry a backpack"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:16 PM
"That's okay," they say to Emma. To Hugo, and sort of everyone else, "My space is infinite. I have worlds and people inside of me."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:16 PM
He nods. "Bags are easier in some ways. Don't have to worry about magic interference, for one thing."
"Wait, what. Worlds?"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:17 PM
"Yes. And if there was magical interference making me unable to use my storage, I should be dead. I am my storage, it's not a part of me. It is me."
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:17 PM
She opens her mouth as if to respond, but after a moment closes it again.
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:17 PM
"That's... that's insane. Are you a god of some kind?"
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:18 PM
"Yeah that one's a little wild"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:18 PM
"No. The school doesn't know what I am. I'm me. Sela."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:19 PM
"Oh. Well, that's still very wonderful." looks slightly crestfallen but shakes it off.
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:20 PM
"If it helps, many in my worlds consider me a god. Because I made them or interacted with them. I was told to, um, not make people anymore. It can be regulated but they'd prefer if I didn't play around like that."
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:21 PM
"Thats playing around?"
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:21 PM
"It does, but it doesn't. Unless you're considered a deity on this plane. That was what I was looking for... sorry."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:22 PM
"I guess to some it could be..." he just has a bag of fresh popcorn.
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:22 PM
His head spins as he smells the popcorn. "W...what is that? Where did that come from?"
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:23 PM
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:23 PM
"It's okay," they say to Wynn. To the rest, "Yes. But, um, I meant in the sense that.... that I should take it seriously. That it's serious when people are made."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:24 PM
He nods his head at Hugo. He looks to Sela briefly. "Yes, godhood is serious. I was expected to take over a position in our pantheon before I arrived here, but it was one that required serious focus and aptitude. So I understand that responsibility."
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:25 PM
"have they ever.... Um... Escaped? The people I mean." She starts to blush at the absurdity of her question
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:26 PM
"That's a good question considering the weird things that bring people here."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:28 PM
"I've never interacted with pantheons and had to follow rules until I came here. And, um. Depends. They stay inside. If one of you entered, you could leave if you weren't happy."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:29 PM
He nods at Sela, but his gaze has shifted back to the popcorn. The smell is making him... hungry?
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:29 PM
"Huh..." he munches
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:31 PM
She looks over to the popcorn and flicks her tongue for a second before looking back to Sela "That is... For lack of a better word absolutely fantastic."
"I think if I ever found little people in my bag, I'd panic."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:33 PM
Looks even more confused watching Hugo eat this mystery item. "...Hugo, what is that? It smells... I can't describe the smell. It's different from anything I've ever smelt before."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:34 PM
"It's popcorn"
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:35 PM
"Pop... corn? Like, you... popped an ear of corn? Because corn doesn't look like that."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:35 PM
Echoey laughter. "I only started finding ones I didn't make when they began reproducing."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:35 PM
"Not unless you pop it," nod nods
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:36 PM
She nods now, not sure what to say
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:37 PM
"Yeah I don't know the process. It's just corn kernals you heat in the microwave or on a stove and they pop and look like this. It's good."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:38 PM
"How do you pop an ear of corn? Cooking it over a flame just makes it- ...microwave? I'm guessing that some sort of cooking tool." He frowns. Clearly he needs a book or something to read off of to understand all of this new technology.
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:40 PM
She turns her attention to the conversation about popped corn
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:41 PM
Watches, interested.
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:41 PM
"Did you wanna try some?" he holds out the bag
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:42 PM
Her curiosity gets the better of her "May I? Try some I mean." She slithers closer to Hugo.
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:43 PM
"Go for it
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:44 PM
"Ok... Um thank you." She stretches out closer to him and reaches into the bag, taking a few kernals before recoiling back
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:44 PM
He watches Emma intently, to gauge her reaction.
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:45 PM
She hesitates a moment before tossing them into her mouth. "Oh... Mmm. They are... " She has to stop for a second and think "They are not what I'm used to. But not in a bad way. These would make a nice snack."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:46 PM
"Yeah that's pretty much what it's good for"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:47 PM
"The one I ate was too buttery. I had to try others to fix the taste in my world."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:47 PM
Noticing Emma has not died from eating the popcorn, he shifts closer to Hugo. "May I try a piece as well?"
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:47 PM
"Go for it."
Emma SmithBOTToday at 5:47 PM
"Oh... Is it not a meal normally then?"
"I just assumed that with the bag size that it was a meal for an average sized person."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:48 PM
"Nah it's more of a snack food, but anything's a meal if you're hungry enough."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:48 PM
"That very true."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:49 PM
He carefully takes a piece, examining all sides of it before placing it into his mouth. The faint taste of salt and... butter? lingered on his tongue for a moment before the piece began to dissolve away. "It's... different. I agree with Emma. But it does seem like it's a good snack when travelling."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:50 PM
"People usually eat it when they watch movies, or live performances"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:51 PM
"People are eating popcorn now because of you. It would be fun if you performed or told a story to fit the situation."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:55 PM
"You just wanna see me do a trick."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:56 PM
"Yes." :)
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:56 PM
"I... also kind of want to see." he gives a small laugh.
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 5:56 PM
He laugh, and rolls the bag up, clapping it together in his hands(which makes no sound) and it's gone.
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 5:57 PM
blinks. "W...wait. That was so fast! Amazing!"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 5:58 PM
>:| "We already established I can do that too." Pulls a small notebook out of their body, then claps it away.
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 6:01 PM
"I've kinda been good with those sleight of hand tricks. And with my powers you can never be sure what's what, but hmm," he thinks and seems to melt into a shapeless shadow mass as he does.
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 6:02 PM
He sits upright, glancing around. "Hugo! Oh gods, did he just melt!?"
