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Jun 18, 2015
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In the summer of 2015, Angelo transferred from his job out on the east side of the island to downtown, taking a more active roll within the police as a patrol officer. He was placed with his new partner, Tybalt, and began to cultivate relationships even as he found himself interested in Tybalt as more than just a partner on the job.

While on the job, he encountered a reaper, learning for the first time the apparent source of his powers. The revelation also came with some unfortunate realizations: That his father was not really his father, even if he never went out of his way to clarify how that had happened.

In March of 2016, the Tsunami struck the island of Manta Carlos, devastating parts of the island. In the process of evacuating people, Angelo discovered Eroshay, a girl who was severely traumatized by her powers, which Angelo was largely immune to. Saving her from the rubble, he began a tentative friendship, concerned for her well being in light of her powers.

While Angelo and Tybalt had begun dating only tentatively, their relationship took a major bump when Tybalt learned Angelo had been in the Mafia. Angelo withdrew from the relationship, focusing more on his work. He took on two interns (Aedan and Vatar), and struggled with his relationship with Shay, who had been adopted by the Rosales crime family. Fearing that people would assume he was a part of the family, he withdrew, hurting Shay terribly before he managed to push himself past his second thoughts.

Enzo Moretti, the son of the Don back in New York and Angelo's childhood friend arrived on the island in October of that year. He'd been forced out of New York by increasing police attention, and Angelo was asked by the Don to effectively take care of him. He moved out of his apartment with Jack, and did his best to keep an eye on Enzo while helping him getting used to the island.

Angelo visited the extravagant New Years Party to ring in 2017, only to have the entire event turn into a massive hostage situation. Angelo managed to talk down the leader of the kidnappers, an action which had him promoted to Sergeant for his quick thinking.

Angelo had barely been promoted officially when Shay went missing completely, vanishing in the night and simply being gone for three days. Angelo was assigned her case in hopes of getting the Rosales to cooperate. When she returned, Angelo tried to get her to talk only to be effectively shut out by Shay, who refused to get him involved.

When not even three months after being promoted the March Virus hit, Angelo was near the end of his rope. The effects it had on him were fairly minimal, but the workload was substantial, severely impacting Angelo's social life. He felt exhausted and overworked, and things went from bad to worse when the Rosales adults abruptly vanished.

Angelo found himself once again slid towards the Rosales gang, looking into things where other police couldn't. He learned from Shay that both Klaus and Vito had been summoned back to hell, leaving the nearly dozen children they'd adopted effectively without a parent. He learned that two months earlier Shay had been killed by the butcher, and that the butcher had himself been killed in turn. Angelo found himself torn on how (or if) to comfort her, and learning that Shay was effectively left in charge for the Rosales felt like a kick to a gut.

Very nearly on a whim, Shay commented that she'd always wondered what her life would have been like if Angelo had adopted her rather than Klaus. Angelo, in a desperate attempt to pull Shay away from the kind of life he wouldn't wish on anyone, offered to do just that--to adopt her. Shay refused to go without her siblings. Angelo didn't want any of the kids to grow up with the sort of life he'd had, and although Shay clearly didn't believe it, Angelo firmly put his cards on the table, offering to take all of the Rosales children in.

Angelo took leave from work and spent the better part of a month getting things ready. Buying a new place to live. Moving in with them. Getting used to the new routine. He co-parented with Caterina and Enzo, who later started a relationship, and got himself good and attached to the Rosales kids.

In November, Angelo faced a fairly significant crisis of conscience. Dealing with a lich, Charlie Rotmoore, the man confessed to having plotted to commit genocide. Acting erratically and taking in full with his other behavior, Angelo became increasingly concerned that Charlie wasn't far from going rogue. He questioned the judgement of the pardon system, the very system that had allowed him a fresh start, and acquired a weapon that would allow him to stop Charlie if needed. He attempted to warn Shay, having a brief falling out with her before the two managed to once more repair their relationship.

In February of 2018, Shay was involved in an altercation that ended with her killing a low level thug who had once opposed the Rosales gang. She framed the body to look like a hate crime, and when the whole thing came out among the force Angelo took some leave to let himself process it. Devastated by the crime, Angelo became increasingly convinced that the story was not how Shay had first presented it, convinced she'd gone out looking for trouble as she so often did. While the murder was by far the most significant setback to their relationship, Angelo was able to mostly move past it in time for Shay's wedding in April.

