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Oct 7, 2018
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"Why is it 40 freaking degrees outside? Shouldn't we like be practicing in the gymnasium or somethin'?" Roxi blurted out to the others without any filter over her mouth. She was constantly complaining about the cold weather, and it was irking some of the others. It was almost ten seconds apart from her last complaint about the weather. If she wasn't such a good cheerleader, they would have this chick hanging from a noose somewhere and beaten like a pinata. The woman held her pom poms in one hand and her other shifted into a fist holding her cheer bag and planted at the side of her hip. The blue and gold accented uniform billowed from a cold breeze causing her to shiver slightly.

Roxi tossed her equipment towards the bleachers as the others would soon be here. She shivered again and cursed loudly as she started to walk towards the field ruffling her pom poms in her hand and then setting them down in front of her. She rolled her neck back and forth over her shoulders, loosening the joints and did a few arm circles. Roxi was always glamorous looking and she always put on a good show for those who decided to watch their practices, most of the audience members were males who just wanted to see some upskirt action, panty shots, and the stretching. And when Roxi stretched, it was like watching a softcore show in public. The teenage Princess had no shame, not when she had a killer body and physique like she did. The Goddesses of Sexuality and Lust had blessed this girl since her first breath.

Getting on her knees, Roxi fell back into the clean cut grass and spread her legs apart. Immediately, whistles and claps and cheers were heard from those who were watching the busty, pink haired cheerleader. With her legs apart, she went into a deep split and pushed herself into the ground where her hands collected at the front. There was another cheer and someone calling out Roxi's name which needed a dire remark.

"Alright, alright, keep it your pants, Losers! STILLLOVEYOUOK!!?" She blew a kiss to them and went back to stretching out her leg muscles. When she bent over to one side, she finally caught a glimpse the others waltzing towards her as if they were Queens and Empresses of this little field.

"Fashionably late as always, Girlies! Too bad your just late and not fashionable~"

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Jun 26, 2015
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If Aisha didn't like Roxi, she would find her to be a delicious meal.

The somewhat psychotically cheery mermaid graced the field first after Roxi. She donned the same uniform though fitted to her slender frame. Her pink skin was notably wet along with her hair, but she walked about like it was a nice summer day. A prim and proper doughnut bun held up with the finest pearl scrunchie signaled her royal status. Her long legs gave the illusion she was wearing an even shorter skirt. Sneakers were for plebeians, so she wore flats with a sticky insole that allowed them to not fall off. Heels were not permitted because they could hurt people. ...wimps.

"Well excuse me for trying to book us the gymnasium for the benefit of all of you!"

If she could, she would be flipping her red locks right now. A posh smile remained on her face as her nose upturned.

"Alas, the basketball teams are hogging the space, Coach said."

With a snap of her fingers, a servant scurried over to the side. He held her equipment and acted as a general safeguard for the cheerleaders' belongings. The mermaid had a few more words to add, but she accentuated them with a little performance. She started with a cartwheel; two cartwheels led to a back flip; her body twisted as the back flip went over to the front flip and then a back flip again; it ended with her backside to the bleachers. With her hips, she wiggled her butt to the audience while staring at Roxi with a bright grin.

"So we'll just have to make do!"

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Jan 13, 2017
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"You call that making do?"

The ashen-haired beauty waltzed down the track, a delicate hand placed upon her full lips. She too sported the uniform the girls wore, though she'd adorned hers with a few tasteful trims, so that the hem was higher on on side, and slits ran down the sides. If she wasn't wearing the shorts underneath...

She flicked her hair to the side and huffed. "This, chérie, is making do." With that, she bent herself over, and slowly stretched, bringing her hands up so they grazed her legs, and entwining them. She stood there for a second, letting everyone admire her work, then leapt into a handspring, flipping herself into the air, and landing firmly on one hand, her skirt hanging around her waist and exposed belly.

Then she did an elegant little push and spun back onto her toes, pushing out one hip to the side. A few catcalls rang out in the crowd.

"By the way, Roxi - your ensemble is flat at best, best to call a cat a cat." Aurianne smirked. Blue nail polish accented one nail on each hand. "Sad that those imbeciles couldn't have stayed out of the gym - they're missing the whole show. Pity, that, isn't it?"

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