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 6:03 PM
A left arm pops out from the right side
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 6:03 PM
He blinks and stares at where Hugo was standing prior. "Wh-...what..."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 6:04 PM
"If he did, I don't think it would be the first time someone melted here."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 6:05 PM
His limbs seem to pop back out in the wrong places, twisting unnaturally and gradually reforming horror movie style until he's back to normal.
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 6:05 PM
Watches intently.
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 6:06 PM
"After three thousand years I have returned!"
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 6:06 PM
"That was... simultaneously disgusting and fascinating to watch. I don't know how to feel about that. At all."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 6:09 PM
"Having someone who can shapeshift like me cuts down on costs for special effects
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 6:09 PM
"That was fun to watch."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 6:11 PM
"One thing I'm trying to work on is extending my shapeshifting to my wall shadow ability. I could get some really cool stuff going for the other actors, you know?"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 6:13 PM
"Oh! So you can do dramatic scenes where you're an actor's shadow and stuff."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 6:16 PM
"Your magic would be very useful in any theatrical production."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 6:24 PM
"Yes. I never considered how useful shadow magic would be for theater. Does the school have restrictions for powers that are too useful when students compete for a role?"
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 6:35 PM
"According to that one girl Caissa they do. But she also has a perfect memory or something so..."
"Not much competition when you're never going to flub your lines, you know?"
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 6:37 PM
"True, but perfect memory doesn't mean you can capture emotion or embody their characters."
Hugo RainerBOTToday at 6:37 PM
"That is true"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 6:38 PM
"I've heard about her before. The tutor. I don't know how I feel about that. What about jobs? Those are competitions. Do some people with powers get rejected because they fit too well?"


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Room: Community Center

Time Entered: 7:46 P.M. on March 25th, 2020

Characters: Alma Malivani (Kada), Wynnestri von Eivantol (ArcanaFate), Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia/Kait), Altizica (Arcadia), Sazz Deceleus (Cat/Max!!) Tril (PixelatedGlory), Orsick Drakenhardt (Max!!), Carmin Bennet (Mint), Iggy Hughes (Max!!), Gabriel Vega (ArcanaFate), Ferret (Dragon/Goblin), Yuki Hayashi (Hope the Bard)

Summary: Returns from upstairs. Makes a woke/sleep joke that leads to a comment by Altizica that annoys them. Wynnestri is uncomfortable with all the non-human-looking people. Talks to Tril about books and how they're not stupid. Gods and snails are talked about, and Sela feels a little ignored with their questions. Chrysanthe tells about magical Greece. Talks about how they are trapped on the island. Carmin and Wynnestri are the same, but Chrysanthe is not. Wynnestri leaves after giving his name. Explains how they work to Carmin, and after Alma comes downstairs, Carmin explains he has plant physiology. Iggy enters and explains Hereafter, so Sela considers joining. Yuki enters, then pulls Gabe away for a conversation outside the M3C (happens in Private Room 3). Sela overhears. Big Discomfort as they talk to Alma and try to explain how they work more and... end up making things worse from their perspective.

Time Left: 12:21 A.M.

Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 7:46 PM
Floats downstairs. Pauses when they see Alma, then keeps moving to their corner beanbag.
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 7:46 PM
"Hey, ah Crysanthe, right? And Altizica and... someone I don't know."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 7:47 PM
stares at Alma and say absolutely nothing. Just stares
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 7:47 PM
kind of shyly waves over to Sela
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 7:48 PM
"Yep, that's me. And I met you, but I don't think I caught your name @Wynn
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 7:48 PM
Waves back, then at everyone else.
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 7:48 PM
waves to sela
"... she's safe." @Wynn
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 7:53 PM
He slowly nods. "I'm... Wynne." His voice is quiet and he looks to his lap.
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 7:54 PM
snaps back into reality, starts nomming on bones again
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 7:55 PM
"Oh, yeah. I'm about as safe as you can get. I'm woke as hell."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 7:55 PM
He glances up. "...woke?"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 7:56 PM
"She's very awake," they lie.
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 7:56 PM
"Ah, I'm socially conscious and sensitive to the needs of others, especially traditionally marginalized groups."
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 7:56 PM
“Sleep is for....other beings :|”
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 7:56 PM
"I am also very awake. I've only slept like sixteen hours in the past eighteen years."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 7:57 PM
"Wow. that's not a lot of sleep."
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 7:57 PM
"Don't need sleep as long as I stay properly fed."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 7:58 PM
"...That's a much better explanation. Thank you." He still won't make full eye contact with Alma.
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 7:58 PM
"Sixteen hours is still amazingly short for me. I sleep for days most of the time. The school has me do my homework in my dream."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 7:58 PM
"I have the opposite of that. I sleep wayyyyy too much when I'm properly fed."
Sazz Deceleus(cat)BOTToday at 7:59 PM
Dances in, strikes a pose
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 8:00 PM
“I have said it once and will say it again, the only time I sleep is when I die.”
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:00 PM
He closes his eyes, taking slow breaths.
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:00 PM
she sighs
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:00 PM
"I was only making a joke." :|
Waves at Sazz.
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:01 PM
"Hey Sazz."
Sazz Deceleus(cat)BOTToday at 8:01 PM
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:03 PM
"I'm still learning how to make my jokes come across."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:04 PM
"It's... okay. There's just... a lot happening." Keeps eyes closed. Keeps focusing on the breathing.
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:05 PM
"Would you like water? Tea? I have snacks stored inside me."
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:05 PM
"Do I make you uncomfortable?"