The morning of the wedding, Angelo did something stupid and risky, making a deal-with-a-devil (who was actually a fae). He traded away his status as a half-reaper in exchange for Shay's health, resolving most of her major long term illnesses and giving her a chance of starting a real family. He didn't tell her right away, and even the remaining children (Roa and Caelin) didn't find out for several weeks afterwards.

Angelo found his life rudely interrupted in July when himself-from-another-dimension wound up in his house. While putting him in the dorms was an option, he instead opted to keep Jude at his house, effectively treating him as he would any one of the kids. In short order, Janelle and Rory had moved in as well, making the house feel a little bit more full.

Near the end of July and into early August, Angelo became involved in an unusual situation. It started when he responded to a fight down by the docks, questioning Zoraida del Bosque about whether or not she'd been involved. However, things became strange when Nick Miller showed up, harassing him in his office before Angelo kicked him out. Broen visited Angelo at his house, tipping Angelo off that Nick was dirty, and Angelo began looking into Nick himself before handing the whole thing off to Internal Affairs at work.

Things didn't stay handed off for long. In late August, Woodland Imports, the place that Jude worked, was attacked by a gang of armed men. Angelo was nearly the first on the scene, arriving too late to help much outside of stopping a possessed Broen from escaping. He was put on two weeks leave while things sorted themselves out, trying to be supportive towards Jude and the rest of those in his care.

In October, Angelo helped with the evacuation of Halcyon city, lending his home to Basilio and Naomi. Life was, for the most part, business as usual, aside from some awkward interactions with the older Genovese.
Roa Asiel (Max!!): Angelo's son, effectively. Technically the son of Satan, Angelo has learned to dote on the kid, and that much more so when he mentioned possibly wanting to be a cop.

Jude (Romi): A version of himself from another dimension. Angelo treats him a lot like a son, and worries about him a great deal. He's happy to see him reunited with his father.

Raphael Quinn (Kait): A good friend from work, and someone Angelo trusts a lot.

Roldan Drakenhardt (Kada): While newer on the force, Roldan's done some good work, and earned Angelo's trust.

Godfrey Broen (Kada): He isn't quite sure what to make of Broen. All the kids seem to like him, but Broen has had way too much shady shit going on, so Angelo is keeping an eye out. Doesn't help that he had to shoot Broen to stop him from doing something awful while possessed.

Basilio Genovese (Kada): His "father" from another dimension. Things are weird around him, no doubt about it, and Angelo can't help but feel intimidated by him.

Coworkers: Ishvi (Former / Boop), Garrick (Wuffy)
Former Intern: Vatar (Lich King)
Work Contacts: Pink Slime (Tried to Arrest / Nameless), Tam (Took down for Aura stuff / Boop),

True Crime: Halcyon City: Tweak Harper [Tam / Boop], Sunshine [Iolite / Sarrain], Ignatius Prospero [Iggy / Max], Fireantula [Dalia / Kada], Noelle Dresden [Noelle / Kathinja], Dillon Richards [Florence / Kathinja], Amadaeus [Sarah / Nameless], Athens [Aswan / Ashes], Lucas Prospero [Lucas / Ballerina], Eric Stang [Eric / Nameless], Mega Mega [Myrina / Lazzy], Unstoppable Dash [Sam / WuffyWuff], Blackout [Orsick / Max!!], Lodestone [Ralf / Lazzy], Hyun Ki [Robert / Lucidity], Lorenzo Moretti [Sarrain]

Characters he's met, but whom he has no strong opinion of:
Titus (Max!!), Tadashi (PixelatedGlory), Violeta (PixelatedGlory), Dragomir (Emirose), Vexi (Goblin), Seven (Ephemral), Liun (Wuffy), Quie (PixelatedGlory), Jii (Goblin), Malara (Kada), Destra (Max!!), Eon (Max!!), Chloe (Kait), Dionte (Lazzy), KirMir (Pixel), Ater (Nameless), Alma (Kada), Odette (Boop), Shiro (Saber), Brunhild (EmiRose), Larisa (Cypress), Fluffles (Arcadia), Shale (Goblin), Ailbhe (WuffyWuff), Dorothea (Marie), Haven (WuffyWuff), Ava (EmiRose), Orsick (Max!!), Huilu (EmiRose), Xavier (Wuffy), Corey (Wolfie), Anita (Schrodinger's Cat), Altizica (Arcadia), Iesha (Pallas), Amlydhri (Ephemral), Dalia (Kada), Lucas (Ballerina), Tomomi (EmiRose), Yuna (Ephemral), Tai (Goblin), Kenrick (Max), Asteria (Arcana), Konpeito (Keen), Marissa (Sashi)

Fitzroy Power (Kada): Shay's husband. Angelo really isn't sure how to feel about him. He's happy that Fitz makes Shay happy, but he also has some fairly major suspicions about what Fitz may or may not be up to.

