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Schro's Tracker

Discussion in 'Trackers' started by Schrodinger's Cat, Oct 3, 2018.

  1. Schrodinger's Cat
    Schrodinger's Cat

    Nerdy Cat-girl

    Jun 20, 2017
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    #1 Schrodinger's Cat, Oct 3, 2018
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    1. Orange Jumpsuit on a Beach
    2. Broken Trees
    3. Because Someone Wouldn't listen to what they're being told
    4. First Day out
    5. Looking for trouble
    6. Frenemies
    7. Night in the museum
    8. Wild things
    9. Eli and the slime
    10. Growing Sunlight
    11. Caught in the Courtyard
    12. A nice Swim to calm my nerves
    13. Walking at night
    14. The Same, but not as before
    15. There's a girl in the park
    16. Out for Ice cream
    17. Shifty Grad Party ICC
    18. Out for Cake
    19. [AGoDR] Ballroom
    20. [AGoDR]Just a Talk
    21. Crummy Personality
    22. Late night Race
    23. Music of the Regalia
    24. New Experiences
    25. In Pursuit of trivia
    26. Meeting the Crowd
    27. There’s no ‘i’ in team
    28. 88 year Blossom
    29. Autumn Mist
    30. Secrets Kept
    31. Entertainment District
    32. Home Ec:
    33. Puzzles
    34. Social Constructs
    35. First Session: Eli/Elisa
    36. Dinner and Truths
    37. Boutique

    1. The Bonfire
    2. All he wants to do is read
    3. Waking up to a nightmare
    4. Getting Scrappy
    5. Birds and Nerds
    6. Blame everyone but me for this mess
    7. Day 1: Class is now in session
    8. Cold Christmas gift-giving
    9. A new Adventure
    10. The Book
    11. COnversation: Deep woods
    12. First Meeting: Gaming Club
    13. Love Cruise: Adult Speed Dating
    14. Spoke too soon
    15. Fresh Air
    16. Murder and Mayhem on the Orient
    17. Books of Poetry, among other thing
    18. [AGoDR]Anywhere else
    19. Online Chat
    20. Books for Regalia
    21. Research
    22. Sane
    23. Back Again
    24. Whips for Paper
    25. Another One

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