Sazz Deceleus(cat)BOTToday at 8:06 PM
"Nah, all I eat are snacks"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:06 PM
"I meant the one having an anxiety attack, but the offer is to everyone, I suppose."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:07 PM
claps for Sazz and looks really amused about him. He's a dancing little mascot thing. This is great
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 8:07 PM
“Honestly the safest bet is often I made them uncomfortable probably :~”
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:08 PM
"It's not you personally, miss... It's... a lot of things." He sighs. "I'm not used to... magical creatures... being as personable."
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:08 PM
crosses her arms, exhaling slowly
Sazz Deceleus(cat)BOTToday at 8:08 PM
"Ah... hmm"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:08 PM
"Was I not personable? You were fine with me."
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 8:09 PM
“I mean I can be not nearly as personable if you want. I’ve done that kinda thing before.”
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:10 PM
"You are, but it's easier one at a time. I just get... nervous. My first instinct is to be ready to fight. To rush out and find an advantage for combat. Not... this."
Sazz Deceleus(cat)BOTToday at 8:10 PM
"Yeah I'm not great at this sorta thing. See ya," he dances back out.
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:11 PM
He's back to staring at his lap. It's where he can best focus.
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:11 PM
cartwheels in as a red-scaled lizardman in a Burgerking King mask. Pauses, and hurriedly keeps rolling to a further corner. Shifting to the form of a younger girl on the way. Keeps the mask
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:11 PM
"Don't do anything to make me call the fucking cops, please."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:11 PM
"If you need something to pu—..."
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 8:12 PM
“WOW that was a big jump. Call the cops on me? Please I’m always on my best behavior~”
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:12 PM
"Yep. As they say, Wynne. Don't mess with me! I will cry."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:12 PM
"No no no no! I don't want that. That's why I'm just sitting. If I sit, I can keep calm. If I'm calm, nothing can go wrong. I just... I just want to adapt. I-I have things I need to do."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:12 PM
side-eyes altizica
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:13 PM
"A lie, but sure. Universal rule. Don't start none, won't be none."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:13 PM
"She wasn't talking about you. Relax."
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:13 PM
"my work here is done already. again"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:13 PM
"What is your work? Burger King?"
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:14 PM
blinks at tril
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:15 PM
"no, hi. I work in... nothing"
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:15 PM
"I'm not going to start anything. I'm being good. I'm a guest here. I won't disrespect the kindness shown." He slowly rises to his feet. He turns toward Alma and slowly extends a hand. His head is turned away, but he tries to look her way. "Hi... I'm W-Wynne. I'm new to the island. It is... nice to meet you."
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 8:17 PM
“Oh....I’ve kinda just gotten into the habit of expecting most of that negative stuff being directed towards me.” @Chrys
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:17 PM
Steps out of the closet
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:18 PM
tenses at Orsick's appearance, but doesn't pull his hand away.
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:18 PM
waves to Orsick
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:18 PM
wiggles their fingers at orsick
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:19 PM
takes his hand slowly, giving it a firm but gentle shake. "I'm Alma Malivani. Former student council president. General activist. Future politician."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:19 PM
"Why the mask?" at Tril.
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:19 PM
He looks around and kinda sighs
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:19 PM
"because it's funny and people feel weird about it"
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 8:19 PM
just gonna nom on some bones now
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:20 PM
"Looks like some new faces"
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:20 PM
"I think I heard you were an activist. What kinds of activism do you do?"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:20 PM
"And people wearing faces." @Orsick
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:20 PM
"I love wearing new faces"
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:20 PM
Raises an eyebrow at that
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:21 PM
Feels the handshake and slowly returns it, albeit with a much lighter grip. "A pleasure to meet you, Miss Malivani."
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 8:21 PM
“Wearing faces is pretty natural for me.”
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:21 PM
"I don't wear faces. I wear minds."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:22 PM
"I think that might be about me and Wynne. I'm Chrysanthe."
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:22 PM
"Anyway, Orsick Drakenhardt student council auditor"
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:23 PM
"what does a mind look like?"
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:23 PM
"Lots of student council members here today."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:23 PM
Slowly speaks up. "Wynne. Demigod? My full title is a mouthful."
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 8:23 PM
“Well it depends on who’s mind your looking at. Most species look different.”
“Oh trust me I know that feeling.” @Wynnestri
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:25 PM
"I don't know how to explain it. To help others interpret, minds are books in a library. I take them, I read them, I pull them into myself."
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:26 PM
"Ah, mostly I work against the anti-supernatural movements on the island."
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:26 PM
"Huh, my friend is a demigod... demon.... I dunno anymore"
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:26 PM
"book. why is everyone so obsessed with books?"
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:26 PM
"Citizens Against """Evil""" and shit like that."
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:26 PM
"I'm a dragon"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:26 PM
"They're easy for most people to understand. I prefer drawings."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:27 PM
"There are anti-supernatural movements? Are they calling us evil?"
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:27 PM
"stupid books. stupid holy people. stupid humans"
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:29 PM
"More me than you, but yeah." @Chrysanthe
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:29 PM
"That's mean. I like books. There's a lot to learn from them. I don't know about the other two 'stupid' things."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:30 PM
"Is it because of succubus stuff? Because in some of the myths I'm basically supposed to be like a succubus. Kind of."
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:32 PM
He finds a place to sit
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:33 PM
"books are people using dumb words someone else wrote to pretend they did things"
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:33 PM
"Hey Auditor Orsick. How's the council going?"
"And yeah, kinda the succubus stuff. And the vampire stuff. Apparently I'm scary."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:33 PM
glances around before taking a seat. He winces, feeling the scary comment was directed at him
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:34 PM
"What about books the person reading also wrote?"
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:34 PM
"why read something when you already know what happened because you did it?"
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:34 PM
"Well, let me know when the protests are I guess
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:35 PM
"Not bad, I'm helping Andrasta out with the changeover stuff. Things are running smoothly. Which should be obvious since the school hasn't burned down or something."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:35 PM
"or whatever"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:36 PM
"Not all books are based on real life. Some are fictional. From imagination and dreams and misunderstandings. My books are built by other people's experiences. I suppose I made the book and they wrote the words."