Terence "Terry" Liddell (Sarrain): Fitz's best friend. While Angelo is iffy on Fitz, he's far less iffy on Terry: The guy is absolutely up to no good.

Lorenzo 'Enzo' Moretti (Sarrain): Enzo was Angelo's childhood friend, but also the Don's real son. Angelo spent most of his early years guarding Enzo, and was separated from him when he first went to Manta Carlos. With Enzo having crashed back into his life, Enzo now lives in a side house from the main house, and Angelo is doing his best to rehabilitate him.

Caterina Rosa (Kathinja): Effectively, Angelo's co-parent for all the kids. She's also dating Enzo, which Angelo finds... weird.

Caelin Rhodes (Penguin): The problem child of Angelo's adopted family. Caelin's touch melts through objects, something Angelo got her a power bracelet for. She's equal parts too mature and too immature for her age, and the one Angelo struggles with the most.

Theo Hudson (Max!!): Shay's best friend. Angelo likes him well enough, considering him about the right level of weird for the island.

Lorelai "Rory" Phillips (Sarrain): Another one of Jude's friends. She moved out mid-september.

Eroshay "Shay" (Sarrain): Angelo's adopted daughter. They have a long history together, starting from before she was ever adopted by the Rosales gang. He struggles with her at times, afraid she's too much like he used to be and not enough like he is. Even so, he dotes on her--he traded his status as a reaper for her health.

Nick Miller (Rockman): Angelo hated Nick Miller, but he didn't think he deserved to die. Even so, he doesn't like dirty cops, so he's not shedding many tears.

Janelle Thompson (Keen): One of Jude's friends from the other dimension, but the youngest of the lot. She seems nice, although a bit odd, but the fact that she's goodhearted matters the most to Angelo.

Rosales Kids: Sherry (Claire), Cordelia (Tory), Gladys (Sashi), Troy (Sashi), Annie (Sashi), Addy (Marie)
Former Roommate: Jack (Poppy)
Coworkers: Tybalt (Horus), Felix (Poppy), Versailles (Ghost)
Work Contacts: Thresher (Coworker / Nightstripe), Spartak (Saryn), Tiny (Arrested / Ghost), Stefan (Arrested / AwesomeFirestorm), Box (Almost Arrested / WorldDevourer), John (Arrested... twice / Ephemeral), Vexi (Took to Hospital / Goblin)
Enemy: Charlie (WorldDevourer)
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Jun 18, 2015
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Valli had been effectively born and raised on the island, taking up a position at Starlight Academy at the start of 2017. He took in several new student patients, including one (Ashton) who actually attacked him. His life was largely consumed by his patients (aside from occasionally meeting coworkers), with minimal room for friends.

In July of 2017, Valli participated in the Welcome to the Badlands VR Sim. Cast as a wandering servant of the old gods, he found himself travelling to the home of the warlord Gask in order to intercede on behalf of Haven and the innocents inside. Expecting to find an aggressive, violent man, he instead found a warrior-poet, one more than willing to be reasoned with for the greater good. Valli managed to convince him to negotiate with Haven, bringing the near-war to an early end.

And when Valli woke up, he found himself alone. Gask was an NPC, a program rather than a player, and Valli was devastated by the revelation. Suddenly aware of how few people in his life he truly cared about, Valli acted impulsively, purchasing Gask's AI and a robotic shell for him. Only a few days later, he woke him up, revealing the truth to him.

Considering how big a change it was, things went fairly well. Gask eventually settled down, enrolling at the school and learning to appreciate the new setting. Valli's feelings were complex from the word go, but absolutely tinged with real infatuation. He forced himself to give Gask space and time to recover, only confessing his feelings in February, more than six months after Gask had first woken up on Manta Carlos.

To his surprise, Gask accepted his feelings, agreeing to date and explore the possibility of a real relationship. Attempting to better himself, Valli set out to attempt to find real friends with... very mixed results.
Lawrence Gask (Kada): Valli's roommate and boyfriend. Valli was the one who brought Gask to the real world, buying the right to Gask's AI and waking him up. While nervous, Valli's doing his best to do right by him and ensure Gask has the most options possible.

