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Jun 20, 2017
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Name: Prisma
Age: About 6 or 7
Gender: Female
Species: Uncommon Regalia
Job / Grade: Remedial student.

Description: Small, about 4'4". Has three Eyes, one of which is orange. Long blonde hair. wears a lot of purple clothing.

Abilities Summary: Can Shoot Beams of Energy from her palms. The Usual Regalia Species Abilities.

Reputation: Very Quiet. A calm, good Child that's happy to help out, yet hates chaos. Almost always seen around Ausgustus Tooth, yet might be seen following other kids around.

Misc Information: Pacted to Augustus, and can be considered his favourite Regalia. Wants to make friends, yet has no clue how. Has trouble paying attention in classes.

NPC Status: Anyone can mention meeting them, though most interactions would end with her running away.

Adoption Status: Might be willing to let others play them. PM me if you want.
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