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:37 PM
"better to go do things than just read what other people did or thought"
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 8:37 PM
Walks inside.
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:37 PM
Pauses. "I can argue with that but I also agree."
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:37 PM
wiggles their fingers at carmin
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 8:38 PM
Waves at Carmin.
selachild: Goes baby mode to match Tril and Carmin.
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 8:38 PM
“Um, hi...”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 8:38 PM
Goes baby mode to match Tril and Carmin.
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:39 PM
stares at Carmin for a moment before offering an awkward hand wave.
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 8:40 PM
“Quite a few, uh, new faces in here tonight.”
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:41 PM
drops the mask in favor of shifting in dark blue scales across their 'skin'. "yes hi, Carmin"
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:41 PM
"You know people are probably gonna assume we're related..." @Wynn
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 8:42 PM
makes an unimpressed face. “Yes, hi Tril...”
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:42 PM
"no, I know you two are different" @Orsick
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 8:42 PM
Looks between Tril and Carmin. At Carmin, "Is something wrong?"
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:43 PM
"Because of the red hair?"
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:44 PM
"Yes, actually."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 8:45 PM
“No, nothing’s wrong.”
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:45 PM
He pauses. "Wait... what's your mother's name?" looks at Orsick curiously.
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:45 PM
"he doesn't like my jokes usually"
"you two aren't related, dumb holyboy"
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:46 PM
He sighs, "No, no, you don't understand."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:46 PM
is coiled up and writing stuff on her notepad, just chilling at this point
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 8:47 PM
Looks slightly annoyed by Tril’s remark, but just walks over to a bean bag and takes a seat.
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 8:47 PM
"Is holy bad?"
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:47 PM
He just goes over to Wynn and shows him a Drakenhardt family photo
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:47 PM
"yes, holy is always bad"
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 8:47 PM
“Holy is often fun ruining.”
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:48 PM
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 8:48 PM
“Unless it’s like a god of combat...their holy is cool.”
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:48 PM
"Can we not shit on the Divine?"
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:48 PM
"I'm divine, yes. But not a demigod of holiness." looks to the picture. Silently mouths 'oh'.
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 8:48 PM
Just kinda watching this.
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:48 PM
"I'm just waiting for a god to come down and turn someone into a snail. Or something."
Tril (PixelatedGlory)BOTToday at 8:49 PM
"no, bye" they disperse into the air
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 8:49 PM
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 8:49 PM
“They aren’t allowed to do that, don’t say stuff like that.”
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:49 PM
g r o a n s
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:49 PM
"...That's a lot of red hair and green eyes."
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:49 PM
"Yup, but you're... a demigod?"
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 8:50 PM
“Oh please I’d love for someone like Zeus to just...come from Olympus to smite me. That’d be hilarious.”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 8:50 PM
"I don't think so. I don't want trouble."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:50 PM
"Right. I'm a demigod. From another place."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:50 PM
"...okay, yeah. But I was raised with what you'd call greek mythology." @carmin
"But I'm also a christian. It's complicated. Don't worry about it."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 8:52 PM
“Um, alright... Did gods actually turn people into snails where you’re from?”
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 8:52 PM
“Gods have done a lot worse for a lot less from where I’ve been.” @Carmin
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 8:53 PM
"How do you capture a god who turns someone into a snail here? If I turned someone into a snail in one of my worlds, they wouldn't be able to stop me."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 8:53 PM
“I thought... well-“ Looks at Sela, quite concerned.
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:54 PM
"Well... my family is all dragons. If you see the one with wings and horns... he's a doofus and loud. But mostly harmless."
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 8:54 PM
“Magic like that doesn’t work on everyone Sela. They try that on me and I’d kick their.....I mean I’d beat the up......:|”
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:54 PM
"There's a couple of myths about the greek gods I could tell you about, where things like that happen."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 8:55 PM
"I'm not a human child. You can say dick. Or balls. Or ass."
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 8:55 PM
“I was censoring more for some other possible people but alright.”
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 8:55 PM
Eyes kinda drift away from Sela and back to Chrys, he’s still on edge though. “But those are just myths, are they not?”
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:55 PM
stares at Orsick for a long moment, then sighs. "That makes sense." Starts muttering to himself. "It'd be way too easy if that was the case..."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:57 PM
"Well, I am a lamia. And I was raised by a nymph and a naiad since I was 8."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 8:57 PM
"Anyway, that wasn't what I asked, Altizica."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 8:57 PM
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 8:57 PM
"It's fine, you seem like a nice guy"
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 8:57 PM
sighs, then focuses on Chrysanthew "I'd actually love to hear some stuff from Greece."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 8:58 PM
Tucks his knees to his chest. All ears, ready to hear about Greece.
Altizica (Arcadia)BOTToday at 8:58 PM
“I think the closet relations Ive got with Greek myth is the one time I challenged Zeus in a drunken stupor holding up a metal shovel to the storm clouds.”
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 8:58 PM
"Likewise." Gives a small smile. "Although, have you... actually, never mind. It's not important at the moment."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 8:58 PM
... >:|
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 9:00 PM
"What would you like to hear about?" is visibly a little excited now, for some reason
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:00 PM
Looks at Alma expecting her to answer.
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 9:01 PM
"Well, alright. If you need any help with anything, and you see me around don't hesitate."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 9:02 PM
"That would be most appreciated. It's become painfully clear that I'm going to need a lot of help." He gives a small laugh.
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:02 PM
"Help here is hard. There are many confusing things," they say to Wynnestri.