Patients: Chloe (Kait), Alma (Kada), Ishvi (Boop), Elisa (Schrodinger's Cat), Agnes (EmiRose), Remi (Keen), Broen (Kada), Zora (Zora), Euphemia (Lotharingia), Sprinkles (Keen), Aisha (Sashi), Thabisa (EmiRose)
Coworkers: Trent (Kaya)

Welcome to the Badlands: Agatha (Prinny-JT), Ivy Smith / Yura Bengall (Kathinja), Alex Drake / Alexander Drakenhardt (Max!!), James (Saber), Torch / Phoenix Jamston (Ashes), Liam / Dalia Tor (Kada), Garren (Kathinja), Lucia, William Brown (Boop), JJ Lory / Jafar Tor (Lazzy), Chloe (Kait), Lou / Lulu (Boop), JV / Juniper Vincent (Ballerina), Vals Meier / Valentine (Hyper), Leonidas Bane / Asger Kleonidas (Lazzy), Black Dog / Alain (Max!!), Storm Haywood (Kathinja), Jackson (Sarrain), Lyn (Kath)

Characters he's met, but whom he has no strong opinion of:
Richard (Ephemral), Dalia (Kadakism), Lynn (Lazzy), Rei (Keen), Archer (Max!!), Titus (Max!!), Ishvi (Boop), Haven (Wuffy), Lyrseir (Pixel), Smokey (Keen), Leon (Max!!), Xander (Goblin), Lockris (Ephemral), Maarab (Boop), Elena (Max!!)

Arthur Nystrom (SirCatfish): Valli's first friend, more or less. They have a lot in common, and they meet up regularly to catch up.
Gask's AI Fellows: Phoebe (Kada)
Patients: Eroshay (Sarrain), Theo (SirCatfish), Samson (SirCatfish),
Double Date Friends: Samara (Sarrain), Gwyn (Max!!)
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Jackal arrived on Manta Carlos largely on a whim in November of 2017, with no clear purpose or goal. Unfortunately, he arrived with almost nothing to his name. With no job, no firm place to live, and not even any clothes, Jackal effectively lived off the charity of others. He dropped by several major events, eating whatever free food was offered, and at the Pirate's Feast in November he got into a major altercation with Malara Tor, during which he turned her into a fine pink mist. While Jackal wasn't aware of it, this started a slight obsession Malara had with him.

Continuing to barely scrape by with the island's charity, Jackal befriended Ralf Drakenhardt, who helped him get a job on the space station. While not what Jackal had intended, by mid-December the two were more-or-less dating, even if they didn't confirm it officially until February.

By late December, Jackal was established enough in his job to get an actual apartment, moving in with Tengu. From January through March, Malara continued to pop up at inopportune moments to bother him, which ended with Jackal outright asking what he had to do to get her to leave him alone. Mostly jokingly, she replied that he could either sleep with her or kill her mother, and she was surprised to learn that he was willing to go off-planet to kill her mother if it meant getting rid of her.

Mid-March, Jackal travelled with Malara and Saeta to the planet of Mes, slaying the god Khalida, her host, and stealing the spear of her primary angel. Jackal returned via hell, letting Malara bring his things home for him, and arrived from hell via a portal on the first of April.

When Malara returned, Jackal found himself... less than angry with her. While originally he'd been actively hostile against her (and everyone else who'd killed someone), his time with Malara had softened him significantly. Jackal found himself befriending other killers, including Saint Thaniturge, in addition to becoming bizarrely popular among the younger islanders.

The next few months was dealing with Malara's issues. Her husband had been kidnapped shortly after they returned from Mes, and her daughter Dalia was dying from her dual nature. When Malara proposed the idea of returning to Mes, Jackal accepted her deal, planning to go off-planet to help the Daughters of Flame evacuate from Mes to a new planet.

Before he left, his sister Spider arrived on the island, with Jackal being forced to apologize to her before taking off with Malara for Mes at the start of June. The trip was mostly uneventful on Jackal's end, although far more than eventful for Malara, and Jackal returned in mid-July, only to find out that he was down one job.

It didn't take him long to find a new one, getting a job working the bar at the Green Hat. In September, he peacefully split away from Ralf, although he continued being close to the Drakenhardts. Come November, he swapped jobs again, moving from his job at the Green Hat to working for the House of Volkov.

