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Private Saved

Discussion in 'Oceania Park' started by Vaporeon, Apr 15, 2019.

  1. Vaporeon


    Mar 23, 2019
    The sun had only just started to rise up over the city as Aine finished her last run of the night. She had dropped off her last can, adding another 10 cents to her total, bringing her up to 3 bucks even. She had been working all night, bringing one can at a time to the bottle depot, and collecting her coins, saving them up to finally have a set amount. Even one can would prove to be heavy for one such as her, making the task of collecting 30 of them that much more difficult.

    But she had finally finished and was now heading across the park with her coins in hand. She had been hungry, and perhaps that had been why she had not noticed the dog chasing behind her till it was too late.

    The dog had pounced, knocking the fairy to the ground. It had all happened so fast that she hadn't even had a chance to cry out before hitting the ground. Her coins had been knocked down as well, providing a brief second of distraction to the animal that had now stopped to investigate the money. Aine struggled to get to her feet. She was winded and dazed. Confusion and fear clouded her min as she looked about in a panic, trying to figure out what had struck her. As she turned she caught sight of the dog.

    As she had started moving, the dog had returned its gaze to her. It was a massive and rather terrifying Collie. It towered above her, narrow eyes locked on her petite frame as it growled menacingly. Aine was unable to move as the fear inside her took hold, paralyzing her for several tense moments. The dog continued to growl for several seconds before Aine finally mustered up the courage to flee.

    She bolted taking to the air as quick as she could. In that same moment, the Collie made his move as well, snapping his jaws at her. SHe had made it only a few feet before feeling the sting of her wings being snapped up in that vice-like maw. The tender appendages tore and crushed easily in the dog's bite, causing her to cry out loudly as lost al momentum, and was pulled back. "NO.. HELP... PLEASE..." She screamed as she struggled to try and free herself, causing her wings to tear further.

    The Collie ignored her cries and went to shake her, causing her wings to finish shredding, and sending her crashing into the ground again. Aine continued to cry as she struggled to get to her feet. A combination of the impacts and the shaking had left her weak, and she was hardly able to stand, collapsing onto her knees a moment later, her torn wings drooping down her back.

    "HELP... HELP..." She called out again as the Collie prepared to attack again

  2. Kada

    Killer GM
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    Aug 9, 2016
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    Jeremiah enjoyed his time in the park. It wasn't as wild as the forest, so he didn't feel as strong of a connection there. But it was still wilder than the city proper and so he could breathe the sir and smell the trees and the flowers and feed the grass beneath his bare feet. There was nothing like it. He loved nature after all. It was one of the deepest appreciations his parents had given him.

    But seeing the dog in the park going after some small thing, possibly a bird, he couldn't help but feel a pang of sorrow for the tiny creature. His parents had always told him that it was better to let nature take its course, but he couldn't help himself. Pulling a handful of sand and a scrap of previously prepared paper, be blew hard into his hand. A gust of wind kicked up, knocking the dog off its feet. Not enough to hurt it, but enough to make it second guess itself and get it away from the small animal it meant to eat.

    And then that small animal shouted for help. Jeremiah panicked just a bit and sprinted the rest of the way, interposing himself between the dog and the tiny person. Of course they were a person. He should have expected as much on this island. "Go on! Shoo! Go away. Go elsewhere," he shouted at the dog with a wave of his arm. Angrier than he meant to be, but perhaps that was for the best.

    Still on one knee, Jeremiah panted a bit. He hadn't done a burst of activity after doing magic like that in a while. He was winded, no pun intended. "Don't worry," he managed to say, shutting his eyes for a moment to catch his breath. "You are safe now."

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