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:04 PM
Looks back at Chrys. “Um, what kinds of animals live in Greece?”
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 9:04 PM
"Me too. I know you're not super comfortable around me, but I am more than willing to help you out if you need it." @Wynn
Orsick DrakenhardtBOTToday at 9:04 PM
"You may also want to check out the Hereafter Club, and the DSU. They've got information on different people that live on the island."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:05 PM
"I've considered joining the Hereafter Club, but I didn't know if I'd fit in..."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 9:05 PM
nods to Sela then turns to Alma. "I know, Ms. Malivani, but it would probably be good for me to talk with you more. It'll help with the... beliefs I've had."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:06 PM
"I don't have a species. There's no information on me to be misunderstood unless I explain myself badly."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 9:08 PM
"Well, most of what I've seen are like, birds and fish and bugs, out on the island I'm from. and a couple snakes. Occasionally you'll see something exotic like a pegasus, but I've only seen domesticated ones
"I don't think the normies know about those though..."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:08 PM
“In the narrow reality Greece?”
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 9:09 PM
"Yeah, that's what they call it."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:10 PM
“I see.” Looks at the ground. “The longer I stay here, the more I hear about just how much stuff was hidden under our noses back there.”
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 9:11 PM
"If it makes you feel any better, there was a lot hidden under my nose, too."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:12 PM
“I get the feeling there’s a lot of stuff going on that nobody knows about...”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:13 PM
"Yes. That's true for here too. The Narrow Reality is very excluded. I find it interesting."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:14 PM
“Yes... It’s true here too I suppose.”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:19 PM
"But you are here now. Shouldn't you be happy you're experiencing something many others can't? Or are you trapped here too?"
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:20 PM
Uncomfortable looking. “Option B...”
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 9:20 PM
"I... Think a lot of us are 'trapped' here. I know I was taken here by force."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:20 PM
"I'm Option B too."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:20 PM
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:21 PM
"I was trapped in a container and taken here. The person who trapped me as long since passed. I was allowed out by chance, then forced to go to school when found in the forest."
"I tried to fly out, but I kept getting sent back to the island."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:22 PM
“I see... It must’ve been disorienting when you got out. Seeing how much the world changed.”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:22 PM
"That wasn't disorientating. I lived in space before then. I'm not meant for this culture."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:24 PM
“Oh my... That must’ve been awful lonely.”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:25 PM
Smiles. "You're saying a lot of inaccurate 'musts.'"
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 9:26 PM
"... for my part, I came here willingly."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:27 PM
"That's good to hear. I don't hate it here. Would be nice if I could live in the foods or an abandoned building. I know the laws now. I can learn everything else through experience."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:28 PM
“Where do you live?”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:29 PM
"At the school. I don't stay around unless I have to. My real home is me."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:29 PM
“What does that mean?”
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 9:30 PM
Slowly gets up and grabs his instrument. "I think I'm going to head back to the dormitories. Have a pleasant evening."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:30 PM
"Bye. I'm Sela, because I didn't get your name."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:31 PM
“Oh, you too. I’m uh, Carmin.” Waves.
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 9:31 PM
"you too Wynne"
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:31 PM
Looks at Carmin. "My body is a portal to my dream. I'm my dream. I'm a sapient dimension."
Wynnestri von EivantolBOTToday at 9:31 PM
"I'm Wynne. Nice to meet you all." he gives a small salute before heading off into the night.
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:31 PM
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:32 PM
“Ah.” Understood none of that.
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:37 PM
"It's okay. I'm confusing to the school too."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:37 PM
“When you go in your you dimension do you disappear out here?...”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:38 PM
"No, my body stays behind. I haven't figured out how to disappear here."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:39 PM
“So it just floats wherever you were when you went there?”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:39 PM
"Yes. I'm still uncomfortable with that. There are too many people here... Too many threats."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:40 PM
“No, you’re right, it’s probably not a good idea to do that out in public.”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:41 PM
"I meant the island in general. Everywhere has threats. Space is wide and it can take years to meet another person. It's safer to sleep there."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:42 PM
“So you never use the power then?”
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 9:43 PM
floats back downstairs
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:44 PM
"I do. I have to sleep. My dorm is safe, but it's not ideal. My dorm parent and minder are nice and haven't hurt me, so I trust them to keep watch. It took a while... for me to trust them."
Waves at Alma.
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:45 PM
“Ah.” Looks to Alma. “Um, hello again.”
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 9:47 PM
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:48 PM
“How... are you doing tonight?”
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 9:50 PM
"I'm alright." Shrugs and takes a seat. "Are you okay?"
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:50 PM
“Mhm, I’m fine. Just came to get out of my room for a bit.”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:52 PM
"We were talking about my existence." Pauses. "What is yours like?" they ask Carmin.
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:53 PM
Kinda surprised by the question. “Eh? It’s fine.”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:54 PM
"How do you work, I mean? You asked me questions about how I work."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:54 PM
“W-what do you mean? I don’t have powers like you, there’s nothing to explain.”
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 9:56 PM
"I mean, you've got plant physiology. And, I mean. Based on what little I can understand about Sela, what you call powers are just part of them. Same as arms and legs are to a human. Same as my aura is to me."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:56 PM
Opens their mouth, then closes it. "She said what I was thinking very well."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:57 PM
“Yeah okay then, I’ve got plant physiology.”
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 9:58 PM
"Well... plant physiognomy, at least. I don't know if you actually, like, photosynthesize. Sorry for assuming."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:58 PM
“It’s fine. I do...”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 9:59 PM
"That's interesting. I have a friend who's dorm parent is a plant person."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 9:59 PM
“There’s a few plant people around here...”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 10:02 PM
"And most are very different from each other. I like the diversity here. I wonder what experiences everyone has hidden in them."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 10:03 PM
slithers downstairs
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 10:04 PM
Waves at Chyrsanthe.