It was December that saw the biggest changes, as Jackal was summoned back to his home, Hell, to explain why he'd been gone so long. Unwilling to return to life as a torturer, he sought another job, and was granted one: Someone was stealing souls on the island, and he was tasked with investigating. He lost his markings and most of his powers, but was returned unharmed with a new goal.
Tengu (Pallas): Jackal's roommate, along with her two cats. He considers her quirky, but likes her a fair bit.

Chloe Black (Kait): While they started off on the wrong foot, with Chloe thinking Jackal was going to seriously injure Malara, Chloe put her best foot forward and did manage to repair their relationship, leaving them on a nice footing.

Seven (Ephemral): An innocent kid who wasn't innocent. Jackal felt fond of him, but was horrified to learn his father had begged Seven to kill him. After learning the truth, he absolved Seven of his sin, never explaining what exactly he'd just done.

Regina Jackal (Kait): The name kind of gives it away, doesn't it? Regina is one of the bug kids that Jackal rescued, and the one that took his name.

Rada Volkov (EmiRose): The head chef at his new job.

Knows basically every Drakenhardt

Positive Impression:
Jii (Goblin), Roa (Max!!), Iesha (Pallas), Tai (Goblin), Malka (Ephemral), Orsick (Max!!), Broen (Kada), Vanora (Emy)
Neutral Impression: Dalia (Kada), Calypsa (Lich King), Tomomi (EmiRose), Lilliana (Zora)
Negative Impression: Yuna (Ephemral), Faiz (Boop), Dragomir (EmiRose)

Characters he's met, but whom he has no strong opinion of:
Amber (Pallas), Riley (Kait), Eli (Wuffy), Eon (Max!!), Altizica (Arcadia), Dionte (Bloos), Sark (Wuffy), Caramel (Boop), Fulger (Pixel), Ava (EmiRose), Julian (Bloos), Yasmin (Keen), Xera (Goblin), Iggy (Max!!), Charlie (EmiRose), Masami (Kada), Thomasin (Nicole), Lucan (Saber), Alice (Sashi), Xarrah (Marie), James (Saber), Vanora (Emy), Smokey (Keen), Live (Beloved), Jamie (Marie), Nate (Max), Xavier (Wuffy), Cecete (Sashi),Amalia (Schro), Tak (Goblin), Jericho (Bloos), Simon (Max), Phoenix (Goblin), Anita (Schro), Rei (Keen). Kalcya (Kada), Dani (Wuffy), Diego (EmiRose), Ankh (Pallas), Alexis (PixelatedGlory), Daniella (Arcadia), Izziel (Goblin), Fehralyn (EmiRose), LIun (Wuffy), Graham (Goblin), Rigel (Max), Huilu (EmiRose), Emmett (Kada), Shale (Goblin), Elisa (Schro), Tril (Pixel), Hella (Kada), Dick (Ephemral), Natsuki (Goblin), Lynn (Bloos), Destra (Max!!), Vasha (Bloos), Gelk (Arcadia), Irso (Lich), Dalia (Kada), Angelo (Me), Aisha (Sashi), Sazz (Max), Azalea (Goblin), Riley (Bloos), Lycia (Pixel), Riley (Goblin), Daenmor (Kada), Mini (Sashi), Frysta (Max), Aria (Pixel), Oma (Bloos), Gany (Kait), Auris (Wuffy), Caissa (Kada), Fennik (Fenn), Maddie (Kait), Kon (Keen), Shiro (Saber), Shara (Kada), Faruq (Wuffy), Shale (Goblin), Kalik (Bloos)

Fitzroy Power (Kada): Jackal's former boss, who he's very interested in. Fitz is totally immune to Jackal's powers, and Jackal has no idea why.

Spider (Kada): Jackal's little sister. He dotes on her, even if she constantly says he smells for having stolen Karya's spear.

Ralf Drakenhardt (Bloos): Jackal's ex. They started dating in December, and continued through early September before splitting up amicably.

Malara Tor (Kada): While Jackal originally hated Malara for her absolutely obscene killcount, after killing her once she slid simply into 'irritating'. And then, over time, she grew on him... much like a fungus. After helping her murder her mother, he'd consider her to genuinely be a good friend, even if he'd have rather vomited blood than be in her presence only a few months earlier.

Saint Thaniturge (Max!!): A friend who, much like Malara, has an obscenely high kill count. They're friendly, bonding over their shared mortal-enemy-to-besties relationship with Malara.

Positive Impression: Lae (Sarrain), Iolite (Sarrain),
Neutral Impression: Oluremi (Keen),
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Jun 18, 2015
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Angelo's full tracker can be found here, and his ICC logs can be found here.
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