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Romi's Roster

Discussion in 'Character Hubs' started by Romi, Aug 31, 2018.

  1. Romi

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    Jun 18, 2015
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    Eternal - Male - Omnisexual - Zabaniyya - Bartender at House of Volkov - Profile
    Jackal is a former torturer, originating from his own specific variant of Hell. He's capable of telling who has or hasn't killed (with some small exceptions). He's involved heavily with the Drakenhardts, and works as a bartender at the House of Volkov. He's mostly famous for having flown off to Mes and killed their god on Malara's behest.

    Major Plot: Seeking those with damaged or missing souls.

    Seventeen - Male - Bisexual - Human - Grade 12 - Profile
    Jude is a dimension-hopper, an alternate version of Angelo Genovese with a very different history. He was a teenage superhero in his home dimension, although when things took a turn for the worst he (and his friends) were evacuated to a new dimension. He's a friendly kid who's still trying to adapt, and he has a strong sense of justice.

    Major Plot: Jude just got a new arm!

    One Hundred and Two - Male - Very Bisexual
    Ghoul - Arena Management at Acinaces Arena - Profile
    A very bad man, Tieragoran was running the NEK0 trading post that was raided. Having accepted the pardon, he's shifted over to helping manage the arena, and is looking to make trouble make friends.

    Major Plot: New arrival.

    Effectively 16 - Male - Unsure - Metahuman - Grade 10 - Profile
    Both a speedster and a clone, Roy is new to life and trying to find his place in it. While technically from Halcyon City, he has no memories of life there, and considers himself to have been born on Manta Carlos Island.

    Major Plot: New arrival.

    Twenty-Eight - Male - Bisexual - Human - Police Sergeant - Profile
    Angelo was a member of the Genovese crime family in New York before he came to Manta Carlos, turning over a new leaf and becoming a member of the Manta Carlos Police Department. He was a half reaper, but recently gave that up and became a full human. After two promotions he's now a sergeant on the force. He recently became known for adopting almost a dozen kids, the former adoptive children of the Rosales crime family, leading to speculation that he was somehow involved with them.

    Major Plot: A supporting character. Open for plots.

    Forty-three - Male - Homosexual - Demigod - Therapist - Profile
    Valli grew up on Manta Carlos, and after he was the victim of a high profile crime that resulted in serious love potions being declared illegal, he became a therapist and worked on helping others. He now has both a private practice while also working for the school. He's involved romantically with Gask, and is a familiar face at anything related to the VR simulations.

    Major Plot: A supporting character. Open for new patients.

    Forty-Two - Male - Heterosexual - Metahuman - Unemployed - Profile
    Gallant is an arrival from Halcyon City. There, he was the beloved mayor of the city, the retired hero Gallant. He's trying to regain his lost glory and to re-establish himself within Manta Carlos, but he doesn't have any real plans on how to do that. He values first impressions and is excellent at networking.

    Major Plot: Despite arriving months ago, he's only just returning to public.

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