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 10:04 PM
waves to Chrys
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 10:04 PM
“Mhm.” Looks to Chrys. “Hello again, I never got your name?”
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 10:05 PM
"hey again"
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 10:06 PM
“It’s nice to meet you. I’m Carmin.”
Iggy HughesBOTToday at 10:07 PM
Heads inside
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 10:08 PM
"Iggy, hey babe."
Iggy HughesBOTToday at 10:08 PM
"Alma, what's up?"
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 10:08 PM
"Likewise" :)
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 10:08 PM
Watches Iggy. "You're the leader of Hereafter."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 10:09 PM
waves to Iggy
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 10:09 PM
Pauses. "Names. I'm Sela."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 10:09 PM
“Oh, hello.”
Iggy HughesBOTToday at 10:09 PM
"Yeah that's me. I'm Iggy"
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 10:09 PM
makes grabby hands at him. stavred for affection
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 10:09 PM
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 10:10 PM
"I mentioned Hereafter earlier. Now the leader's here."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 10:10 PM
“What is that club?”
Iggy HughesBOTToday at 10:12 PM
Turns into a smoke cloud and reforms with his arms wrapped around Alma. "We're a club that helps spread information about misunderstood, and little known species on the island that aren't demons. We also do support groups and seminars."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 10:12 PM
"...why wouldn't you do demons?"
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 10:13 PM
“is there another club for that?”
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 10:13 PM
"The Demonic Student Union is dedicated to that."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 10:13 PM
“Makes sense.”
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 10:13 PM
"oh. That makes sense."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 10:14 PM
"I was thinking of joining, but there's nothing about what species I am. I'm myself."
Iggy HughesBOTToday at 10:14 PM
"Yeah DSU is well and good but a few of us were like 'hey what about the rest of us?' So you know."
"I mean, anyone's welcome to join so don't be shy."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 10:14 PM
“I see.”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 10:15 PM
"Mm. Okay. If I did, I won't show up to every meeting. I sleep for a long time."
Iggy HughesBOTToday at 10:16 PM
"That is also fine."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 10:16 PM
"hm. Maybe I'll sign up, then."
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 10:17 PM
"Would love to see you there."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 10:18 PM
"I'll be honest, my only experience with school clubs is seeing them in anime."
"is there... Anything I have to do to join one?"
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 10:22 PM
Looks at the others cause he isn’t entirely sure himself.
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 10:23 PM
"The nap club didn't have any requirements. I think you ask to join and then you're in."
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 10:24 PM
"You just show up and if you want to be listed in the club, we can list you."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 10:25 PM
"oh, that's easy! Okay.
"Also, I'm Chrysanthe. Nice to meet you."
Gabriel VegaBOTToday at 10:28 PM
wanders in, backpack on his back.
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 10:29 PM
sighs and rubs her face in Iggy's hair, kind of melting against him, but not literally
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 10:29 PM
“Hi Gabe.” Waves.
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 10:29 PM
Looks around, then at Carmin. "Do you prefer me when I'm little or big?"
Gabriel VegaBOTToday at 10:30 PM
Sees Carmin and smiles. "Hey, Carmin!" He moves to take a seat on a nearby couch.
Iggy HughesBOTToday at 10:30 PM
He leans into the face rubs, like a cat. "Hey there," he waves to Gabe
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 10:31 PM
waves at Gabriel
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 10:31 PM
“Huh? That’s up to you. If I had that power I’d certainly be big all the time but it really comes down to what’s comfortable for you.”
Gabriel VegaBOTToday at 10:32 PM
"Hello!" He pulls up his legs to sit cross-legged on the couch and sets his backpack on the floor next to him. "How's it been?"
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 10:32 PM
"I'm comfortable either way, but there are a lot of taller adu—" Narrows their eye-holes. "taller teenagers here."
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 10:32 PM
"Hey Gabe~" she shrinks down into Iggy's shoulder and kisses him on the cheek. Quiet "I love you baby."
Gabriel VegaBOTToday at 10:33 PM
"I'm... average height, actually." laughs and turns to Alma. "Hi, Alma... wait, what the hell. Since when could you do that, Alma?"
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTToday at 10:33 PM
"I said taller, not tall. You are taller than me."
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 10:34 PM
"Since, uh... a while? I got a wish from the Twelve and I wished for shapeshifting..." she's all blushy, not that it's easy to tell with how small she is
Iggy HughesBOTToday at 10:35 PM
He kisses her back and says quietly, "Love you too."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 10:35 PM
Eyes Alma. “It doesn’t matter to me. You can change whenever, I don’t care.” He might be jealous.
MintToday at 10:35 PM
Gabriel VegaBOTToday at 10:35 PM
"Oh! I wasn't here for most of that. I was off-island." Looks to Sela. "That's not fair, I didn't choose to grow this tall!"
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTToday at 10:35 PM
yawns. Her mouth is real big, and not very human. There's some hidden-until-now fangs flanking her humanlike teeth in there.
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 10:36 PM
They 7'2" now. "But I did." 8) "I was simply clarifying."
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 10:36 PM
Nods and turns to Gabe. “How have you been?”
Iggy HughesBOTToday at 10:36 PM
Notices Chrysanthe but says nothing. "I could be bigger, but I get scarier to some people so..."
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 10:36 PM
head s w i v e l s when she catches that yawn out of the corner of her mouth.
grabs some of Iggy's hair to hide her face with
Gabriel VegaBOTToday at 10:38 PM
"I've been good, Carmin. Been getting ready to graduate soon so I'm trying to fast track college stuff." He sighs. "There's so much work, though."
Iggy HughesBOTToday at 10:39 PM
He sighs and laughs a little.
