Riley Rivers


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Apr 21, 2015
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Art made by myself, duh

Riley Rivers

Solomon Grundy,
Born on a Monday, Christened on Tuesday, Married on Wednesday, Took ill on Thursday, Grew worse on Friday, Died on Saturday, Buried on Sunday,
That was the end,
Of Solomon Grundy

19 |January 13th | Male | Human | Student | Scout Training


Art made by Mint
Regular human guy with brown/auburn hair and ocean green eyes.
Riley stands at 5’10” when he doesn't slouch, he is slender and doesn't seem to have put on much muscle. Riley doesn't really look like the monstrous and disgusting zombie riley everyone had come to known before. He just looks like a reaaaaaaally tired and done with the bullshit dude and totally not a zombie.

He has a green planty arm and his hand and veins glow softly

Riley was a big jerk. Now he is kinda a jerk? He kinda chilled out after two years of being pissed at everything. Riley is honestly just a tired boi who just had to adapt and figure out somethings he never really wanted to figure out. He honestly wants to just be left alone but like he also still tries to be social sometimes.

Everything is a drag at this point.

Active Abilities:
Nature's Hand
Riley's right arm is constantly emitting natural energy. Because of this his arm is literally green as his veins and hand glow a soft green which is the natural energy itself. By placing his hand on the site of a wound or injury, Riley is able to speeds up the healing process triple it's time of a living being by sending the natural energy into them. He can also cure a person of any poisons as the magical nature energy also works as an antidote.

Botanical Mimicry
Riley's right arm is able to mimic any type of plant or fungi which allows his arm to take on all the traits of whatever plant it touched. His arm will slightly change in appearance as the plants will grow it self all over his arm. Mimicry can last for an hour or until he touch another or the same plant again. So if he touches a rose his arm will become thorny and have roses grow out of it; if he touches poison ivy his arm will become poison ivy. He can only mimic one thing at a time.​

Nature's Body
Riley's body quickly filters out any toxin, poisons, and he quickly recovers from illness. He also emits a bit of nature energy that allows plants to grow three times faster when he is in contact with them.​


Totally just a human so none

Riley has a job at some resturaunt and has his own apartment

Freddy Jones was in fact actually born on a monday morning. Just a random fact before we jump into this chaos.

You know Freddy was a basic kid who had average grades and did average teen things. He had a few friends and all the things you expect from a highschool teen who happens to live in Louisiana.

So what happened exactly?
Well Freddy turns out Freddy's parents turned out to be crazy cult members. So they were kidnapping kids to help with their quests for immortality.
Riley was one of three to be taken by the deranged and clearly insane man and his “family”. He was kidnapped, beaten, and tortured for three days up until he and the other two were brutally skinned, delimbed, burned, and just ya know...super dead. He died for some stupid ritual sacrifice for some stupid backwater evil family that lived somewhere in the bayous of Louisiana who liked kidnapping and sacrificing random teens IN THE SWAMP.

Saturday, he died on Saturday.

Fast forward almost a week later and somehow he was brought back to life, he was resurrected on Friday the 13th, January 2017.

Why? Because for whatever dark ritual the family was going he was one of many “test subjects”. He was brought back with the whatever was left of his body and a few other parts. He was a success actually however he wasn't the same. Freddy wasn't Freddy he was some semi functional mindless zombie for the first few hours.

The family thought they could control him, do more tests on him and move on to a new batch of people. They were wrong, they played with dark forces they shouldn't have messed with and now Karma was going to bite them in the ass.

Terrible plot twist for The Family, Feral out of control zombie Freddy had put an end to them and pretty much everything they worked for. Since they are super dead now and their trashy house ended up in flames with all their work….except Freddy.

Freddy soon just roamed the marshlands and was spotted by a few people here and there which started the rumors of “The Witch Doctor Among the Bog!”

Due to the spread of the rumors and the fact Freddy got his own creepypasta circling around the internet it wasn't long until a SA scout tracked the swamp living zombie boy down.

After the move and stuff and seemingly to be okay minus missing memories and the fact he was definitely dead and gross, he took up the name Riley Rivers and now attends the Academy.

After around two years of being dead he decided to get help to be brought back to life. So now he is back to being a normal guy, yaaay.

Riley is a "cryptid" in a sense he has his own wiki, creepypasta, and fanfics. They are all about "The Marshland Corspe" the name given to him by weirdos in the narrow reality​
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Nov 22, 2014
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Your jerkwad zombie who breathes poison has been approved!

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Apr 21, 2015
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Art Made Here by megumi

Name: Riley Rivers
Apparent Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Height: 5’10”
Build: Average/lean
Notable Features:
Has a Southern Louisiana accent

Physical Quirks:
Riley is bland, sometimes has a slow reaction to things....tired.
Wears a single glove over right hand

Power Summary:

-Can use nature healing magic to speed up healing process on sight of a wound and cures any poison.
-Right arm can mimic any plant and take on the plant's traits.
-plants grow 3x faster when he touches them
Body recovers faster from illness and filters out poison and toxins


Riley was a bully. There is no need at hiding the fact he actually bullies people so he doesn’t hide it.

Misc Information:

Um. Zombie Bully for Bully of The Year Awards?
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