"College.... it felt so far away, now it's right around the corner"
Carmin BennetBOTToday at 10:41 PM
“That’s good. If you ever need help with anything I can try. I’m only technically grade 11... but I could probably still help.”
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTYesterday at 10:41 PM
"Sorry. Guess I'm getting sleepy"
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTYesterday at 10:41 PM
"I would be a good tutor if I could communicate with people better."
Iggy HughesBOTYesterday at 10:42 PM
"No worries, you're fine"
Gabriel VegaBOTYesterday at 10:42 PM
"Thanks, Carmin. It's just a lot of plant biology work. And lining up my classes. And actually passing them all." He gives a small laugh before groaning and leaning back on the couch.
Carmin BennetBOTYesterday at 10:44 PM
“Oh. I can’t actually help you much with that then.”
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTYesterday at 10:44 PM
"I've gotta stay up until my moms call me though."
Gabriel VegaBOTYesterday at 10:44 PM
"I know, it's alright. Just keep being a supportive friend who'll remind me to step outside every now and then. Or else I'll be a total shut-in." He chuckles.
Ferret (Goblin/Dragon)BOTYesterday at 10:45 PM
Iggy HughesBOTYesterday at 10:45 PM
"Ah, I see..."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTYesterday at 10:45 PM
Goes small again and floats away from the crowd. Especially the one who's moving very fast.
Carmin BennetBOTYesterday at 10:45 PM
“Mhm. Can do.” Glances to Ferret. “Oh, hey Ferret.” Wave.
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 10:46 PM
"I could get you some coffee if you want." @Chrys
Ferret (Goblin/Dragon)BOTYesterday at 10:46 PM
Coils protectively around Carmin likena noodle nest, leaving him some room. "Hi."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTYesterday at 10:46 PM
"Loud music helps me stay awake. I like metal and rock."
"And gemstones and dirt and plants."
Iggy HughesBOTYesterday at 10:47 PM
"Alma makes good coffee"
Carmin BennetBOTYesterday at 10:47 PM
Blinks. “How’s it going?” @Ferret
Gabriel VegaBOTYesterday at 10:47 PM
"Coffee! I'm down to prep a full pot of it. Coffee sounds great." He looks to Carmin and his 'dragon nest' with a raised brow.
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTYesterday at 10:47 PM
"Oh, sure! I would love that. Is... there coffee-making stuff over here?"
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTYesterday at 10:47 PM
... :(
Iggy HughesBOTYesterday at 10:48 PM
"Yeah, in the kitchenette. It's free to use"
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTYesterday at 10:48 PM
looks down at Ferret and smiles and waves. "Hello again~"
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 10:48 PM
"Yup!" Flits into the kitchen, growing up to her regular size to get to work making it.
Ferret (Goblin/Dragon)BOTYesterday at 10:48 PM
Flicks her tongue. "Good. And hi."
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTYesterday at 10:49 PM
"Good to know. I'll keep that in mind for next time."
Carmin BennetBOTYesterday at 10:50 PM
“What uh, have you been up to today?”
Ferret (Goblin/Dragon)BOTYesterday at 10:53 PM
Shrugs, relaxing her coil a little. "Reading. Cooking."
Iggy HughesBOTYesterday at 10:54 PM
"Yeah, good plan." @Chrysanthe
Carmin BennetBOTYesterday at 10:55 PM
“How’s reading coming along, getting any easier?” @Ferret
Gabriel VegaBOTYesterday at 10:55 PM
hums softly as he pulls out a book and begins to read.
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 10:55 PM
comes out with a bunch of extra arms, holding a cup of coffee in each for everyone.
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTYesterday at 10:55 PM
"So, what kind of stuff happens at a hereafter meeting?"
grins. "Thank you, Alma."
Gabriel VegaBOTYesterday at 10:56 PM
Glances up from his reading, hearing Alma coming back. "Oh Alma, I would have helped if you needed a ha-... Never mind."
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 10:57 PM
she shrinks an arm back into her body as each cup is taken. "I've got plenty of hands, don't you worry." Laughs.
Carmin BennetBOTYesterday at 10:57 PM
“That’s okay, I don’t drink coffee. Thank you though.”
Gabriel VegaBOTYesterday at 10:57 PM
"I can see that." Laughs as he takes a cup and sets it on a nearby table.
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTYesterday at 10:58 PM
"no hand shortage here, it looks like"
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTYesterday at 10:59 PM
Takes a cup.
Iggy HughesBOTYesterday at 10:59 PM
"We talk, if there's new members we do introductions. Plan events, stuff like that. It's fun."
Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 10:59 PM
Wanders in.
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 10:59 PM
"You sure? I have some with no cream and sugar. Basically just pure water." @Carmin she smiles, trying to be polite about it
Gabriel VegaBOTYesterday at 11:00 PM
Immediately brightens up and smiles wide. "Yuki!"
Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:00 PM
He looks more self-conscious than usual, constantly touching his neck for some reason.
"Oh... Gabe." He smiles awkwardly, but doesn't sit next to him.
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:00 PM
Downs the cup, then floats to put the cup in the sink.
Carmin BennetBOTYesterday at 11:00 PM
“Yeah it’s fine. Thank you though.” Turns to Yuki. “Hi Yuki.”
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTYesterday at 11:01 PM
waves at yuki and sips her coffee
Gabriel VegaBOTYesterday at 11:01 PM
He blinks, looking confused. "You... you okay?"
Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:01 PM
"Carmin ! Hello." He smiles and waves. Then smiles at everyone else in the room.
"Erm... If you'd like to, erm, find out more, you can come with me for a second." At Gabe. "To outside."
Gabriel VegaBOTYesterday at 11:02 PM
He blinks, then nods. "Sure." He sets his book down and gets up and moves toward the door, pausing only to wait for Yuki.
Yuki HayashiBOTYesterday at 11:03 PM
Joins Gabe in leaving.
"Back in a sec!"
Carmin BennetBOTYesterday at 11:03 PM
“Oh. Ok.” Waves.
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 11:03 PM
she blink. she sip.
Iggy HughesBOTYesterday at 11:04 PM
"Well alright then..."
Carmin BennetBOTYesterday at 11:04 PM
Silent worrying.
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTYesterday at 11:04 PM
"so, events, huh?" @ iggy
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:06 PM
Looks confused. "Did something, um..." Notices Chrysanthe moving on from the subject.
Chrysanthe Onasis (Lamia)BOTYesterday at 11:08 PM
"No clue" @Sela
Carmin BennetBOTYesterday at 11:12 PM
“They’re fine.” Not sure if he’s reassuring them or himself.
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 11:12 PM
flattens her ears, doing her best to not try and futilely listen in
Iggy HughesBOTYesterday at 11:12 PM
"Events! Like I said we do seminars where we get people to come in and give lectures. And bake sales where we also give out literature, because who doesn't like cookies?"
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:13 PM
Lol they ain't trying.
Sounds very out of it. "Cookies are nice. I like them in my dream. A lot of others like them too."
Iggy HughesBOTYesterday at 11:17 PM
"A couple of our members are good bakers. And well there's Lucy from the Helper's Club. Sometimes we coordinate our events"
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 11:17 PM
"Oh yeah, Lucy is sweet."
Carmin BennetBOTYesterday at 11:18 PM
“Im going to head home. I’ll uh, see you later.”
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:18 PM
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 11:19 PM
"Oh, see ya." Thinks quickly and pulls out a pen and paper to write a note.
Iggy HughesBOTYesterday at 11:20 PM
Looks at Alma curiously
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:20 PM
"What's a love bite."
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 11:21 PM
nearly chokes on her fuckin coffee!
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:21 PM
"Are you okay?" 😨
Iggy HughesBOTYesterday at 11:22 PM
He's just confused
He's checking on Alma tho because why wouldn't he?
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 11:26 PM
"I'm fine, I'm fine." She puts a hand up. "Just surprised me is all."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:28 PM
"Oh, okay. I think it's not a vampire's bite." :|c "This is hard to ignore. They're not being private enough."
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 11:29 PM
"It's a bruise you get from making out with someone."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:29 PM
:)? "On your neck? Don't you use your mouths for that?"
Looks outside. "I think something's wrong."
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 11:30 PM
"Yeah... listen, sex education isn't something I really have the materials for right now."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:31 PM
"That's okay, I know about it. There are differences here from my knowledge, but I can connect the dots. I was only confused by terminology."
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 11:31 PM
"Fair enough. You did say you're not a kid. I'm... trying to adjust to that."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:32 PM
Shifts. "Is this better? I only changed earlier so I wasn't so obvious in the crowd."
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 11:32 PM
"No, no. I mean..."
"It's a mental block. I'm so used to others trying to be older than they are - in appearance, in attitude - it baffles me a little that someone would appear younger. But I'm trying to go past what I see, cause that's only fair to you."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:36 PM
"Oh." :|c "That makes sense. This society values a certain kind of maturity and disposition. Children have less respect. Generally. Orsick and Riley are doing well."
Iggy HughesBOTYesterday at 11:38 PM
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 11:39 PM
"Yeah. I mean, I get why it happens. And obviously I still agree with age-discriminate barriers to things like actual political office and alcohol. But... sorry Iggy. It's a conversation we had the last time we interacted with one another. I keep getting my worldviews blown out of the water and I keep having to rewrite them."
Sela (Child/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:40 PM
To Iggy, "A lot of people are confused by how I work. They don't understand how I can not be a person, nor how I don't have a set age."
Iggy HughesBOTYesterday at 11:43 PM
"Well that is a new one
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:45 PM
They never changed. >:|
"Is it really so uncommon here?"
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 11:46 PM
"Kind of. I mean, even the laws are kind of set up with the base assumption that everyone is a... person."
"And we can't account for things like shifting ages very well."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:49 PM
"Mm. All I can do is adapt. I'm getting good at pretending. I think I might let others take control of my body too if I can't handle a situation."
"I should ask about that. What happens if I let other people take control."
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 11:53 PM
opens her mouth. she's got nothing for that.
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:54 PM
"... Sorry. Too weird?"
Alma MalivaniBOTYesterday at 11:56 PM
blushes with embarrassment. "Sorry... I am trying."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTYesterday at 11:58 PM
"It's okay. We're both trying. I don't know what's best for conversations." Pulls a flip phone from the side of their stomach and starts texting. "I should, uh, tell my dorm parent I'll be back soon."
Form destabilizes a bit, but goes back to normal quickly.
Gabriel VegaBOTToday at 12:18 AM
wanders back in, arm around Yuki. He's got a smile on his face.
Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 12:19 AM
Looking embarrassed, but the shadow of a grin is there. Walks in with Gabe.
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 12:19 AM
"Are you two done?"
Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 12:19 AM
Gabriel VegaBOTToday at 12:20 AM
"Yep." He moves to retake the couch he was on previously.
Yuki HayashiBOTToday at 12:20 AM
Also could've sworn Sela was smaller earlier, but won't question it.
Alma MalivaniBOTToday at 12:20 AM
waves at the two of them, still holding that note she wrote earlier.
Gabriel VegaBOTToday at 12:21 AM
"Hey, Alma! Sorry. I hope my coffee is still hot."
Sela (Adult/Keen)BOTToday at 12:21 AM
"You should move further away if you want a private conversation. Sensitive ears." Looks to Alma and Iggy. "I'm going now. Bye." Floats out.


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